Belonging to Lust

Chapter 116: Proud of You, Zaiyia

After investing most of the day at Chasity's place and coming up with a tight strategy on exterminating the bullying wrought once and for all, Heath relayed a text to Zaiyia's phone that he was on the way over to pick her up for dinner. Smiling at the black font of his name, Zaiyia was torn from her thoughts by Chasity imparting something she'd just missed. “Sorry, I didn't hear what you said. My guardian texted me that he's heading over to come and pick me up.”

“And he's got perfect timing too?! What a dream boat!” Chasity nearly swooned, a dreamy look on her face that was shortly expunged by a pillow from her bed nearly missing her head. Giggling, she waved her hands in submission and rehashed what she stated before. “Okay okay, I was just kidding around. What I said was that I'm proud of you, Zaiyia. Extremely proud of you.”

“Thanks.” Zaiyia nodded, a smile spreading across her face. She already felt like some weight had been let off of her shoulder after convening with Chasity, but she knew there was more where that came from, and hopefully soon she'll be free of it all. “It wasn't an smooth resolution to make. When I'm set in my ways, a bitch is SET in her damn ways.”

“I believe it. That's why I'm so proud of you I can barely contain it. I just want to scream and dance to celebrate, but...I can't really dance so that'll look a mess!” Chasity confessed with a giggle. “I can't envisage how hard it was for you to change your mind, but I'm thankful you did. Trust me, Zaiyia, this is all for the best. Before you know it, all of this outrageous spectacle will be over and done with, and you'll finally get the taste of a normal life again. Doesn't that sound marvelous?”

“It would be nice to be a regular kid for once.” Zaiyia agreed before the sound of a car horn beeping disturbed their conversation. Knowing it was Heath, she collected her things. “That sounds like Heath. I better get going.”

“Let me walk you to the door.” Chasity graciously extended, guiding her back downstairs. Opening the door for her, she was still so overpowered with pride that she awkwardly requested. “I'm sorry if this is weird to ask, but do you think I could give you hug? I'm just so proud of you, Zaiyia, I can hardly stand it. This was a day I never thought would come.”

“Yes, you can have a hug.” Zaiyia laughed, finding her oddness adorable as she hauled her into a tight embrace. “Do me a favor though and take some of the credit for all the hard work you put into tolerating my stupidity for so long.”

“I'll be sure to pat my back later.” Chasity ensured before they pulled away. “See you at school, and don't think about chickening out on me, you hear? If you do I'll never talk to you again!”

“I believe you, and I guarantee I won't.” Zaiyia vowed as she headed for Heath's awaiting truck that had been repainted the day after the vandalized matter. “TEXT YOU LATER!”

“Hey, baby did you girls have fun?” Heath inquired her the minute she opened the door and clambered into the truck, not recognizing he was calling her 'baby' quite often these days. He began to back out of the driveway. “How did the talk go with Chasity?”

“It well super great just like I told it would. Chasity has been waiting for this moment for a lifetime one would think by the way she reacted.” Zaiyia told him, buckling herself in. She cherished it when he called her 'baby' even though some parents did that their own children. In her mind, she'd selected to consider him calling her such a sweet endearment for other more romantic motives than the matter that he was her guardian. “She's also 100% eager to help in any way she can.”

Heath smiled as he concentrated on the road. “Good, I like the kid. Anyone who is willing to help is good in my books. But those other punks that think they can cause difficulty are a whole other matter.” He shot her a warning look. “If any of them set foot on property with the purpose to fuck with my things I'm pressing charges again, you hear me?”

“Understood, sir.” Zaiyia obediently nodded, not seeing an problem with that. It's not like she wanted to see them walking free and getting away with things like that anyway.

“I don't wanna hear no 'spare them' bullshit from you.” Heath spelt out as he made a left turn. “If they trash my possessions they're gonna get it.”

“Hey, like I said, I understand. I'm not out to defend nobody that choose that today is the to go to jail.” Zaiyia held up both hands, wanting no part in it.

“That better be the case, Miss Troublemaker.” Heath taunted her with a sexy smirk as he made a right turn into a drive thru at a burger joint they favored. “I was thinking tonight we'd pick up dinner instead.”

“Oh?” Zaiyia gasp with feigned shock, dispatching a whimsical smile. “So, you don't like my cooking now?”

“Zaiyia, I'm sure you know by now I'd drown a litter of puppies one by one with my bare hands for your cooking.” Heath quipped as he rolled down his window. “I just thought you'd want to unwind tonight after your talk with Chasity, just in case it didn't go well.”

“I appreciate that.” Zaiyia commented before Heath declared their orders to the employee. She noticed he had mastered her order down to every little detail, and felt herself smile as she slyly beamed at him. She grasped just how much she missed him, and not just hanging out like chums, but also intimately. She missed making love with him, relishing his bare skin again hers, his lips overwhelming hers, the bulky weight of his body, and his...damn, it's just been too long! It was most certainly a crime!

After getting their paper bags of food, they waited til they got home to converge into the kitchen of the main house to eat. While she got out additional napkins, for these burgers were super sloppy, Heath deposited the paper bags on the table. “You know what, Zaiyia, I'm proud of you.”

Stun that another person was proud of her, Zaiyia gave him a weird look over her shoulder. “What? Did you just say you were proud of me?”

“That's precisely what I said.” Heath nodded as he plucked the wrapped burgers and still steaming fries straight out of the fryers on the table.

Zaiyia couldn't help but laugh at his blessing. Proud of her? She's never felt he's been proud of her. It almost seemed like a deception rather than the truth. Setting the napkins on the table, she sarcastically echoed. “Riiiight, you're proud of me.”

Seeing that she didn't believe him, Heath now gave her a look. “What? I AM proud of you.”

“Oh, you are?” Zaiyia planted a hand on her hip, turning to look up into his face. “Prove it!”

“And how the hell do you want me to prove that I'm proud of you?” Heath requested, turning to oppose her and exemplify her stance. “Buy you a pony?”

“What!? No!” Zaiyia dismissed that preposterous option. What on earth would she do with a pony? Ride on it to school to slay her rivals? “Just give me a hug or something. Show me you're really proud of me.”

Heath stared down into her creamy brown eyes for a while before confiding. “I got one better for you.” Reaching out, he captured a hold of her elegant chin and leaned down to plant a single kiss on her full lips. There was no tongue, not spit swapping, just lips pressing against lips. Steadily pulling away, Heath restates in a husky voice. “I'm proud of you, Zaiyia Halifax.”

Intensely affected and paralyzed, Zaiyia's eyes took awhile to open and when they did they met green orbs staring right back at her. Not knowing what to say, she licked her lips and spouted. “Holy shit.”

Chuckling at her reception, Heath let her go to finish arranging their meals so they could finally sit down and eat. Unlike her, he was able to mask the influence their kiss had on him. His heart was banging in his chest, his loins aching with lust, his hands yearned to touch her again, and his lips tingle with the longing for more.

Zaiyia may be an open book, but what he was missing was how dominant that kiss was in driving her to be even more steadfast to cease the bullying. If not for herself than most definitely for him.