Belonging to Lust

Chapter 119: Why Take The Chance?

“No, Cameron, we don't want any fucking weed!” Assata snapped, not believing this lanky party animal was seriously affording them drugs at a time like this. They'd just got out of a serious run-in with a boyfriend of one of Zaiyia's rivals and two of his other posse, they didn't need to smoke anything right now, especially since the operation to track down Alice White had yet to begin. “Don't ask us that shit again.”

“After what we just went through, you want to get high even more?” Chasity chided, not getting Cameron's way of thinking. Did he always get high after finding himself in a tight spot, or what?

“Yeah well...” Cameron droned off, forgetting his train of thought minute by minute. Shrugging off the dissolving matter they were discussing, he asked them. “Anyway...what kind of issue are you like...having with Noah Levine? Like how come he uh...he wanted to be mean to you guys?”

“Probably because of that same bitch everyone in this whole state is championing for, Alice White!” Zaiyia began before recalling Noah bringing up Jade Miller who had become prominent for being the only girl on the wrestling team, and had gotten kicked off the team after assaulting Zaiyia with her girls in the locker room. “Or maybe because his bitch got kicked off the wrestling team for being a dumbass. Either which way, it wasn't my fault, it's Alice's fault, and we're about to go find that prissy hoe ass right fucking now and have a nice chat with her.”

“Oh, if you need her address it's um...” Cameron considered for a second before rattling off her neighborhood, unclear of how he even knew it. “Tell her I said hi!”

Taken aback by how casually he benefited them by giving away Alice's location without any coercion, Zaiyia gave him an honest smile. “Oh...well, thank you, Cam, for your help!”

“Don't worry, man, we'll tell her you said hi.” Monique gave him a wink as the ladies clambered into the McCoy sister's car parked in the school lot.

“But don't you go driving off under the influence! Call a cab to get you home, and no more weed or alcohol, you hear me?!” Chasity chastised him from where she stood by the open passenger doorway.

Impatiently wanting to get this day over with, Zaiyia forcefully hustled her red-head friend deep into the car. “Alright, alright, he gets it! We gotta get going if we wanna get back in time for our next class!”

Starting the car, Aishah reversed the car out of the parking lot, overlooking a waving Cameron to steer out of the parking lot. When they were officially on the road to Alice's house, according to Assata's GPS app on her phone, she called towards the backseat where the three youngest members sat. “Excited back there?”

“I don't know, a little bit nervous but that's only because I don't know what the fuck is about to go down.” Monique issued before Chasity and Zaiyia could say anything. Frowning at her own comment, she peeked to her right where the two sat beside her. “Come to think of it, what exactly is your strategy on confronting Alice White, and how exactly do you know if her ass is gonna be home when we get there?”

“From what I was able to gather, her ass wasn't at school today.” Zaiyia said, distributing her data. “I double checked too.”

“That still doesn't explain what the plan is.” Assata returned, her eyes locked on the small icon on her phone that was migrating on the solid line leading them to their destination. “Are we busting up in there like the po-po or what?”

“Are we jumping a hoe?” Aishah went along, a petty grin on her face. “Waterboarding? Beating her ass like a pinata? What's going down?”

"I hope the waterboarding one.” Monique mumbled, pouting as she stared out the window. “If It was me, that's exactly what the bitch deserves.”

“We're not waterboarding anyone!” Chasity gasped, appalled by the assorted retribution they suggested. “We're just going to knock on her door and peacefully ask her to speak with us about the bullying that's been happening in her honor, that's all!”

“That's it?” Assata demanded, briefly glancing over her shoulder to give them a shocked look. “Nothing else?”

“No, nothing else!” Chasity wrapped up strictly, not willing to take any other consultation on the case.

“Wow, that sounds boring.” Monique pouted once again.

“I'm guessing since you're already doing all the talking that you're going to be the mediator in all of this.” Aishah speculated as she peeped at Chasity's rigid face through the rear view mirror.

Assata snorted with a grin. “Or the referee.”

“They might need one.” Monique shrugged, contemplating that option. “We don't know how Alice is going to counter at seeing Zaiyia on otherside of her front door.”

“The same Zaiyia that swiped her man!” Assata dramatically grieved, resting her arm on her forehead to bluff being overpowered with emotion.

“And wrecked her motherfucking life!” Aishah joined in, playfully pummeling a fist again the steering wheel as if she was beside herself with the tragedy.

“No no no! None of that is going to happen!” Chasity protested loudly, successfully shushing everyone else cackling along. “We are NOT going over there to fight with anyone. We're just going to try and settle with her in peace. That's our only objective here.”

“That's cool and everything, Chasity, but...” Monique butted in, placing a compassionate hand on her shoulder. “You can't insure that shit won't hit the fan, and because of that, you can entrust me and my sisters to have y'all backs just in case a fight does break out between the two and you can't stop it.”

“But there won't be any fight!” Chasity repelled, looking between the youngest sister next to her and the oldests sitting in the front. “Zaiyia won't need any form of backup.”

“And that absolutely might be the case!” Monique bolstered, patting her shoulder to ease Chasity's soaring alarm.

“But all we're saying is, why take the chance?” Assata put in, watching Aishah take a smooth right turn into a forested area saturated with evergreens. “Even if we're appointed on as your backup and never get the chance to jump in and do our job, then that's even better, right?”

“And if on the off chance you do end up needing backup cause these two are shredding out each other's hair, we'll be there to divide these hoes apart easily enough.” Aishah pointed out. “It's three against two, after all.”

“You won't be able to stop them on your own Chasity.” Monique prepared her in a soft tone. “Take it from me. I've had a plethora of friends get into scuffles I couldn't stop. When two bitches really want to get at each other, they'll fucking find a way, honey, even if that means your ass gets dragged down in it. Trust me, you don't want to be a casualty of war.”

“B-But I swear there won't be a fight!” Chasity sputtered, no longer sounding all that convinced.

Seeing that she was still in denial at the feasibility of violence, Monique tried another tactic. “Chasity, did you forget who we're dealing with here?” Pointing with a finger past her, she indicated Zaiyia who was lost in her own thoughts in silence, and who also has already seen a trillion more fights than anyone in the car since entering this school. “My point exactly.”

Having no choice but to accept her point, Chasity sighed in defeat. “Fine, you guys can come as backup then!” Crossing her arms over her chest, she pouted with stubbornness. “But I assure you you're wasting your time. There won't be any form of fighting today!”