Belonging to Lust

Chapter 110: Hit Your Puberty

Several days passed since someone had besieged her home by hurling a rock through her living room window...well, Heath's window. Zaiyia supplied the very rocks that were used to implement the horrid deed to the McCoy sisters in the kitchen downstairs while Chasity remained asleep upstairs in her room the night they slept over, and they all agreed that this had to have been executed by the haters from her school.


The very place that had become almost too tranquil since Principal Quinn had heard that Zaiyia was still being terrorized and chosen to crack down on it. At first, Zaiyia thought he was all talk because in her mind's eye there was no way he could stall majority of the school population from pestering her daily. Boy, was she wrong. It was unbelievable how much of a difference he had made.

“Ms. Halifax!” The teacher in the front of the classroom summoned, a thick stockpile of papers in her hand. “Could you take this to the Principal's office for me?”

Startled from her thoughts, Zaiyia got out of her seat and headed to the front of the class to take the package from her. “Sure.”

“Thank you, Ms. Halifax.” The teacher hailed behind her back before returning to the board to proceed today's lesson.

“Yup.” Zaiyia called back before departing into the hall and heading towards the stairs. The hallways were pretty uninhabited except for the late students. With every person she passed, her heart beat tripled in a paranoid curiosity if any one of them would be the person to FINALLY put their hands on her, or drive her to put her hands on them. This continued on until she reached the stairs where she heard others coming up. Once again steeling herself, she identified David Alexander, Douglas Thomas, Russel Garfield, and Ryan Hutchinson laughing about an opposing school's football team's inadequacy of skills measured to their school's team.

Now, Zaiyia only made an effort to pick up the names of her haters, not every single student in the school. However, these boys weren't a part of the meager population within the school that left her alone. No, these were her hater's boyfriends, and there was a reason she made sure to master their names too. With an eye roll and a hindered sigh, Zaiyia traipsed on, committing to minding her own business no matter what. “Greaaaat.”

As soon as she was sighted, the group went silent. Douglas and David deliberately lagged their steps to a standstill, so they were drifted back on the landing in front of her side of the staircase with their backs reclining against the walls. David let out an easy whistle. “Well well well, what do we have here, fellas?”

Russel and Ryan didn't detect their meaning at first, or why they were idling when they should have been headed to class. Russel shook his head at them. “Yo, why are you guys hanging back here?”

“Yeah, I got an exam in physics that I CANNOT fail, or else my parents will ground me from going to Cameron's party this Friday night.” Ryan declared in deep worry.

Jesus Christ, give me a goddamn break here, Zaiyia prayed, not wanting to take on three well-fit young men just to get the stupid parcel her teacher gave her to the Principal's office. Opting still to mind her own business, Zaiyia reached the landing and tried to stride around the good-looking lads that didn't look like they'd be a lick of trouble to anyone. Truly, they looked like exceptional boys turning into men.

David moved first, and in record speed strode in front of Zaiyia, blockading her way. He shot her a sexy smirk as he acknowledged her with what would seem like virtuous intentions. “Hey there, Zaiyia. How's it been going?”

“Hi.” Zaiyia responded back coldly, her eyes glaring at him to move. She knew he was up to something. None of these guys have ever chatted with her before except to whisper profanities underneath their breath. Why would they want to be all kind and sweet now?

Coming up behind her, Douglas veered over her shoulder to inquire with a smile of his own. “Where you headed, little lady? Shouldn't you be in class?"

“It's none of your damn business where I'm headed, Douglas.” Zaiyia warned him sternly, before using her shoulder to propel him off of her. “And can you back to fuck up? Get up off me.”

Along with Ryan and Russel, David let out a laugh of pure enjoyment, clapping is hands to emphasize that fact. “Oh man, she's so vicious!” He peered over Zaiyia's shoulder to Douglas who barely moved. “Ain't she viscious, Douglas?”

“An absolute heart-breaker!” Douglas admitted from where he proceeded to lean over Zaiyia's shoulder. He turned his head to address her by whispering in her ear. “You see, beautiful, your business is now my business. You made it so when our girls got suspended over upholding our friend Alice.”

“It ain't my motherfucking fault those dumbass bitches got themselves suspended.” Zaiyia contended, then turned her head to scowl firmly into his eyes. “I didn't tell them to stop thinking for themselves and pick a losing fight their asses knew they couldn't win even on their best day.”

“Forget her, man!” Ryan protested with a wave of his hand, trying not to let her notice that her words were pissing him off by covering behind a smile. “What are you guys gonna do? Knock her down the stairs?”

“We're already late for class.” Russel had to turn to face the stairs the moment she depicted his girlfriend as a 'dumbass bitch' to shield the look of bloodshed in his eyes. “We should get going's too late.”

David ignored them to lean closer to point a cautionary finger against her full lips. His eyes dropped to them as he growled. “You should really watch what you say, Zaiyia. One day you're gonna mess with the wrong person.”

“Okay, fuck this!” Zaiyia hollered, reaching out to shove David off of her, making Douglas jump back in order to conserve himself next. She had just about enough of their meaningless intimidations. She had a parcel to deliver and by god, she was suddenly determined to deliver it on time. “Y'all pieces of shit need to stop talking like you got some motherfucking balls that won't fit in my motherfucking Polly Pocket's purse, because from what I can see through them khaki shorts, you assholes are lacking in that department. Hit your puberty before you ever think to step up to me with your loser having asses.”

This time, Douglas especially, allowed her words to hit too close to home to the point where reasoning went all the way out the window. All he saw was red. No one disrespected him, his woman, or his friends and gets away with it. Especially not a girl who would take another chick's man because she was a egotistic slut.

Oblivious that even now the heedless Principal Quinn was just beginning to take the first few steps up the stairs towards a bristling David, Douglass took a step forward to forcibly thrust Zaiyia down the second staircase with all his might. “SHUT UP, YOU BITCH!”

Zaiyia's shrieked upon the realization that she could probably die had she not instantly gaining Principal Quinn's attention. “MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU KIDS DOING!?” His eyes widen in disgust at what he was seeing, and with a valiant remarkable agility he had no idea he had in him, he sprinted up the stairs with his arms open wide to catch the student in distress before she could land on any of the marble steps.

Of course, this meant he had to tumble down the stairs and take the impact of the blows for her while she endured protectively wrapped in his arms. His head hit the solid marbled steps as the rest of his body took the bashing. Thankfully, the staircase had a stair landing, which made their trip down half shorter and less life threatening, for had it been all one long staircase, Principal Quinn didn't think he would have survived it.