Love Me Until My Heart Stops

64: I Can’t Find The Words

Staring at her reflection in the mirror, Esmé blinked a little, her brown eyes trained on the image which stared back at her.

“You’re beautiful, Esmeralda” Delia whispered gently as she stepped up behind her daughter, her hands gently straightening the sleeves of the vintage lace dress that Esmé had fallen in love with. It was beautiful, Delia had thought it from the second that Esmé had picked it from the rack, but on her daughter it was something else. She looked stunning and Delia doubted she could have been much prouder.

“The hairdresser did a wonderful job” Esmé murmured, her fingertips passing over the soft waves of brown hair that had been neatly curled around her face “And Ella did a fantastic job with the makeup” she added.

Delia shook her head. “You look fantastic, sweetheart, even before the makeup and the hair, your boyfriend is a lucky man” she enthused as she carefully collected something from the side “I have something I want to give you” she mused.

Esmé turned her head and frowned. “Mama, you really don’t have to give me a thing” she insisted.

Delia merely smiled and placed the small box down ahead of her daughter. “My madre gave me something very similar to this when I married your papa. I have 3, Eloisa will get hers when she and Martin get married later in the year and Ella will get hers should Isaac ever get down and ask her, but I thought you this would look nice with your dress” she enthused, gently pulling out the bracelet which she had bought.

Esmé blinked a little. “Mama” she protested softly.

“Don’t cry” Delia grinned, placing the bracelet around her wrist “Ella will kill me if you ruin that makeup. I just want to say that despite our fights, I could not be more proud of you, Esmeralda, and I hope that everything goes well for you. You’re going to make a wonderful wife, a wonderful mother, and I can’t wait to witness you grow into the wonderful woman I always knew you would be. Learn from my mistakes, sweetheart, and be wonderful” she enthused, gently attaching the veil that Eloisa had leant her to her hair.

Esmé sniffled. “You’re really doing a shitty job of not making me cry” she mumbled, causing her mother to laugh.

“It’s my job” Delia grinned before the door was gently pushed open, allowing Ella and Eloisa to step inside.

“The car is out front” Ella mused, offering her little sister a wide grin “Are you sure that Gerard is the man?” she posed.

“You could still back out” Eloisa offered.

Esmé shook her head. “No backing out. No running away. I love him” she enthused, her hands gently tugging at the waist of her dress which had scrunched up a little as she sat down.

“Then we should go” Ella smiled “If you’re a second late I do not put it past him to start freaking out” she teased.

Esmé traced a finger beneath her eyes, wiping away the loose tears that had escaped before she took a deep breath, offering her mother and sisters a smile. “I should probably go and get married” she teased gently.

“You can still run away” Marc smiled as he sat down next to his brother, patting his shoulder gently.

“No” Gerard replied “I am not going to run away” he added.

“I know. Just covering the bases. If you’re going to make a bolt for it, I should probably think through what I would say to Esmé” Marc smiled.

Gerard rolled his eyes and rested back in his seat a little, trying to calm down his nerves. He knew that there was no sense in being nervous, it was just Esmé and for a while, Esmé was all that he had wanted, but he couldn’t help it. He worried, whether it was stupid or not, that she could change her mind about him and decide not to show. Closing his eyes briefly, he loosened the buttons on the front of his jacket and sighed, wishing away the last few minutes.

“Gerard” Lionel’s voice caught Gerard unaware, causing him to jump.

“What?” the defender returned.

“You should probably stand up. A car just pulled up out front” the argentine teased, offering his friend a grin.

Gerard took a breath before he quietly got to his feet, his brother following alongside him. “You’re going to be OK, aren’t you?” Marc chuckled, nudging his brother gently.

“Peachy” Gerard replied, trying to calm himself down.

Marc chuckled and leant over, adjusting the tie that his brother wore. “She’s Esmé, Gerard. The same girl who you used to let sleep in your bed when she cried or wear your shirts when she didn’t have anything else. You two were always going to get here and there is nothing to be worried about” he enthused.

Gerard nodded his head slowly before the pianist at his side struck up, causing him to turn around slightly.

“You can do this” Ella grinned, hugging her sister tightly “He’s a great guy and you’re very lucky” she added.

“I know” Esmé smiled.

Eloisa smiled and shuffled Ella out of the way, offering Esmé a tight hug. “For what it is worth, I am glad you ended up with him. Cesc was nice, but Gerard…he’s the right one” she enthused.

Esmé giggled. “I know” she grinned.

“Come on, we should get her inside before she changes her mind” Delia encouraged.

Ella and Eloisa flashed their sister one last smile before they linked arms with the groomsmen who stood outside.

“You ready?” Delia quipped, pulling the veil over Esmé’s face.

“As ready as I think I will ever be” Esmé replied gently, her hands tugging at her dress nervously.

Delia shook her head and reached for her hands, squeezing them gently. “You have absolutely nothing to be scared about, sweetheart” she mused, offering Esmé a light smile “You’re going to be just fine, I know it” she quipped.

Esmé nodded her head softly and took a couple of steps forwards, her arm wrapping around her mother’s whilst she clutched at the bouquet of red roses that she had chosen out. Delia flashed her another reassuring grin before she led her inside, her dark eyes instantly going to Gerard who stood a way ahead of them, his eyes fixed on the brunette who trailed a little behind her mother, trying not to trip up on the train of her dress. “He looks good” Delia whispered, noting that Esmé’s stare was fixed on the floor.

Esmé wrinkled her nose slightly, not wanting to look up.

“Come on, sweetie” Delia encouraged “He’s smiling at you, shouldn’t you return the favour?” she added.

Esmé let out a brief sigh before she picked her head up, her brown eyes landing on Gerard who grinned back at her.

Delia noted the look on her face and smiled, watching her nerves fall away as they reached the front. “Gerard” she noted, causing him to look down at her “Today I am entrusting you with the care of one of the best things I have in my life. It will be your job from here on out to take care of her, and of bump, and I never want to hear that you have failed. Can you promise me that?” she posed.

Gerard looked at Esmé for a moment before he turned to Delia, offering a nod. “I can promise you that” he mused.

“Then I give you Esmeralda’s hand in marriage” she grinned before she placed a kiss on her daughter’s cheek, allowing her to stand in front of her fiancé.

Gerard smiled at Delia before he reached his hands out, gently wrapping them around Esmé’s. “You look…I can’t even come up with words for how good you look” he mused.

Esmé’s cheeks warmed slightly, earning a small laugh.

“Are we ready?” The official noted, stepping forwards.

Gerard looked at Esmé for a second before he nodded. “We most definitely are” he grinned.
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