Belonging to Lust

Chapter 11: Immature Drama

Rather than looking at the footballer, Zaiyia’s eyes glanced over his shoulders at the group of haters across her table getting all flustered and red faced at the scene unfolding before them. Honestly, if getting rid of the guy would make these ladies calm down, than Zaiyia would do it in a heartbeat cause she didn’t want the guy over here in the first place. Ignoring him wasn’t working, so maybe rejecting whatever idea the guy had coming over here, would. “Let me take a wild guess, the guy who likes me is your friend.”

The footballer nodded in surprise. “Yeah, he is. How did you know that?”

Before Zaiyia could answer, her haters decided to leave their table and head on over to hers. Letting out a long stressful sigh, Zaiyia prepared herself for the worst case scenario and focused on trying to keep the peace by keeping her mouth shut for a long as she could. For added inspiration, Zaiyia’s mind wandered to the image of Heath’s solidly built body…shirtless.

The haters stopped in front of her table with both of their hands on their hips, and an intimating look on their faces. They completely ignored Zaiyia, and refused to glance in her direction. Instead they had their eyes on the footballer sitting across from her. “Ethan, what are you doing over here?”

Ethan rolled his eyes, but refused to acknowledge their presence by glancing back at them. “Hello Hannah. Hello Sarah. I’m sorry but I really can’t talk to you guys right now. I’m trying to get to know Zaiyia here.”

Zaiyia was observing her enemy’s approach and came up with the decision that these ladies were certainly harmless and weren’t looking to beat her up in front of everyone in the cafeteria. Yeah sure, they were probably thinking that ignoring her presence might hurt her feelings, but it wasn’t affecting her in slightest. In fact Zaiyia simply went back to finishing the last of her homework without any concern for what was going on with the three people around her table.

Sarah scoffed. “Like duh, Ethan, we know you’re talking to her. What we wanna know is WHY you’re talking to her?”

“Who wants to know, huh?” Ethan asked with annoyance in his voice.

“Anything that concerns Alice is our business!” Sarah informed him with a sassy attitude. Zaiyia rolled her eyes at that remark, and continued on with completing her work.

“It has nothing to do with Alice!” Ethan objected.

“Well, it’s obviously about Alan isn’t it?” Hanna questioned, pointing at finger in his face.


“Well then it has to do with Alice, birdbrains!” Hannah spat at him, trying to hurt his poor feelings.

“No it isn’t! He broke up with her on the first day of school!” Ethan reminded them.

“Oh yes it is, cause it hasn’t been that long since they broke up, so it doesn’t count!” Sarah reminded him right back.

As soon as the last sentence pertaining to Zaiyia’s homework had been completed, she closed her book and gathered up her things while the argument at her table escalated. She could only take so much stupid immature drama for so long before she’d snap, and so to save countless lives she decided to find another place to spend the rest of her lunch hour alone and in peace.

As soon as Zaiyia got up from the lunch table, Sarah decided to finally give her a piece of her mind. “Where the hell do you think you’re going!?”

“Anywhere you guys aren’t.” She responded over her shoulder without glancing back.

“No I don’t think so! You sit your butt back down right now!” Hannah ordered her.

Zaiyia halted in her step before turning around with a menacing glare. “Alright, you all better listen here very closely, because I don’t like having to repeat myself to the likes of you people. This bullshit drama you got going on has to do with this jerk Alan and his heart broken Alice. This has nothing to do with me. So I would suggest you all leave me alone and take a look at where the real problem lies if you want someone to blame for your friend’s mistreatment.”

After she walked away, the group had dispersed, but after school Mr. Stupid, or Alan, was following her on her way out of the building. Not wanting to deal with whatever trouble that would happen if she were to be seen talking to him, Zaiyia quickly jumped on one of the city buses to escape him. She was relieved when it worked, and even more relieved that it was the right bus that would take her to the downtown mall where she could start her massive shopping haul all paid for by Mr. Sexy Ass.


Zaiyia got home in time to clean up the house and make Heath some dinner. When he finally walked into the kitchen, she was there to greet him and fix him a plate. Together they say down at the kitchen table and ate her delicious recipe. Once again, Heath fell head over heels back in love with her cooking.

“So how was your day, Daddy?” Zaiyia asked politely, flashing him a mischievous smile when he raised his eyebrow at his new nickname. Instead of arguing over it, he decided to dismiss it.

“It was fine. New guy almost fell through the floorboards of the second floor, but he’s alright. How was school?” Heath recalled as he shoved a spoonful of her food in his mouth.

Zaiyia’s mind flashed through everything that happened that day, mainly the drama. She didn’t think it was a good idea to tell Heath. I mean, yeah he might be proud that she’s avoiding getting into the drama, but at the same time it might also cause him to suspect that she might be starting that trouble somehow. It all depended on what side of the story he believed in most. Heath just discovered that Yovela had been lying to him the whole time they’d been together. Who’s to say he will believe anything she had to say when she’s Yovela’s daughter. He probably already assumed the worst with her. “School was ok. Still boring, of course.”

Heath nodded and looked up at her with his pretty green eyes. “And your homework?”

“I finished some of it during lunch and the last of it on the bus ride to and from the mall.” Zaiyia informed him with a sincere smile which he answered back with a nice smile.

The table got silent for a while before Heath decided to hesitantly ask a question. “Did…your mother call, by any chance?”

Zaiyia stopped eating to look up at him with sad eyes. She couldn’t help but feel back for the poor guy that was still waiting for her irresponsible mother to show up. If he was one of those types that would wait forever for a single woman, than he better learn how to be patient when it came to her mother. Who knows when Yovela was going to come back? Zaiyia shook her head in response before gathering their plates. The look on Heath’s face and the heavy sigh that followed was enough to shake her heart. Placing the plates back down on the table, Zaiyia placed her small hands over his to comfort him.

Heath’s green eyes trailed over to her delicate hand on top of his much larger hand. Her skin was like a rich dark brown compared to his lighter complexion. His eyes trailed up her arm to stop to her at her beautiful face.

She flashed him an assuring smile. “Don’t worry, she WILL come back. You’re not gonna be stuck with me forever.”
♠ ♠ ♠