Belonging to Lust

Chapter 104: Ridiculous Battles

If Zaiyia hadn't been paying close attention or had her paused for even a minute, the sailing fist belonging to Elena Gouling would have made contact with her nose. Instead, Zaiyia evaded the blow and reciprocated half a second after by reaching out and seizing a hold of Elena's light blonde hair. She grimaced at the piercing cry her foe expelled.

“OW, FUCKING LET GO OF MY HAIR, YOU BITCH!” Elena shrieked in pain, spurring her two allies, Elsa Nilson, and Andrea Kingsley, to charge forward to her rescue.

“ELENA!” Andrea grieved in horror at observing her friend being mistreated before her eyes.

“WE'RE COMING, HONEY!” Elsa persuaded her, halfway there.

“Oh, I don't think so, darlings.” Needing to keep these two from expelling her grip on Elena, Zaiyia tightened her restraint on the blonde strands and began to jerk her head left and right. This forced Elena to propel with her hair in fear of her natural hair being ripped clear from her scalp. It also served to keep both Andrea and Elsa from reaching her, and off of her back. Zaiyia couldn't help but grin in delight as she hailed to Chasity over her back. “CHASITY, YOU BETTER GET TO FINDING A PLACE TO FUCKING HIDE! THIS IS ABOUT TO GET FUCKING UGLY!”

“O-Okay!” Chasity, quivering behind the history teacher's desk, jerked her head left and right in her quest to locate any shelter that would safeguard herself from the likes of the three girls. She already knew that they didn't know how to fight, unlike Zaiyia, but neither was she all that convinced she knew how to fight any more even after years of self-defense classes her father urged she enroll in case he wasn't there to defend her from the perverts of civilization! Lord knows what would happen if you pit two people who don't know how to fight against each other? She withdrew against the blackboard, her eyes hopelessly in exploration until she detected movement closing in on her.

“Hey, you!” Elsa announced to Chasity now that Zaiyia brought her to her attention. Unlike everyone else, the redhead was the only one that wasn't competing in the scuffle, and due to the fact that Zaiyia took the time to suggest her to hide, Elsa was now interested in her. If she couldn't get to their rival than they'll go for the one she cared about. “Get over here!”

“WATCH OUT, CHASITY!” Zaiyia hollered, before violently thrusting Elena back with all her might straight into Andrea who was seeking to follow Elsa too and go for Chasity.

Chasity no longer knew what to do. The alarm was rising in her as Elsa was rounding the teacher's desk and closing in on her, obliterating every intention of defending herself and reducing her to whimpering and cowering into the blackboard behind her as if it could shield her. “E-Elsa, please don't!” She threw up her hands to ward her off, shaking her head in grievance. “I haven't done anything to you!”

“SHUT UP!” Elsa yelled at her before reaching out for a handful of Chasity's sweater to haul her forward and then back against the blackboard, her head smacking it with a resounding bang. She growled down at the redhead who she participated in another class with and had recently been partnered with for an impending biology project, but none of that mattered anymore. Any friend of Zaiyia, was an rival of hers. “I think it's about time you've been taught a lesson on picking the wrong friends, don't you?”

Labeling Zaiyia as a bad friend gave Chasity an inch of spunk to glower at her classmate. “Wrong friends!? Are you kidding me right now? Look what the hell you're threatening to do to me right now, Elsa, and then ask yourself if I'm the one with the wrong friends!”

“Are you fucking blind!?” Elsa proclaimed in a mix or awe and rage before dragging Chasity off the blackboard and back against it, making her head bang again. “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT ZAIYIA HAS DONE!?”

“ZAIYIA DID NOTHING WRONG!” Chasity shrieked in her face, her head pounding as a result of Elsa's attacks. Her hands came up to grasp the hand binding her to the blackboard. “NONE OF THIS WAS HER FAULT BUT YOU'RE ALL TOO FUCKING STUPID TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF BECAUSE OF SOME BLIND ALLEGIANCE TO SOME IDIOT WHO NEEDS OTHER PEOPLE TO FIGHT HER RIDICULOUS BATTLES!”

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Elsa spat in her face before finally dropping her hold on Chasity only to swivel a fist right against the redhead's cheekbones. “KEEP TALKING THAT SHIT AND I'LL HIT YOU AGAIN!”

Chasity let out a sharp outcry of pain when she got popped in the face, the force knocking her off of her feet and onto the floor on her side. Wincing, she reached up to feel the throbbing area, before scowling up at Elsa through the strands of her fiery hair. Perhaps all she needed all along was a nice sturdy blow to the face because right now all those lessons she obtained in self defense classes were all coming back to her. In this moment, she would now have the upper hand. In a dark voice, she growled. “Bring it then!”

“Huh?” A bit taken aback that Chasity wasn't surrendering yet, Elsa constricted her already throbbing hand and sent it hurling back down at her target's face again. “Alright, you asked for it!”

Chasity shot a foot up right into Elsa's stomach at the same time she got to swinging at her again. Luckily, she had long legs and so her kick knocked her back a few steps before anymore harm could have been done to her. Leisurely climbing back up to her feet while Elsa leaned against the teacher's desk to buckle over and gag, Chasity smirked down at her. “Now, I'm gonna teach you a lesson on why you shouldn't choose the wrong friends.”

Stepping forward, Chasity fired a proper punch of her own against the side of Elsa's face, knocking the upper half of her body onto the desk with a wail. Not feeling a lick of empathy, Chasity proceeded to rain her fists down on as many areas of Elsa's body she could before the frail girl slung herself out of reach to scurry across the floor away from her in horror. She sobbed behind her tousled dirty blond hair. “STOP STOP STOP PLEASE! I'M SORRY! I'M SO SORRY! I GIVE UP! PLEASE, DON'T!”

Welcoming her loss with the confidence that it wasn't a farce so she'd lower her guards and leave herself unarmed, Chasity twisted her head to scan for Zaiyia, expecting her to be in need of her support since it was one against two. But that's not what she identified. Elena was curled in one of the corners of the room by the door nursing a bloody nose behind her hands. Her eyes were draining tears as her shoulders rattled with restrained weeping. She looked like she'd just witness a monster coming in her classroom and shredding her classmates apart. It was clear she was too frighten to be considered a threat anymore.

Andrea, well, Zaiyia was presently swinging a jab with sufficient force that when it reached it's mark, it had Ms. Kingsley's ears clanging as she wobbled back into one of the empty chairs with a groan, her vision bouncing between obscuring and darkening. Zaiyia spat on her clothes, openly livid with the whole situation. “THAT'S RIGHT! AND YOUR ASS BETTER STAY IN THAT MOTHERFUCKING SEAT OR ELSE IMMA KNOCK YOUR ASS OUT SO HARD NEXT TIME YOU'LL BE READING BRAILLE FROM HERE ON OUT!”

Observing the site before her, Chasity was sure that if anyone walked in right now they wouldn't accept their story. They looked like the oppressors and Elena, Andrea, and Elsa looked like the martyrs. Anxiety started to climb up from her stomach as her eyes widen in alarm. They had to get out of this classroom before anyone discovered them here! If her dad found out....oh god! “ZAIYIA!”

“WHAT!?” Zaiyia snapped back as she twirled around, not expecting to see Chasity still conscious and standing. Her eyes widen in surprise before thawing in alleviation. “Oh shit, bitch, you made it!”

Chasity raced towards the classroom door, not caring to explain to Zaiyia how her run-in went. She waved her friend over, inviting her to attend her. “Never mind all that! We have to get out of here or we'll be dead! No one is gonna believe we're the innocents here, and if my dad finds out...Jesus Christ! He can't find out, Zaiyia!”

“Alright, alright! Calm down, let's bounce out of here then.” Zaiyia supported the hectic Chasity, accompanying her out of the history classroom. She didn't have a care for Elena, Elsa, or Andrea to check up on them or leave them with a ominous threat.

The moment they infiltrated the hallway, it was congested with not only students, and teachers, but police officers as well. Feeling Chasity's hand grapple hers, she let herself be zigzagged through the tight crowd towards the bathroom. Along the way, Zaiyia sighted six young men sprawled on their stomach on the floor with their hand handcuffed behind their backs. Some of them were mourning in profound repentance for their agreement to get into a riot as severe as this at school, and some were clamoring out their innocence to the cops in hopes of being understood. Zaiyia was lagged down for only a second upon realizing that every single one of them were the boyfriend's of her haters...and not just Elena's, Elsa's, and Andrea's.