Belonging to Lust

Chapter 106: Worst Case Scenario

Zaiyia went to school the next day none the wiser that something was about to go down. It took her getting out of the McCoy's sisters car and noticing Chasity outside the school pacing, and talking to herself for her to grasp that something wasn't quite right. Eyes narrowing questioningly, Zaiyia called a goodbye to the McCoy sisters behind her back before stalking straight for her distressed red-headed friend. She halted when she got close enough, avoiding the routine looks and whispered blasphemies by her haters. “You good, Chasity?”

Chasity surged in place before twirling around to meet her with a grave expression on her face. She had a bruise on her face from yesterday's altercation in Zaiyia's classroom. An altercation that was coordinated in an intricate way Zaiyia had never seen her haters administrate before. “Zaiyia, I...”

“What happened?” Zaiyia challenged her sternly, her body deliberately turning rigid in preparation for the crummy news that would surely spill forth from her lips.

“I couldn't hide my developing bruise from my father forever. They would have eventually formed what with my skin being so fair.” Chasity established, looking down at her feet in defeat. She felt horrendous for sharing everything that happened the day before at school with her father and stabbing Zaiyia in the back in the process...but it genuinely couldn't be helped. It was inevitable she'd be caught. “I told my father what happened at school yesterday.”

“Jesus Christ, Chasity!” Zaiyia chided, turning away to cover her face with her hands. The bell within the school rang and all the students began filing in for class, but she didn't care. There was more imperative matters at hand.

“He was furious about it!” Chasity advanced on, feeling like the lousiest person ever. “He planned on coming to school to talk to Principal Quinn first thing this morning. I-I'm sorry.”

Zaiyia's stomach plunged as she whirled around to face the school building with large eyes filled with apprehension. Mr. Bennett was coming here!? Wait, hold on! If he knew and was now speaking to the principal...then that meant Principal Quinn now knew too...which meant...

The sound of a familiar truck pulled up behind Zaiyia in the parking lot. Gradually, Zaiyia spied over her shoulder and swiftly verified the worse case scenario to be true. The truck was Heath's. Rotating around to fully challenge it, Zaiyia cursed her luck. “SonofaFUCKINGbitch!”

Chasity covered her face now in melancholy and cried out behind her hands. “God I'm so sorry, Zaiyia, truly I am!”

Heath advanced out of his truck and flung the door behind him so emphatically it made the only two students standing outside vault in alarm. Wearing a red tight t-shirt, blue worn jeans, his work boots and a tool belt still clipped around his hips, his once green eyes that now seem black targeted on Zaiyia as he strode over to her. He paused before her, his eyes briefly scouring the building of her high school, before returning to hers. His face was harsh, but told her nothing else. His eyes held his fury in check but didn't reveal the true extent of how far his fury went at the moment. Gesturing with a large palm to the stone steps that led up to the two double doors, he stated. “Shall we?”

Now that he communicated, Zaiyia could perceive how pissed off he was. His voice was as tense as his body. Peeking hastily to a contrite Chasity, who looked love-struck now with her pink blushing cheeks and her eyes ogling Heath. Feeling the episode suffer a bit of it's severity, Zaiyia rolled her eyes at her friend's outrageous reception and muttered to Heath. “Yes.”

Warily, since Chasity was too busy fantasizing about Heath, Zaiyia saw everyone to the Principal's office, her heart drumming more and more with every step. The secretary scampered to the door to open it for them to Principal Quinn sitting behind his large desk and Mr. Bennett in one of the many chairs in front of it. With a smile, Principal Quinn stood up from his desk. “Ah, there you are Miss Zaiyia.” He looped his desk to shake her limp hand and then turned to the towering Heath. “Mr. Sullivan.”

“Quinn.” Heath managed with a nod, impatiently wanting to get to the point.

“Mr. Sullivan, this is Mr. Bennett, Chasity's dad.” Principal Quinn introduced, regarding the men shake hands. “Mr. Bennett, this is Mr. Sullivan, Zaiyia's er...Guardian.”

“We've already met, actually.” Mr. Bennett disclosed, nodding to Zaiyia's Guardian. Even though he himself appeared as robust as if he lived in a gym, what with being an FBI Agent, Heath appeared more intimidating and was a giant compared to everyone else in the room. “How are you doing, Heath?”

“Could be better.” Heath gestured with a nod towards his surroundings.

“I couldn't agree more.” Mr. Bennett concurred. “Shall we get down to business?”

“The sooner, the better.” Heath acclaimed.

Everyone took a seat in a chair, Zaiyia next to Heath and Chasity next to her dad. All eyes were now on Principal Quinn as he took a seat behind his large desk. “So, as you all know, I called in to my office today because a fight that neither of us adults knew about had taken place in a science class.” He gestured to Chasity who kept her face concealed behind her long red hair. “Chasity told me that a couple of students were planning to fight Zaiyia right before her science class was set to started.”

“Where was the teacher at this time?” Heath demanded to know, the only one in the room who knew the very least of what had happened. “Or the other students that could have done something?”

“There was fight outside the classroom in the halls. The teacher went to reinforce the other adults in ceasing this fight and I guess the other students within that class rushed out to see what was going on.” Principal Quinn filled in.

Heath turned his dark gaze on Zaiyia, who sat next to him scowling at the Principal's desk. “And why didn't you go with them?”

“Because I don't give a single fuck what these fucking idiots do around here.” Zaiyia grunted, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Language, Miss Halifax.” Principal Quinn instantly scolded, earning a glare. He turned his focus back on the parents. “Miss Bennett overheard a couple of girls planning to challenge Zaiyia in her classroom while it was vacant. She left to warn her, but was too late. The students locked the door and attacked them both in the process.”

“Did you try to escape, Chasity, and save yourself?” Mr. Bennett challenged his daughter who sat beside him just as quietly as Zaiyia did.

Chasity promptly shook her head, lifting her eyes to her dad. “No, I couldn't just leave her like that! She's my friend, I had to stay and try to help her.”

“Thank you for that.” Heath acknowledged her, giving her a thankful nod. “You didn't have to do that, and I'm sorry you got hurt in the process for it, but...thank you for not leaving her on her own.”

Chasity didn't have time to fawn over his thanks before her dad said. “As much as I hate to agree with him, I'm also proud you stood your ground to protect yourself and your friend.” He aimed a strict finger to shake in her face. “But this better be the first AND the last time, you hear me?”

“Yes, daddy.” Chasity compliantly nodded.

“Look, Mr. Sullivan, I had no idea this fight had taken place at all yesterday.” Principal Quinn tried to persuade him. “Yes, there had been a fight outside that classroom that I knew full well of, but the one within the classroom I didn't.”

Heath held up a hand, exhaling loudly through his nose. “Don't, I already believe you.”