Belonging to Lust

Chapter 103: A Diversion

After threatening her entire science class during an academic film about volcanoes, especially Elena Gouling, Andrea Kingsley, and Elsa Nilson, Zaiyia headed to her next class without any inclination that something else was coming for her there. Something dangerous. And why would she presume something like that when her warning to her fellow students the class before had been well received in a series of nods, and compliance in the form of silence. Any of the students could have denounced her then, male or female, but they hadn't. They sealed their mouths and proceeded on regarding the film as if they hadn't been absorbed with distributing rumors through gossips. Arriving in her history class next, Zaiyia took a seat at her desk and reviewed the blackboard for the directions of the day. Sighing at the indication of another impending test, she flipped opened her history book to the page that would be included on the test. So far her day was running smoothly, minus the showdown in science class, until the unforeseen shouting of several students came clamoring into the classroom from outside in the halls somewhere. It sounded like something was going down, possibly a scuffle between students. In desperation to do his job and prohibit such an occurrence from continuing, Zaiyia's history teacher launched out of his seat behind his desk and rushed out the door, hollering to the kids. “HEY, WHAT'S GOING ON OUT THERE!?”

The other students in the classroom all looked to each other with interest before also taking off behind their teacher, yearning to see what spectacle was flourishing and who it associated. The whole class was vacant in minutes, leaving Zaiyia alone by herself. With a raised brow, she observed the last student nearly stumble out the door as the sound of flesh pounding into flesh could be heard now. It was a sound all too mundane to her. “Yup, sounds like there's a fighting going down...and for once it doesn't involve me.” Chuckling to herself at that recognition, Zaiyia reclined back in her seat and began to take notes on the Salem Witch Trials from her school book when the classroom door exploded opened to reveal a breathless Chasity. Surging in her seat, Zaiyia's brown eyes locked on hers, viewing her windblown red hair flowing around her shoulders. “Chasity?”

“ZAIYIA!” Chasity managed to yell out in fright as she wobbled into the room towards the nearest desk to veer on. She was too out of breath to say what she had to say which was crucial for Zaiyia to know.

Hauling herself out of her own chair, Zaiyia strode up to Chasity's side and settled a hand on her arm. To say she was bothered by whatever had her friend flying into this room like the dogs of hell were snapping at her heel was an understatement. She was downright terrified! “Yo, girl, what the hell is going on?” When Chasity didn't reply, the sound of students and teacher alike roaring out in the hallway flown back into her mind, causing her brown eyes to stretch in awe. “Wait, were you apart of that fucking fight out there!?”

“W-What?” Chasity gasped out, her face scrunch up in bewilderment as she lifted it towards the friend who was in peril. “No!”

“Are you sure?” Zaiyia inquired fiercely, strongly shaking Chasity's arm. “Cause this school will know of a devastation our history has never seen before if someone tried to fuck with you!”

Chasity ripped her arm away and rectified herself back up to face Zaiyia. Now that she had caught her breath back, she could finally explain to her what she required to know. “Yes, I'm sure! I ran through that mayhem, I wasn't a part of it.”

“Then what the fuck is going with you?” Zaiyia demanded to know, her hands coming up to reside on her shapely hips. “You came running in here and damn near exploded your heart right out of your chest with the attempt.”

“Because there's an attack that's about to happen!” Chasity confessed, thinking she finally got her message across.

“No shit, baby girl.” Zaiyia jerked her thumb over her shoulder towards the classroom door. “I'm sure every student on this floor has heard it by now. I too am aware of it, but unlike everybody else, I have zero fucks to give.”

“Jesus Christ, Zaiyia, that's not what the hell I'm talking about! That fight out there isn't even a fucking fight! It's a-” Chasity was cut off from exposing the true nature of the altercation out in the halls when the classroom door opened, and slammed shut with the resulting click of the lock being triggered. The sound of the lock engaging sounded so perilous, it propelled Zaiyia to peek over her shoulder where Elena Gouling stood with both Andrea Kingsley and Elsa Nilson on each side, faces still twisted with evident fury from earlier. In that moment, Zaiyia admitted that she got what she was asking for before, another confrontation. Normally, she'd receive this threat with anticipation, but she couldn't now what with her friend, Chasity, sealed in the same room alongside her. While the riot out in the hall was still rampaging on between students, Zaiyia slowly turned around to face her own rivals, distress written all over her face.

“...a diversion.” Chasity finally concluded her previous sentence in a trembling whisper, her eyes engaged on the three girls whose motives were to due them harm.

“Diversion?” Zaiyia frowned at the word 'diversion'. She wasn't positive she followed Chasity's meaning, and so she murmured back with her eyes still locked on the three girls. “Chasity, what do you mean by that?”

“Yes, Chasity Bennett.” Elsa spurred maliciously. “What do you mean by that?”

“Pray tell.” Andrea joined in with a malevolent smile. “And please, dig your own grave with every word, would you?”

Chasity swallowed her fear back as much as she could to scowl back at them in retaliation. “I-I overheard them talking out in the halls with their boyfriends. They ordered them t-to start a fight outside your history classroom so that these three could sneak in here, lock t-the doors behind them, a-and jump you before any of the teachers could come help.”

“You sneaky ass bitches.” Zaiyia growled at them, her hands coiling into fists at her side as she now addressed Chasity again. “And I know understand your erratic behavior from before, Chasity.”

“Takes one to know one, Zaiyia!” Elena threw back with a long pastel pink fingernail aimed right in her direction.

“I'm just glad I caught up with them in time.” Chasity muttered anxiously, her eyes hurtling between each girls cautiously.

“So am I. Now just...stand back and let me handle this.” Zaiyia directed her before raising her fists and spreading them open to display her palms in a sign of truce. She took a step towards the three girls, scanning their slim forms closely. She didn't want to make them just into action and so she kept her movements very minimal and passive. “Look ladies, w-”

“No, shut the fuck up, Zaiyia!” Elsa barked, baring her teeth like a dog. “It's too late to beg us for mercy now so you can save your breath!”

“Yeah, your big mouth has already gotten you into too much trouble for us to turn our backs and let you go unpunished.” Andrea included, slamming a emaciated fist into the center of her anemic palm. She bit back a wince from the painful effort of their contact.

“What? No! I'm not talking about me! Hell, I want you motherfuckers to kick my ass if you can!” Zaiyia directed a finger to her chest before aiming it at her good friend Chasity who was slowly withdrawing aside from the approaching feud. “I'm talking about her! I'm asking you set HER free, not me!”

The three girls faltered for a moment, all eyes going to Elena who already made her decision. “Fuck no! That bitch stays too! Maybe this will teach her a lesson on choosing the right friends.”

“What the fuck do you mean, no!?” Zaiyia shouted, becoming incensed by Elena's perseverance. She didn't want Chasity to go through this. At least Aishah and Assata could hold their own, Chasity obviously couldn't! “She's innocent in all of this! What's going on between us four has nothing to do with her!”

“AND!?” Andrea shrieked unmercifully. “Need I remind you how YOU were the least bit merciful when it came to our poor Alice when you antagonized her with your relationship with Alan this whole time!”

“ALICE!? Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me here!?” Zaiyia cussed, rolling her eyes in exasperation at the mention of that Romeo and Juliet fiasco. Electing to piss them off further, she yelled. “FUCKING NEWS FLASH: YOUR PRECIOUS DUMBASS ALICE AIN'T INNOCENT OF MOTHERFUCKING SHIT AROUND HERE!”

“GO FUCK YOURSELF!” Elena roared before charging at Zaiyia in a blind fury.