Love Me Until My Heart Stops

Epilogue: How You Know Me

“Do you have any idea just how beautiful you look right now?” Gerard murmured as he placed his arms around his wife’s waist, holding her close to him. It had been a little while, with her having spent the night with the blushing bride-to-be, Gerard had come to miss her, but he was pleased to have a second alone with her. As silly as it was, he had missed waking up to the sight of her face that morning.

“I had an inkling” Esmé smirked “But I am glad to see you approve. The bride will be so pleased you approve of her tastes” she teased.

“I haven’t even looked at the bride” Gerard commented, placing a kiss on her exposed collar bone “If it wasn’t for the fact I had to sit in a registry office for a period of time, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed that this was a wedding” he teased, smiling against her skin.

Esmé shook her head. “You’re so soppy” she teased gently.

“Can you blame me? It’s been a whole 12 hours since I saw you. I’ve missed you” Gerard returned, his voice purposefully dramatic.

Esmé let out a giggle before she turned around, smiling up at him. “For what it is worth, I have missed you too, but there are two other people that I am kind of waiting on just a smidge more than you” she noted as she placed her arms around his neck, allowing him to gently sway her to the soft music that echoed around them.

“They’re perfectly safe” Gerard murmured as he shuffled her a little closer “Your sister is keeping a close eye on them. She needs all the practice she can get” he teased gently.

“I highly doubt that Eloisa will enjoy spending her day with our two crying children, especially since she is 6 months pregnant” Esmé mused.

Gerard smiled. “Perhaps not, but right now, I am going to enjoy dancing with my wife for a few minutes before you go back into mother-mode and I am forced to make small talk with your father who seems to think that I want to hear how amazing your mother is in bed” he teased, offering her a mild look of disgust.

Esmé wrinkled her nose. “I almost hate that they got back together” she mumbled.

Gerard nodded his head and swayed Esmé for a few moments, just enjoying the second of calm. It had been a good couple of years, after Ava’s birth, things seemed to have fallen completely into place, and Gerard doubted he would have changed a thing. Their family was growing, after their belated honeymoon, Esmé had discovered that she was carrying their son, and whilst it hadn’t been anticipated, Mateo’s birth had been widely welcomed by the couple and their daughter who seemed to adore being a big sister. Smiling, he pressed a kiss to Esmé’s lips before he felt something tug at the leg of his trousers, causing him to look down.

“Papa” Ava’s small voice was just audible above the hum of music, but still it made Gerard smile. He was still amazed that his daughter was 2 years old.

“Your princesa needs you” Esmé teased as she gently pulled away from him, offering him a grin “I’ll check on Mateo” she added before she swanned away, allowing Gerard to crouch down to Ava’s height, lifting the little girl up.

“What can I do for you, princesa?” he smiled as he straightened the dress that Delia had chosen out for the little girl.

“Dance, papa” Ava smiled.

Gerard smiled and nodded his head “Of course, princesa” he cooed “We will dance for a few minutes and then we will find mama and Mateo and get some cake yes?” he enthused, smiling down at the little girl.

Ava grinned, showing of the dimples she had inherited from her mother, and nodded her head, something which caused Gerard to press a kiss to her head, wordlessly cooing over the fact that she looked so much like her mother.

“Congratulations again, Delia, Roberto” Gerard smiled as he stood ahead of the newly remarried couple, shaking Roberto’s hand strongly. It had taken a lot of adaptation, after Ava had been born, Roberto and Delia had tentatively begun to see each other again and after 2 years, they had decided to get remarried, something which had come as a shock to their three daughters.

“Gracias, Gerard” Roberto smiled.

Gerard flashed the older man a small smile before Esmé appeared at his side, pulling her mother into a tight hug. “I hope you enjoy the honeymoon” she cooed as she hugged the older woman tightly.

“We will” Roberto noted, a smirk on his face “Thank you both for getting it for us” he added.

Gerard waved his hand. “It was nothing” the defender enthused.

Delia offered the defender a smile before she tugged on Roberto’s hand, leading him away from the couple.

Esmé wrinkled her nose as she turned back to her husband. “I regret buying them a honeymoon already” she complained softly.

Gerard chuckled and placed his arms around her. “What’ve you done with Ava and Mateo?” he posed gently.

“Ella’s watching them for tonight as long as we take Oliver tomorrow night. I said I thought you’d be ok with that” she smirked.

“I love how well you know me” Gerard teased, his hand gently brushing the dark hair out of her eyes “I have you all to myself tonight?” he added.

Esmé nodded her head. “You do” she confirmed gently “And I have some wonderful new lingerie I have been dying to put on and we have a hotel suite to ourselves. What do you think about baby number 3?” she enthused.

Gerard smirked. “I think I like that idea” he noted, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Esmé’s skin warmed a little before she laced her fingers through his, leading him back towards the hotel. Gerard squeezed her hand gently and followed along, his blue eyes fixed on her frame keenly. It hadn’t been the easiest thing, being with Esmé had taken more work than he had anticipated that it would, but despite the ups and the downs, he was pleased with where they were. They had a wonderful marriage, two beautiful children, and Gerard doubted he would have changed a second of it, even if it was hard work, he was pleased with what they had.
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