Belonging to Lust

Chapter 113: Beat Her Bloody

Later on that very Friday late afternoon, Zaiyia was at home in the living room hanging around as she waited on Heath, who was working late with his construction team. She'd had taken the rest of the week off, granted by Principal Quinn, when Heath requested it sometime after leaving the ice cream parlor. He wanted her to take unwind, and recuperate from her unexpected encounter with Alice White, and of course, from the fight in her science class. Who was Zaiyia to argue to spending her free time out of school and relaxing at home?

Her mind did go back to Alice though every once and a while, and always when they last saw each other for the first time since she jumped her on the football field. The girl looked awful. Her usually praised crystal clear blue eyes, flawless porcelain skin, and long flowing light blonde barbie hair were the complete opposite. Those lively blue eyes were empty and dimmed of life, her skin a sickly pale, and her hair...well, it looked like no one had brushed it in awhile.

Alice still carried herself like she was still something though, but you could tell on the outside that something was definitely going on with her no matter how high she lifted her chin, or how straight she stiffened her spine when she was in public. The girl was a hot mess, Alice could deny that all she wanted, but it was the fact. Interesting that despite being known as the town's drunk's daughter, she was still worshiped like a goddess by everyone who knew her. Her father's reputation hadn't affected her life negatively at all, but that credit was all to her. She took the title of the 'town drunk's daughter' and made it into something more than that, made others see her as something more than that. She became the town's sweetheart...

Zaiyia had to admit, she was impressed with that effort. To crawl out of her father's shadow and create her own to stand before was amazing. Adjusting her head on the armchair of the couch she draped herself over as she lazily watched the TV, she mumbled to herself. “Now, if only she can stop being a major CUNT then maybe a bad bitch could hang out with the damn fool for once.”

The sound of a truck rolling into the driveway perked her head up. Zaiyia was positive it was Heath, and confirmed it when she hopped off the couch and pulled the drapes aside from the windows to inspect out across the front of the property. She couldn't keep a smile from stretching across her face as she watched him with a dreamy expression. Every since she realized she was in love with Heath, she fought to keep that confession in the back of her mind in order to remain strong against his hurtful resistance, but there were a few times such as now when she looked and fawned over him. There were just no words to describe how deeply and truly she loved him. It was something you had to feel to understand it.

Cutting off the engine and gathering a few selected items to bring in with him, Heath couldn't have possibly saw the the three young girls sprinting onto his property towards him donned in black ski masks, dark clothing, and arms filled with large rocks. They halted at his truck and with a nod to each other and a single command, they began hurling the rocks directly at his work truck. “HURRY UP, GUYS! GET HIM!”

“What th-” Heath barely had time to finish his sentence when he spun his head around to seek out the individuals throwing rocks at his vehicle then caught sight of the large one they were trying their damnest to heave onto his vehicle. Their target was his windshield. “SONOFABITCH!” He cursed before ducking down as the rock made contact with his windshield and shattered it into tiny crystal pieces to rain down on him.

Having witnessed the whole thing from within the house, Zaiyia let out a desperate scream for Heath and his well-being as she began to feel a change in her. She went from a young girl mooning over him in one second, to a woman ready to go to jail tonight for her man in order to protect him. “HEATH!!” Running to the front door of the house, she wrenched it open, dived off of the front porch, and sprinted across the well kept lawn to brutally tackled her closest prey to the ground, earning a scream of surprise. “YEAH, YOU BETTER SCREAM, YOU SORRY LITTLE BITCH!”

“Oh my god!” The girl next to her spun around and jumped back at the sight of Zaiyia as if she hadn't been expecting her, but she had to have been, because Zaiyia knew the reason these vandalizing idiots were trespassing on this property trying to injure her man was because of her.

“S-Screw this! I'm outta here!” The third one closest to the street dropped the rocks she was cradling with her hoodie and took off in a run for safety before she too could get caught.

“M-Me too!” Dropping her own rocks, the only girl left tried to take off too, but her path took her directly by Heath's door and so when she ran past it, Heath shoved it open and reached out to grab a hold of the back of her hoodie, yanking her right off of her feet and down flat onto the ground. “NO, STOP! LET ME GO! PLEASE! I-I DIDN'T MEAN TO!”

“TELL THAT TO MY TRUCK, YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Heath yelled down at her. He kept a firm hold on her tight black hoodie which made it easier to capture her, for if it had been a loose one she would've been slim enough to slip on out. Ignoring the young girl's pleas and struggles, Heath glanced over his shoulder to check on his Zaiyia...only to see her straddling the other young screaming girl, wailing down on her with her fists despite her trying to protect herself with her arms. He would have been proud of her then for nabbing one of the girls if she wasn't trying to beat her bloody as punishment. Making sure his voice was loud and stern, he shouted to her as he leaned towards his truck bed to find the zip ties he keeps in his toolbox. “ZAIYIA, KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF RIGHT NOW!”

Zaiyia obeys his order, knowing he meant business. Lifting her head to him, she scanned him to find that he was fine other than a few minor cuts from the broken windshield. “WHY, THE BITCH DESERVES IT?!”

Lugging his captive by the hood of her hoodie, he dragged her across his lawn to lie beside her cowering friend. He juggled some extra zip ties as he crouched between his captive and the cowering girl beneath Zaiyia. “Because I need you to go inside and call the police for me. We're pressing charges on these stupid kids.”

“THE COPS!?” His captive wailed through her tears as he used his strength to tie her flailing hands and feet. “P-PLEASE, YOU CAN'T CALL THE COPS! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!”

“You got it!” Zaiyia nodded, before climbing off of her captive to run back inside to make that call.

Rolling over, the girl that had been beaten tried to get up and take off in a run in hopes of escaping before the cops could arrive, but Heath shot up, grabbed the front of her shirt, lifted her off of her feet by it, and slammed her back down onto his lawn, being careful not to use too much force so he wouldn't break her spine or fracture her skull. The girl didn't stop struggling there as she kicked and clawed at him. “GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF ME! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! PLEASE, HELP ME! THIS MAN IS TRYING TO KILL ME!”

“SHUT UP!” Heath snapped down at her as he zip tied her limps together to keep them from escaping or fighting back. The neighbors watched at a distance, having seen enough to know that their neighbor hadn't done anything wrong at all, that he was defending himself and his property.

“The cops are on their way.” Zaiyia returns back to his side, having made the call quick. Examining the damage of his truck, she noticed a white streak coming from the other side of it towards the front. Frowning to herself, she meandered over to it to investigate it further. She softly gasped when she saw the other side of his truck had been spray painted white with the word 'whore' on it. Placing a hand over her mouth, she shook her head with guilt and walked back to Heath, needing to know when that had happened because it wasn't there that morning when she watched him go to work. “Heath, what the hell is painted on the side of your truck?”

“DON'T remind me!” Heath growled, climbing back up to his feet to take a seat on the porch steps to wait for the cops to arrive, his hawk eyes watching the two young girls writhing like worms on his lawn as they screamed, sobbed and pleaded for help from the neighbors. “I caught a couple of girls spray painting my car when I got off work. I had to drive home with that shit flashing for everyone in town to see.”

The word 'whore' had been painted on his car, just like her locker had been back in school. Two plus two equaled four, so Heath had to know now that this involved her if he didn't know before. As much as she wanted to keep this a secret from him too, it was too obvious for her to do so. “Heath, I...” Opening and closing her mouth, Zaiyia struggled to figure out where to begin her story when the cops rolled up alongside their curbs with their lights flashing.

“Later, Zaiyia. I need to take care of this first.” Heath waved her off as he got up from the porch to go out and meet the cops.