Belonging to Lust

Chapter 105: Campaign of Carnage

Receding from her science class where Elena Gouling, Elsa Nilson, and Andrea Kingsley tried to jump her, Zaiyia followed a strained Chasity as she led her by her hand to the nearest bathrooms. The classroom had been perfectly deserted when the fight went down because the three haters were wise enough not to incite it in front of an entire classroom with the teacher there. No, they got their boyfriends to start a riot outside of the room to bait both students and adults alike out into the hallways...only Zaiyia didn't care to go and that was her wrongdoing. If she had, they would have had to force their hands publicly for all the adults to notice. Then again, maybe not. Something told her those ardent boyfriends of theirs didn't aim to start as deliberate of an altercation as they did, because now they were face down on the cold hallway floor in front of everybody in police handcuffs. Hell, everything was getting out of hand relating to her, Zaiyia could recognize that now. All along Chasity had been correct, but she was not ready to challenge that yet what with all her contained fury. However today, she attended it and saw how frenzied her haters were becoming to strike her down that they were inclined to enlist their boyfriends to cooperate in their disingenuous motives. They threw those young men under the bus so they could attack her and now look what happened...they were getting arrested by the damn police like a bunch of no good criminals. And how carelessly in love can those boys likely be with her haters to get engaged with their girlfriend's spectacles?

“Hurry, in here!” Chasity directed before jerking Zaiyia behind her into the nearest girl's room. The moment the door swung shut behind them she urgently advanced to the bathroom mirror to weigh the damaged that had been done to her face by Elsa, all the while with terror lying in her stomach. “Shit shit shit shit!”

Overlooking the sounds of what resonated like a protest going on outside the bathroom, Zaiyia headed to the sink beside Chasity's to examine her own battle wounds which weren't much against her deep rich skin tone...unlike her friend's pale complexion that the smallest discoloration couldn't rest undetected on. Zaiyia was almost too timid to inquire. “Um...are you okay, Chasity?”

Clutching the fringe of the porcelain sink, Chasity kept her mouth clamped until she felt placid enough to speak. No, she wasn't okay, at least she wouldn't be soon. With her fair skin tone, bruises will soon develop and so will her father's rage when he identifies them. Having already been through enough in one day, Chasity didn't want to face existence just yet if only for just a few more seconds. “I'm fine...”

She didn't look fine to Zaiyia and that stricken expression on her face made her sick with shame. If they wanted to just attack her, she'd be fine with it but never did she ever want any of her friends associated. This was her battle, not theirs. “Jesus, Chasity...I can't tell you how fucking sorry I am that you got dragged into that fight with me. If I had known they were coming for me I would have left the classroom with everybody else, not remain in that classroom alone like they somehow knew I would.”

Chasity's head dropped, her eyes glaring downward at the white porcelain bowl before shutting. She felt like she was in a weird state of shock and wasn't really it was all just a dream. Her brows furrowed together in turmoil as she opened her eyes again and ran a hand through her long red hair. “How did that fight get started in the first place? It just so random, it doesn't make any sense...”

“What are you talking about?” Zaiyia asked with a frown, turning to lean her hip against the sink and cross her arms over her chest.

“That fight!” Chasity's eyes flared to Zaiyia, requiring answers. “Elena, Andrea and Elsa...why were they coming for you? They talked to you like they had a reason before they came charging for you like that. What was it?”

Zaiyia's brown eyes extended before flitting away in humiliation. She owed Chasity the facts but damn did she wanna lie her way out of this one. Looking back, the motivation was awkward. “Well...I may have instigated them to fight me during last period.”

“WHAT!?” Chasity proclaimed in disgust, spinning to confront her with a demeanor of alarm. “WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?”

“The same damn reason I've been doing everything thus far!” Zaiyia reminded her, throwing her arms up as she began to canter around the bathroom as she recounted her tale. “I was minding my own business just like how all my stories start and they decided to pick on me. I had enough and decided to flirt with John Moore, Elena's boyfriend right in front of her to teach that bitch ass a fucking lesson. I guess then she grew some balls and decided to take me on with the rest of her flunkies.”

“WHY WOU-” Chasity cut herself off before she could go off on Zaiyia. No, she wouldn't do it. She wasn't about to exhaust anymore breath to try and persuade her friend of what was transparent to see. In the past, that's exactly what she'd be doing at a time like this but she's over that now. If Zaiyia didn't want to quit this campaign of carnage it will never end, and Chasity just has to accept that. Closing her eyes, Chasity turned away and ran both hands through her hair in mute irritation as she exhaled aloud through her nose. “Oh my god...this is so fucking stupid!”

“For once, I can fully agree with you.” Zaiyia murmured as she reclined her back against the tiled wall of the bathroom. She wasn't too proud of herself at the moment, and even though she's won the fight...she sure as hell didn't feel like it. It was unusual to feel like a loser when you prospered in an altercation.

The duo were hindered by the piercing sound of the bell ringing, signaling the end of their class period. Chasity turned her head to stare at the bathroom door as the noises of shoes stampeding against the hallway floor could be read among voices and the vibrations of lockers closing and opening. “We should probably head to class.”

“We should wait a few minutes first before we go.” Zaiyia suggested from where she stood with her arms crossed again with her eyes on her shoes.

“How come?” Chasity frowned, not quite getting why they should idle. “Waiting around is just gonna make us late for our next class.”

Zaiyia shrugged. “Well then, I guess you don't have to stick around, but I do. I'm trying to give Elena and her slut bags enough time to expel themselves from the classroom before I show my cute ass face again.” She lifted her eyes to Chasity and winked. “Don't wanna give them a heart attack.”

“How thoughtful of you.” Chasity uttered sarcastically before reclining against the opposite wall in the same mirror manner.

“You don't have to stay.” Zaiyia reminded her.

“I know.” Chasity mumbled, her eyes now on her shoes. She felt so crestfallen and drained. As a whole, she was annoy of all this drama, it was making her feel ancient.

Seeing just how strained she was from across the room, Zaiyia elected to switch the subject a bit. “Since when did you know how to fight?”

“Huh?” Chasity raised her eyes, a brow arched in question.

“Since when can you fight?” Zaiyia restated. “I saw you in there holding your own after coming off as a scared little girl that didn't know a lick about defending herself much less how to not back herself into a corner.”

Chasity couldn't help but laugh at that meticulous summary. Zaiyia was right, she did act like a terrified baby before exhibiting to Elsa exactly what she mastered from her self-defense classes. “Yeah, that was...that was momentary lapse of memory right there. I completely space and forgot everything I learned in the self-defense classes my daddy insists on putting me into.”

“Sounds like a good dad right there.” Zaiyia nodded, applauding the guy for teaching his child how to defend herself in this big world filled with various territories of danger. “I'm glad he taught you how to protect yourself in a moment of danger.”

“For once, I'm grateful for his paranoia.” Chasity concurred with a nod. “Being a cop only made him more aware of the everyday danger around us and it scared him deeply enough to throw money into classes that would teach me how to protect myself from anything. I use to think he was being overly protective but now I see the use in it.”

“And I bet if he saw what you did in there, he'd be proud of you.” Zaiyia teased, knowing otherwise.

Chasity rolled her eyes and grinned. “No, if he ever got word of what happened in that classroom there will be hell to pay, Zaiyia, trust me.”