Love Me Until My Heart Stops

61: What Did I Miss?

“I’m sorry” Esmé murmured as she wrapped her arms around Gerard, holding him close to her. It had been a long month, Spain had left for the European Championships not long after the conclusion of a season which had been considerably less successful for Barcelona and had returned all too quickly, a humbling quarter final defeat to Germany resting on their shoulders. It had been a tough tournament, a less than stellar qualifying campaign had seen them land in a tough group that they had only just managed to stumble out of and had landed them a tie against Germany, one that the reigning World Champions were quick to take control of, winning it by 4-1.

Gerard shook his head. “No sorrys” he murmured, a little grateful at least for the hug “You aren’t the reason we lost” he added.

“I know” Esmé mused “But I still feel bad for you. You lot gave it your all” she insisted.

Gerard made a small noise at the back of his throat before he stepped back, his hand wrapping around hers as he hauled his bag onto his shoulder. “Can we not talk about it for a while? I am not really in the reflective stage yet, more in the ‘let’s pretend it never happened’ stage” he mused.

Esmé nodded her head. “I have something to take your mind off of it” she mused as she led him towards the exit, flashing small apologetic smiles to the other Spaniards who had made the trip back to Barcelona with him.

“I bet you do” Gerard teased, a faint smirk on his face.

Esmé wrinkled her nose. “Not that” she mumbled.

“You’re going to make me wait? I have been gone for a while, nena” he teased.

“I am aware that you’ve been gone. There’s been no one at home to steal the food I buy especially for me” she returned, smiling.

“Ah” Gerard noted “You’re about to become my wife. What is yours is mine, nena” he grinned.

Esmé rolled her eyes. “Anyway, we’re due at Ella’s” she noted.

“Why?” Gerard posed.

“Because it was Oliver’s first birthday whilst you were gone and she wanted to wait until you got back to throw him a party. She wants all of his aunts and uncles around and that includes you” Esmé noted. She knew that it didn’t matter, the one year old was not likely to remember if his aunts and uncles were all present at his first birthday party, but Ella had been insistent. She wanted to make a fuss of her son and Esmé thought that it was kind of sweet.

“She waited on me?” Gerard posed, his nose wrinkled a fraction as they reached the taxi that Esmé had hailed for them.

“She had contingency plans. If you’d made it to the final, she was going to do it as our rehearsal dinner” Esmé teased.

Gerard frowned. “She really wants me there?” he mused.

“Yes” Esmé smiled “You’re about to become her brother-in-law, Oliver’s uncle, and she wants you to feel part of everything we do. We’re the kind of family that make a fuss of every little milestone” she enthused softly.

Gerard sighed. “But I kind of want to go home. I want to sleep” he complained gently.

“I told her that and she said we only had to put in an appearance for an hour. Besides, I bought Oliver a present that I’ve yet to give to him and I’d love to see his little face” Esmé noted gently.

“One hour?” Gerard posed.

“Absolutely” Esmé smiled “Besides, Oliver loves his uncle Gerard” she teased.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Somehow, I doubt that he does” he mumbled.

“Do you want a hold, Gerard?” Ella smiled as she padded into living room, Oliver balanced on her hip. It had been a nice party, the little boy had well and truly been made a fuss of, and Ella was thrilled. Despite the tension which was still evident between the three girls and their mother, it had been a welcome change to put it behind them for a while and Ella was pleased by it. It boded well for Esmé and Gerard’s wedding which was only a couple of weeks away.

Gerard, who’d been sipping on the glass of water that Esmé had left him with, smiled. “I’d love to” he grinned.

Ella nodded and stepped towards him, gently lowering Oliver into his arms. “He’s a very well behaved boy when he wants to be” she enthused gently “He’s usually an angel for Esmé” she added.

“I know” Gerard replied as he settled Oliver in his lap, pulling a funny face which made the toddler laugh softly “She’s a natural” he added.

Ella smiled “As are you” she cooed “Oliver doesn’t usually laugh with his papa, let alone his other uncle. You have a knack” she enthused.

“A lot of my friends have kids. You either learn how to make them laugh or stand awkwardly in the corner when they bring the little ones to training” Gerard mused, smiling at Oliver who stared up at him, his big brown eyes marveling at his face.

Ella admired the sight for a second before she quietly padded out of the room, finding Esmé who was standing in the kitchen, chatting with Isaac. “Where have you left Oliver?” Esmé posed gently, noting the lack of her nephew from his mother’s side.

“He’s in the lounge with his favourite uncle-to-be” Ella smiled.

“You left him alone with Gerard?” Esmé posed.

Ella grinned. “He’s a complete natural with him” she noted.

Esmé nodded her head. “He’s always been like that. He’s got all of these friends which have children and he’s usually the life and soul of the party. Kids love him” she mused, sipping her drink gently.

“Have you thought about when we’re likely to see the arrival of your first child?” Ella teased. It was a question that they had steered around, with the impending wedding, there seemed to be little point in putting more pressure on the couple, but she had always been curious. Esmé was a wonderful aunt, Oliver adored her, and she wondered if children had even crossed her little sister’s mind.

Esmé choked on her drink. “What?” she posed.

Isaac chuckled. “You can’t be surprised by that question, Esmé” he teased “You’re going to be married to the guy in less than a month. Surely you know what people expect after that” he grinned.

“Of course I do” Esmé replied, shaking her head “But…”

“But what?” Ella interrupted “You’re a wonderful couple, you both have decent jobs and you’re about to be married. What could possibly put you off the idea if trying to have a baby with him?” she posed.

Esmé blushed. “Nothing could” she murmured “But I think we might be using the word ‘trying’ a little too late” she added.

Ella furrowed her forehead. “What on earth are you going on about?” she posed.

“I was kind of waiting” Esmé muttered, closing the kitchen door softly.

“On what?” Isaac pressed.

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” Esmé muttered “We wouldn’t be trying to get pregnant because…”

“You already are” Ella squeaked, realization flooding her face.

Esmé’s cheeks warmed a little. She hadn’t planned it, she had wanted to hold off until after the wedding, but a bout of nausea and a quick sum had made it clear that that was no longer an option, something which had been confirmed by a store bought test and a trip to her doctor.

“You’re pregnant” Ella whispered, her eyes tracing Esmé’s face.

“I was sort of hoping I could tell my fiancé before you, but it would appear so” Esmé mumbled.

Ella let out a squeal before she threw her arms around Esmé’s shoulder, hugging her tightly.

“What is with the squealing?” Delia posed as she stepped into the kitchen, Eloisa and Martin in tow.

Esmé opened her mouth to answer, but was cut off by Ella. “Esmé’s pregnant” she grinned.

Delia blinked. “You are?” she posed, her face soft in awe of the notion.

Esmé offered Ella a little glare before she nodded. “About 6 weeks” she mused “But I was still hoping that I could tell Gerard…”

“Oh my gosh” Delia interrupted “I’m going to be an abuela again” she gushed, pulling Esmé into a warm hug.

Esmé hugged her back gently before Delia stepped back, allowing Eloisa the chance to hug her little sister before Martin and Isaac offered her short embraces.

“Ella” Gerard’s voice filled the air, causing the entire room to turn towards the door “Oliver’s in need of a nappy change” he continued before he stopped in the door way, the crying toddler balanced on his hip as all eyes settled on him. “What did I miss?” he posed.

“Esmé?” Delia noted, nudging the brunette gently.

Esmé blushed and took a couple of paces towards him, taking Oliver off of him. “I kind of need to tell you something” she murmured.

“Is it a bad thing?” Gerard quipped, his forehead furrowed at the strange looks that everyone appeared to be offering him.

“That depends” Esmé breathed gently “How much do you like sleeping through the night?” she posed.

Gerard frowned, something which caused Ella to sigh. “Just say the words, Esmé” she muttered.

Esmé took a little breath before she looked down at her feet, mumbling something that Gerard didn’t quite catch.

“What?” he posed softly.

Esmé swallowed. “I said, I’m pregnant” she noted.

Gerard blinked.

“I know we wanted to wait a while, especially since we haven’t been together for all that long, but when you were away, I started to feel a little off and thanks to period maths, I worked out that there was a chance that I was. I went to see my doctor after I had done the store-bought test and he told me that I was about 6 weeks gone and referred me to a midwife who wants to see me again in…” Esmé’s rambling was cut off as Gerard placed his lips over hers.

“You can stop talking” he murmured as he stepped back slightly, his forehead resting on hers “You ramble when you get nervous” he added.

“I know that” Esmé muttered “I just can’t quite read the expression on your face” she added.

“It’s a shocked one” Gerard breathed, one of his hands lacing through hers “But it’s also a happy one” he noted.

“You’re not upset?” Esmé murmured.

“How can I be?” Gerard quipped, his nose wrinkling a little at the absurdity of her question “Esmé, nena, you’re pregnant” he added.

“I know” she replied softly “But I know we didn’t plan it and I worried…”

“We’ve never planned a thing about us. We never planned the first time we slept together in Bilbao after we had that fight. We never planned on both of us making trips to London to make this work. You know, I only proposed to you when I did because we got into a fight. It’s a surprise, Esmé, but it’s a wonderful one and whilst I wish you could have told me without your whole family grinning at me like maniacs, I couldn’t be happier” he enthused softly, his other hand gently resting on the front of her shirt.

Esmé smiled. “You’re sure?” she murmured.

“Certain” he enthused gently before he placed a soft kiss on her lips, pulling away so that he could receive the handshakes and hugs of his in-laws to be.

Esmé smiled as she watched them, her hand gently resting on her shirt. She was a little amazed by how well it had gone down.
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