Belonging to Lust

Chapter 102: It's Wettest Days

Being suspended for the rest of the week wasn't that bad for Zaiyia especially since Heath didn't treat her like a child in need of discipline. He made it her feel like it was an extended weekend exclusively for her to just relax away from the daily stresses of school. Zaiyia welcome that, and diligently kept up on the house chores while he was away and feeding him when he wasn't. Truly, being suspended from school was exactly what she needed after that scuffle on the bus with Miley, Eliesse, and Louise who, according to what Principal Quinn shared with Heath, had conceded to their misdemeanors and were suspended for a longer duration of time as retribution for their racist statements. Once again, Zaiyia was taken aback by another adult taking her side. She wasn't use to that and probably never will be.

But alas, all things come to an end. Now back at school, Zaiyia got her notebooks ready for science class from where she sat near the front of the room. The students were required to take notes on the boring old academic film the Science teacher put on for a test coming at the end of that week. As she scrawled in her notebook, Zaiyia was very mindful of the voices buzzing all around her from the other students. As expected, they were mix of insults relating to her, and the familiar rumors going around.

“Like, oh my god, I can't believe she's showing her face around here again after what's happened!” One voice hissed in the row to her right.

“Look at her! She's totally fucking pathetic right now!” Another voice chuckle from the back of the room. “I guess you were right. Alan did do a number on her.”

Having already been through all this before, Zaiyia chose to discount them and focus on her studies. They weren't gonna get under her skin this time with their made up slanders. As the mundane rumors swirled about her, her ears perked up at the mention of some new ones who came from, allegedly, Alan himself. Zaiyia wasn't the least bit stung by that informations nor surprised. She had a feeling when she decided to drop Alan once in for all that he might come full circle around on some vengeance crap with his kitten claws out like a little damn girl. Instead of being a man about it and moving on with his life, he chose to join her club of idiot haters and start stories about her too. How sad.

“I heard she got Eliesse and Louise suspended from school even though she's the one that started the fight on the bus!” A small voice reported.

“It's true, I was there, dude.” A male voice accompanied.

“I hear her white daddy knows Principal Quinn.” A student named Elena Gouling confided to the girl behind her, her eyes on Zaiyia as she stilled in her seat. “That's probably why she's sitting in class right now. He used his white privilege to get her out of suspension early.”

“You don't say.” Andrea Kingsley drawled in amusement, a grin on her face. “What was his name again?”

“Heath Sullivan!” A voice belonging to Elsa Nilson, the tomboy of the school, buzzed across the room.

Okay, screw it! No more playing model student of the year I guess. Once again, the mention of Heath's name sent her blood ablaze with fury...except for the area between her legs. That was scorching for an entirely different reason.

With the teacher's back to them as he too watched the film with them, Zaiyia peered over her shoulders at her enemies, Elena and Andrea, only to catch sight of Elena's boyfriend John Moore sitting in front of her. She didn't realize he was in her science class until now, but hey, if they can mention her man's name, she can cavort with theirs.

Zaiyia leaned a bit towards the right side of her desk, and put on an inviting smile for John. “Psst! You!”

John scarcely glanced her way at first before doing a double take. Was she talking to him? She couldn't be. They didn't know each other. All he knew of her was that she was the slut of the school and his girlfriend despised her guts. Her speaking to him was just unexpected and out of the blue.

Bluffing a amorous giggle behind her hand, Zaiyia verified his suspicion. “Yeah, I'm talking to you, big guy. Who else?”

“Oh...I uh...” John sputtered, unsure of what to say as he felt Elena burn a hole in the back of his head. “H-Hi.”

“Aren't you on the football team?” Zaiyia asked him, twirling a long braid around her finger before playfully rolling her eyes with another giggle. “Oh who am I kidding, of course you are! Look how big your arms are underneath that jersey, they're insane!”

John stupidly looked down at his own arms before returning his eyes to hers and nodding in thanks. “Thank you...I think.”

“John!” Elena chided him, smacking him on the back of his head. “You better shut your mouth up and stop talking to her right now or you'll be so much trouble!”

Zaiyia feigned a gasp before reaching out a hand towards him to appear as if she was alarmed with the way Elena was regarding him and wanted to safeguard him. “Oh, you poor baby! That's so mean of her to do to you. I wasn't going to bite you or nothing, I promise.” Zaiyia flashed him innocent brown eyes beneath her full batting lashes before they slowly strayed to his crotch. “Well, at least that's not how I'd treat your cock when it's making it's way all the way down my throat.”

John, Elena, Andrea and every other student listening in their area of the classroom damn near tumbled out of their seat at what she said. She knocked everyone into a dumb silence that made her relish in their uneasiness. Elena was the first to try and speak. “How dare y-”

“Does she do that for you, baby? Does that big mouth of hers do anything else useful other than nag all day?” Zaiyia quizzed John, leaning a bit closer to him. “I bet she can't take all your thick delicious cum in one swallow. She looks like a spitter to me.”

John opened and closed his mouth, her words conveying straight to his dick at the reference to a blowjob. “”

“I can take all of it , John. All of it...and more.” Zaiyia assured with a wink before indicating to the classroom door. “Did you wanna give it a try after class?”

“That's enough!” Elena nearly yells, before receiving a shush from the teacher. Hushing down, she glared at Zaiyia savagely, her hands clenched in tight fists on her desk. “What the hell do you think you're up to, Zaiyia Halifax?!”

At first, Zaiyia merely bat her eyelashes naively at her with her mouth formed in a pout. “Oh, what's wrong, wittle Elena?” Promptly her face softened into a vacant stare that had an underlining temper beneath it to match hers. “Afraid I'm gonna take your precious John the same way I stole Alan from your bitch, Alice?”

All at once, the classroom went mute in response to her intimidation that collided severely into the hearts of the entire student body. The only one not engaged was the science teacher who was fixated on the knowledge of erupting volcanoes from the film he put on. It was truly such a intriguing topic to him he genuinely forgot he was at school instructing a class himself.

Now that Zaiyia had the class's awareness, she considered everyone with a hard threatening glare that ended back at Elena. “You should know better, Elena. If I were I'd start behaving myself...or else you'll force my hand to give every single one of your little fuck boys a ride of their lives that even your pubescent body couldn't deliver on it's wettest days.”

Turning to face the front of the class again, Zaiyia began to take notes again on active volcanoes. The class stayed silent and left her alone for the remainder of the period though Zaiyia could feel the stares aimed at her like a firing squad. One of them being John Moore sending her a more lustful message with his eyes.