Love Me Until My Heart Stops

68: I Don’t Want To Leave This Room

“You look wonderful, Mrs Piqué” Gerard mused as he placed his arms around his wife’s waist, hugging her tightly as she attempted to run a brush through her dark hair. It was early, earlier than either of them had anticipated that they would be awake, but with Gerard having largely stayed away from alcohol to sympathize with Esmé and Esmé having experienced her usual bout of morning sickness, they’d found themselves up early, something which had led them to decide to head down for breakfast before they made their way back home. They didn’t have long to enjoy the feeling of being newly married, within a week, Gerard would be back in training and Esmé would be back at work, and they wanted to enjoy what little time they had, even if it did seem soppy. If things worked out, they were only going to get to be newlyweds once.

“You say that all of the time. I am starting to wonder if you do it just to get into my pants” Esmé mused, offering him a smile over her shoulder.

“You really are beautiful” he insisted gently “But getting in your pants is a lovely reward for something so simple” he grinned, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Esmé giggled. “You’re sweet” she grinned, holding him against her.

“I know” Gerard teased “Aren’t you a lucky girl?” he added, pecking her cheek again.

Esmé shook her head. “What’s gotten into you this morning? You weren’t this affectionate last night and we both know what we did last night” she teased, unwinding his arms from their position around her waist as she made her way towards her suitcase which had been neatly stowed beside the wardrobe.

Gerard shrugged. “I can only guess it’s the realization that you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life” he mused.

“You didn’t get that from yesterday?” Esmé commented, pulling out a shirt and a pair of shorts “You know, the huge ceremony with the hundred guests. All of my relatives making a huge fuss. I wore a white dress” she teased, offering him another grin. She knew exactly what he was talking about, getting through the previous day had been one thing, but waking up with the wedding band on her finger was another thing. It seemed to make something which was a little surreal appear more real.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “How could I forget the raft of relatives? You have about 95 of them” he teased, smirking.

“Shut up. You’re a Silva now” Esmé pointed out.

“I think you’ll find you’re a Piqué” Gerard returned.

“I don’t remember filing the paper work to change my name” Esmé mused, gathering her toiletries.

Gerard frowned a little. “Are you going to?” he poked. It wasn’t overly important, regardless of what name she chose to go by, there was no mistaking whose wife she was, but Gerard liked the idea of her sharing his name. Their child would have it when they were born and he wanted Esmé to share it too.

Esmé paused before she shrugged. “I hadn’t really given it a lot of thought” she mused “I was very much focused on getting through yesterday, I didn’t really give a thought to what happened after” she admitted.

“Not a lot happens really” Gerard commented, resting back on the bed slightly “We already shared a house and as far as I know, we’re one another’s in case of emergency contact, but the main question is whether or not you want to have my name” he noted gently.

“You have a nice name” Esmé noted as she padded back towards the bed, setting down what she had collected “But if I took it, I would be Esmé Piqué, doesn’t that sound a little odd to you?” she posed, sitting down at his side.

Gerard shook his head. “It sounds perfect to me” he quipped, a small smile on his face.

Esmé smiled. “You really want me to have it, don’t you?” she mused, smiling over at him.

“Our baby will be one, it only makes sense that his or her madre is one too” Gerard reasoned, trying to sound nonchalant.

Esmé giggled. “That’s weak, Geri” she mused “Just tell me you want me to have your name” she quipped.

“Fine, I would really love it if you were Esmeralda Piqué” he noted.

Esmé grinned. “I did it two days ago” she noted.

Gerard’s eyes widened. “You did?” he posed.

“I figured I would need to update a few things, a driver’s license, my passport, so I sent the paperwork a couple of days ago. I’m going to need them ahead of the new season” she enthused, a wide smile playing on her face.

Gerard stared at her for a second before he placed his hands on her hips, lifting her up briefly before he placed her down, straddling his hips. “You just wanted to hear me say it, didn’t you?” he teased, his fingertips gently pushing up the bottom of his shirt that she had put on earlier that morning.

Esmé shrugged innocently. “Can you blame me? I love listening to you say you love me” she grinned.

“I would say it if you asked me to” Gerard mused, his hand gently brushing over her stomach.

Esmé smiled. “I kind of like being here” she mused gently, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“I know what you mean” he commented “It’s almost a shame that we have to check out a noon and go back home” he mused.

Esmé nodded her head gently. “We do have to get back to life post-wedding day” she noted gently “But it does seem like a shame. If I had my way, we’d stay here for a while” she mused.

“I am sorry we haven’t got the time to take a honeymoon. If it hadn’t been for the Euros, we could have gotten married a month earlier and we could have spent four idyllic weeks on a boat somewhere with nothing to do but swim and make love” he grinned.

Esmé shook her head. “You know I hate boats” she mused.

“Then I would have found a private villa somewhere. I am just sorry that we don’t have the chance to” he mumbled, his hands carefully rubbing her sides.

“You don’t have to apologize” she smiled “I knew what I was getting into” she teased.

“I know, but I would have liked to take you away” he mused, kissing the inside of her wrist.

“Then promise me” Esmé mused.

“What are you talking about?” Gerard quipped.

“By Christmas, I will be too pregnant to fly, so next summer, you owe me a honeymoon. A week, two, or however many of just you and me and everything you’d have planned if we were going right this second” she grinned.

“We’d have a baby to think about” he pointed out, his thumb brushing gently over her hipbone.

“And we have an army of babysitters that would be more than happy to take little Piqué for a week or so” Esmé smiled.

“It could be our anniversary gift to ourselves” he smiled.

“What do you say?” Esmé grinned, kissing his nose and cheeks gently.

Gerard wrapped an arm around her waist and rolled them over, pinning her smaller frame beneath his. “I think a year is a long time to wait” he murmured “But I would happily do it if I meant I got a week alone with you” he enthused. Esmé grinned up at him and kissed his lips softly, a little sad that their honeymoon was another year away.
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