Belonging to Lust

Chapter 118: Bogus Gun

Simultaneously, Zaiyia and her friend's eyes enlarge with horror at the display of the baseball bats soaring from the bottom of the black car's trunk. The three men in the school parking lot with them, who unquestionably weren't high-schoolers, certainly had no business being there. Yet it was now dawning on the girls why they could likely be there. Their every intention was to locate Zaiyia, and jump her right in the open before she could accomplish her task in skipping school to hunt Alice White down at her own home. Shaking her head incredulity that this was happening right now in front of her friends, Zaiyia hissed to herself. “You have got to be kidding me right now!”

“OH, WE AREN'T! WE'RE VERY SERIOUS!” The leader with the tattoos hailed out to her as he turned around to seize an aluminum bat for himself and then shut the trunk. “IN FACT, LET US SHOW YOU JUST HOW SERIOUS WE ARE!”

The three grown men looking like modern day Greasers began to close in on them without an ounce of reluctance in their minds on what they were about to do. Zaiyia's friends began to back up in a slow withdrawal, not planning to take off on foot for the school unless she was with them, but she refused to budge. Taking one step forward, Zaiyia hollered out to them with the determination to sacrifice herself to save her friends. “You leave my friends alone, you dickless pricks! Your problems are with me, not them!”

“Zaiyia, shut the fuck up!” Aishah snapped at her, planting her feet stubbornly to the ground. Now knowing what her unruly friend had in mind, she too planned to remain and battle alongside her.

“Yeah, we can take care of ourselves!” Assata corresponded, glaring out at the three men.

“Y-Yeah!” Chasity declared in a rocky voice as Monique placed a supportive hand on her shoulder to steady her nerves. “You don't need to worry about us! We're all in this together!”

Ignoring her posse of friends, the man with the tattoo growled to his target with vengeance in his eyes, his hands securing on the handle of the bat. “It doesn't matter to me if I have to strike you all down at once! You, Zaiyia, are gonna get it for getting my girlfriend kicked off the wrestling team!”

Wrestling team? Zaiyia didn't know a single soul from the wrestling team! Dumbfounded, Zaiyia interrogated as to who he was talking about. “And who the fuck is your girlfriend exactly?”

Chasity was mindful that only one girl that Zaiyia contended with that had been a part of the wrestling team was Jade Miller from the riot in the locker room. Leaning forward a bit, she dropped the hint for her. “Jade Miller! The strong girl that nearly kicked your ass in the locker room, remember? He must be her older boyfriend she always talked about, Noah Levine.”

“Oh.” Zaiyia coolly said before her lips stretched into a spiteful smile at Noah, thrilled to torment him. “Well, it looks like your girlfriend must not have been all that remarkable to begin with if I can't remember her. Looks like I did the bitch a favor in getting her kicked out, eh?”

“Oh, you say that now.” Since Noah was now close enough to her, he unexpectedly took a swing at her with his bat, but was startled when she dodged out of the way as if she'd been predicting it. “What th-”

“WHOA WHOA, HEY! EVERYBODY BREAK THIS SHINDIG UP!” A voice soon established as a high Cameron jumped in before he physically barged his way between the two parties with his arms up, one hand holding an unopened liquor bottle. He met Noah and his thugs that he knew as Rhys Meyers, the hot one and the blonde ombre one as Alexander Petty. He kept his back to the young high school girls, concluding them to be the helpless martyrs in this showdown. “Whatcha...whatcha uh...whatcha doing Noah? Why are you...being like, weird and stuff.”

“Shut up, Cameron, and get the fuck out of here before we beat your ass too.” Rhys cautioned him with a nudge from the tip of his bat.

“This has nothing to do with you, so take your stoner ass somewhere else!” Alexander spat.

“B-But they', man! They're like...this tall.” Cameron came beside Zaiyia to measure her with a hand over her head. “They're little people. Why be mean to the little people, man?”

“I don't give fuck if they're 4ft tall!” Noah disputed, nodding towards Zaiyia. “I got a bone to pick with her, and I'm not leaving until I do!”

But Cameron wouldn't leave them to do what they were set to do. He may have been under the influence of drugs, but he could still see right from wrong, and what these grown men were trying to do was beat up a bunch of little girls in a school parking lot. He couldn't just stand by and let it happen, especially since no one else was around at the moment to come to the rescue. “Dude, come on though. I got some weed in my car, and we co-”

“Sonofabitch, aren't you listening!?” Noah roared, stepping forward with the motive to thrust him aside. “I said get the fuck out of my way, or el-”

Cameron didn't let him finish before crashing the sealed liquor bottle over his head the second he put his hands on him. He hadn't been thinking, just reacting and stood there in shock gawking down at Noah grasping onto his head on his knees on the ground. “Dude...d-did I just do that?”

Studying Cameron, Aishah caught the appearance of something protruding from his back pocket. Upon closer surveillance it turned out to be a gun. Not knowing what other option to take, she bravely stepped forward to pluck the gun from his pocket as Rhys and Alexander reached out to capture him by his shirt. It took feeling the weight of the weapon for her to devise from personal experience that it wasn't an actual gun. It was a plastic toy gun spray painted black to imitate a handgun. Whatever reason he got it, it would prove effective for now. Lifting it up for everyone else to see, she directed it between Alexander and Rhys as she screeched out. “ALRIGHT YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! YOU GOT 10 SECONDS TO BOUNCE THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT INTO PIECES, YOU HEAR ME!?”

Believing it to be a real gun, everyone urgently dived down out of sight and clamored in terror. Zaiyia was in shock. “JESUS CHRIST, AISHAH, DON'T SHOOT! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”

“PUT THAT FUCKING THING DOWN, RIGHT NOW!” Assata warned her, not believing her sister had a gun in her possession.


But the plan worked! Rhys and Alexander towed an injured Noah along with them back to their car, where they started the ignition and tore out of the parking lot like there were bullets sailing through their car. Grinning in triumph, Aishah rapidly descended the gun when they were out of sight and turned to the others to ease their fright. “Guys, calm the fuck down! It's just a fake gun, okay? It's spray painted black to look like the real deal, but it's all plastic, see?”

Cameron watched as she focused the gun toward the sky and pulled the trigger several times, making a squeaky sound each time like there was spring in it. Astounded and impressed by her quick thinking, he nodded to her with a grin. “Right on, babe. Where'd you find that thing?”

Aishah narrowed her eyes at him in bewilderment as she handed it over to him. “Dude, it's yours. I got it from your fucking pocket, man.”

“Oh, right...” Cameron stammered, embarrassed that he hadn't recognized his own bogus gun. Taking it back, he crammed it back into his back pocket, clearing his throat. “Thanks anyway.”

“We should also be thanking you.” Zaiyia commended him, stepping forward. “For coming to our rescue in the first place.”

“Nah, it's all fine.” Cameron waved her off idly, before his mood perked up. “Hey, do y'all want to buy some weed?”