Belonging to Lust

Chapter 108: Assess The Damage

A month had passed by, and the bullying that Zaiyia had undergone since joining the school had almost stopped altogether. She still didn't accept it when she walks the halls though, but it was legitimate. Just like Principal Quinn had vowed to her and Heath the last time they were in his office, the bullying would end once and for all. His pledge hadn't been completely produced yet, but my god, the drastic differences now were unquestionable. Since that fight in her science class, Zaiyia hadn't been tangled in a single altercation, verbal or physical. Yeah, sure there were a few words buzzed every now and again, but that was to be expected. Realistically, Principal Quinn couldn't possibly end all the bullying, it simply wasn't feasible. Still, he made it to where any exchanges with her by any other students were heavily supervised by every adult within the building. Hell, she had the entire school's security attending her every move, not because of the color of her skin, or her savage past associations in school scuffles, but to safeguard her from any encounter whatsoever. It was a nice turn of the tables, and Zaiyia couldn't oppose that it was good being looked after for least that's what she thought at first. After a while of being shielded, Zaiyia was in desperate need to break the agitated need for a satisfying altercation again. In a way, clashing with all of her haters had become some kind of hazardous remedial activity for her that diverted her from her dismaying home life. As much hardship it brought her, it nourished the monster within her that rampaged over not acquiring all that she craved for most, the man she loved.

It was a dark Saturday night, and Heath was kind enough to allow her to welcome her friends for a sleep over at the guest house out back. He could tell she was getting antsy over something, and so he thought it would help distract her. It turned out diversion was becoming a much healthier regimen for her. A week before she began to besiege and hound all of her friends in need of an interruption to keep from starting up a fight. It was like they somehow understood without her having to describe it to them. Slowly, the itch began to dilute as the days passed. Her friends even went as far as to respond back to text messages for hours and hang out with her during and after schools to help. This constant bonding only brought them even closer together.

“Okay, okay, fine!” Aishah huffed, rolling her eyes at her sisters impetuous prodding. She reclinesd back against the end of Zaiyia's bed from where she sat on the floor with the other ladies, circled by snacks, pillows and blankets. “I lost my virginity when I was 16 in the locker room during a football game.”

Chasity's virgin eyes widen in fascination. She was wrapped in her blanket with only her face and a red strand of hair peeping out. “At our school?”

Aishah nodded as she reached out to grab some of Zaiyia's homemade soft prezels and dipped it into an array of small dishes filled with assorted condiments. “Yeah, but it was nothing special to write home about.”

“Oh please, that shit didn't sound like nothing to me when you told me about it.” Monique criticized from where she laid on her stomach, sipping from her coffee mug filled with hot cocoa.

“Oh yeah?” Chasity investigated, glancing between the two of them with a smile on her face. “What exactly happened then?”

“Oh my god.” Aishah droned in grievance, rolling her eyes again. “It was nothing like I said! I just wanted to know how exceptional the school mascot could fuck, that's all.”

Growing restless, Assata decided to go into more details for her from where she laid on her side. “His name was Carlisle, he was the guy who went to college last year for being a fucking genius and all. Well, he used to be the school mascot also. Aishah persuaded him while she was standing on the sideline to have sex in the locker room. He had excused himself to go to the bathroom, and they met up in the locker room to fuck in the shower room.”

Aishah reached out to sock her on the arm. “Bitch! That's my fucking story!”

“You were taking for fucking ever, dude!” Assata lamented as she gestured to Chasity and Monique. “And the virgin squad over there really wanted to know.”

"Two can play at that game, SHE lost her virginity to some dude at a college party.” Aishah jerked her thumb in her sister's direction, fully plotting to spill the beans on her first sexual experience story as vengeance. “He was going for some business major shit and upon finding out she was a virgin he wanted to be the first to make 'love' to her.”

“And he fucking did!” Assata contended him, not understanding why Aishah was making it sound like her first time wasn't with a nurturing, passionate and fulfilling lover. Rejecting her sister's obvious resentment, she smiled sweetly to Chasity. “He was too busy with college for a real relationship, but we still hook up when we wanna fuck around with somebody.”

“Oh. Well, that's sweet. I think.” Chasity considered before comprehending that it would have now been her turn to tell when she lost her virginity...that is if she had story to tell. Twisting her head, she glanced to the person next to her and saw Zaiyia lost in her thought. “It looks like its your turn, Zaiyia.”

Her turn, indeed, and boy what an account it would be. Zaiyia winced at the idea of telling her closest friends that she had lost her virginity to the very man they lusted after, her guardian Heath. Of course, there was no way in hell she was gonna tell them the truth. As much as she appreciated and trusted them, she didn't trust them enough with such damning information that could deliver Heath to jail in handcuffs. But if she wasn't going to tell them the facts, then she'd have to devise some kind of deception that'll definitely pass for the truth.

Opening her mouth, Zaiyia began to spill her distorted truth when the noise of glass breaking nearby cut her off and took her awareness away. She peered towards her window, questioning where that sound came from. It wasn't a glass cup, it sounded bigger like...a window, a very large window. “Did you guys hear that?”

“Yeah, and it sounded close.” Monique jointly thought.

“Maybe someone's car is getting broken into or something.” Assata whispered.

Everyone fell into stillness, not budging an inch. Whatever glass shattered sounded close by...too close and that was the only reason they weren't proceeding with the rest of their night unbothered.
Suddenly, Heath dominated Zaiyia's mind, and her heart raced with panic for him as if it knew something wasn't right. Without clear thinking, she launched to her feet, knowing she needed to go and make sure he was alright to verify she was just being paranoid. She zipped towards her stairs, stating over her shoulders. “I'm gonna go check on Heath real quick. I'll be back in a minute.”

“We'll come with you.” Aishah announced behind her, also coming to her feet. Behind her the girls pursued close on her heels to huddle downstairs to put on their shoes. Once they reached outside, Zaiyia took off into the night for the main house, forcing the others to rush and keep up.

“HEY! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!” Heath's voice thundered from somewhere within the shadowy house.

The sound of his fury fueled her into busting in through the backdoor like she was ripe to put her hands on anyone and everyone that came into her path in getting to Heath. “HEATH, WHERE ARE YOU?!”

“Right here.” Heath growled, filling up the doorway in nothing, but some long basketball shorts. His imposing physique was on full exhibit and turned all of Zaiyia's friends to statues in place.

Flying to close the distance between them, Zaiyia reached out to place fragile hands on his arms. She studied him though she could barely see with the lack of brightness. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I'm fine, baby.” Heath reassured her, easing his voice due to her concern for his welfare. It was touching, and so he reached out to cup her face in his hands, stroking her deep flawless skin with his thumbs. “Just fine.”

Zaiyia's friends didn't detect the affectionate gesture when they were so mesmerized by the large man in shorts. If he wasn't so impeccably built they would have had a few inquiries to their troubling friend and her relationship with her mother's boyfriend.

“Are you okay?” Heath demanded, examining her in the dark though there was no use in doing so.
“I am.” Zaiyia encouraged him, placing her hands over his. “But what happened? We heard glass breaking a few minutes ago.”

Heath grudgingly let her go. “Someone threw a rock through our living room window and ran off like a coward before I could get to them. I need to go and assess the damage. Wait here.” And with that he turned and left the kitchen to return to the living room.