Belonging to Lust

Chapter 111: It Shows

“OH SHIT!” Ryan Hutchinson choked, coming around the stairs to gawk down at the Principal who had just grabbed the girl their friend had shoved down the stairs.

“JESUS CHRIST, MAN!” Russel Garfield cried out after he'd too followed and gauged the site with his own eyes. He couldn't believe what the hell just happened as his hands came up to cup over his mouth and nose.

“WHAT THE FUCK, DOUGLAS!?” David Alexander roared at his friend before giving him a violent shove. “ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!?”

“NO!” Douglas Thomas clamored back at him, his voice durable and strong, but his scrawny form trembled with evident horror that he not only almost caused bodily damage to Zaiyia Halifax, but also that the Principal had coincidentally showed up at the perfect time to catch her from falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. Sadly, that meant he had to undergo the damage in her stead. “O-OF COURSE I'M NOT!”

Having both nearly been killed, Principal Quinn did his best to discount the scorching pain on his lower back, and behind, as well as a throbbing coming from the back of his head that managed to be spared from the worst of the fall. If he could do it all again, he wouldn't have changed his mind on saving Zaiyia. But right now, he himself was having a tough time absorbing what he had just witnessed and became a part of. One of his young male students had thrust Zaiyia down the stairs, and if it hadn't been for him, she would have been badly injured. The outrage coursing through his veins were difficult to combat giving in and react to, but he had to as Principal of this school. Hissing underneath his breath, he struggled to get back up onto his feet after he felt Zaiyia roll off of him. Still, he managed it with a hand on his lower back, and the other resting on his knee as he remained bent over to toil through the pain. “Ms. Halifax.” Lifting his head, he saw she too was undertaking to get up after having been exhausted. Holding out a hand, he sustained her. “Ms. Halifax, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Zaiyia shook her head, feeling woozy along with being in shock. She nearly perished falling down those stairs...well, maybe dying was a bit over-exaggerated, but still, she would have been severely damaged enough for an ambulance to be summoned to the school. Giving the principal a nod, she raised her head to stare at him. “No, man, I'm good here. I think you got it worse than me.”

“That's good then. Better me than you, if Mr. Sullivan has anything to say about this.” Principal Quinn murmured beneath his breath before hoisting his head to examine that the stairwell that he expected to be vacant of the miscreants involved by now were actually still present, frozen in place as they gaped down at them. Feeling his face growing red with rage, he hollered up the stairs at them as he scuffled forward. “AND YOU FOUR!”

Wanting to laugh at the four stunned faces above them for being dumb enough to dawdle, Zaiyia opted not to as she shook the last of her woozy spells from her head. For this spectacle she wanted to be clear-headed, so she could relish the show.

“...TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?” The Principal stipulated.

“Um, w-we...” David sputtered, not knowing how to begin. A falsehood couldn't form itself fast enough in his mind, so he looked to Ryan for support.

“I-I was...” Ryan looked fiercely to his friend Russel who he prayed had a fable already in the works.

“He was the o-one...” Russel directed a finger at Douglas and looked to him to take liability for his actions.

But Douglas wasn't ready to open that can of trouble just yet, and jerked a finger down the stairs towards Zaiyia. “IT WAS HER! SHE STARTED IT!”

“NOT FROM WHAT I SAW!” Principal Quinn rejected with a gallant wave of his hand. His eyes were ablaze with fury as he jerked a finger behind him where the front office was stationed down the hall. “NOW YOU FOUR BETTER FOLLOW ME! WE'RE GOING TO CALL EACH ONE OF YOUR PARENTS FROM MY OFFICE!”

Somehow, someway, mercy found it's way into Zaiyia's heart as she softly cut in. “Wait, Ryan and Russel didn't do anything to me. They're innocent of everything...except for being a couple of idiots.”

“I don't care, Ms. Halifax! They're guilty by association.” Principal Quinn snapped, finding it tricky to suppress his violence back from others. Turning his eyes back to the offenders, he thundered. “NOW EVERYBODY, TO MY OFFICE!”

Sealed away in Principal's Quinn office, the kids remained seated as each set of parents turned up to the front office after being requested down. All of Zaiyia's bullies had their attentive mothers and father on each of their sides, but all she had was the hot hunk of muscles and epitome of sex sitting next to her like a forbidden fruit she couldn't have. Once again she could feel the violence emanating off of him like a moving target on a radar screen, even during the time he had taken a seat beside her and began to review her over. If he had ever been enrage before at being called to the school's office because of brawls involving her, this was a whole other dynamic level of it. “Heath, don't, I'm fine.”

“Let me look at you!” Snagging her chin in his large hand, Heath scrutinized her face for any discoloration or open wounds that would give him a motive to whip the flesh off of these young men that had been disturbing his Zaiyia. His fury was unlike anything than before this time, because it involved students of the opposite gender of her that would dare to bully her.

Principal Quinn swiftly came in and sat down, not depleting time with pleasantry today. “I called you all down today because I had witnessed a fight in the making while on my way to chat with a janitor. On the stairs were Mr. Alexander, Thomas, Garfield, and Hutchinson all terrorizing Ms. Halifax to the point where Mr. Thomas had gone as far as to shove her down the stairs.” He chose to overlook the gasps in the room from the mothers, and the shock from the fathers. “I was close enough to the scene to prevent her from taking the fall by catching her just in time, and in due so, fell myself.”

“YOU LITTLE SHITS!” Heath roared at the boys before rising from his seat to coach them in the lessons their parents lacked in instructing. He avoided the sexually feverish stares of the wives, and how the fathers bounded to their feet only to skulk behind their son's seat where they went on to criticize his exhibit of fury. “YOU THINK YOU CAN PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY GIRL AND GET AWAY WITH IT!?”

“HEATH, NO!” Zaiyia exclaimed at the same time as her Principal. Getting up, she deposited herself between him, and the young men that warranted such a beating. Oddly finding herself turned on by Heath's anger at a serious time like this, Zaiyia placed her hands out to shove against the wall of muscles that were his abs. “It's over now, okay!? Calm down, there's no need to fight anymore!”

If looks could kill, the young flinching boys would be dead in their seats. Heath looked like he wanted to butcher both them and their powerless fathers in their fancy shoes. Ignoring the mothers ogling at him as they fanned themselves frantically, Heath took Zaiyia's hand in his and led her back to their seats. He kept a hold of her because he needed to in order to steady the beast within him that thirst for blood. Touching her reassured him that she was still in fine condition. “Fine.”

“Don't be mistaken, Mr. Sullivan, that actions won't be taken in this matter. They most certainly will.” Studying to the parents of the four students involved, Principal Quinn briefed them of the repercussions for their son's actions. “Mr. Thomas, and Alexander will be expelled from school for the rest of the year. If Mr. Sullivan decides to press charges for their attacks on Zaiyia, then that's up to him.” He began to receive displeasure from the parents, but they were instantly snuff out by a glare shot from Heath. “Mr. Hutchinson and Garfield are to be released with a warning that if I catch either of you two up to mischief again they'll be dire consequences. Zaiyia...I can't apologize enough for what had happened to you today, but rest assured I'm on the case. You're free to go home for the duration of the day.”

“Thank you, Quinn, for keeping your word and looking out for my girl.” Heath acknowledged him as best as he could under the aggravating circumstances. He had no idea him referring to Zaiyia as 'my girl' made her heart flutter with passion.

“Hey, I made a vow I would do whatever it takes to end the bullying, didn't I?” Principal Quinn recounted. “I hope this proves I'm taking this fight seriously.”

Standing up, Heath tugged Zaiyia along with him to the door, mustering over his shoulder. “It shows.”