Belonging to Lust

Chapter 12: Big Storm

The corner of Heath’s lips turned up into a short smile as he captured Zaiyia’s small hand in his to give her a thankful squeeze for her trying to comfort him. Butterflies erupted in Zaiyia’s stomach as she reluctantly pulled her hand away to clean up the table, so she could surprise him with some dessert. She felt so proud of herself as she watched him gobble it up in delight. Unlike her mother, Zaiyia had plenty of time to expand her culinary skill while being stuck in random motels for months and so she did. She always hoped that one day a man would appreciate all her hard work and Heath obviously did.

After they had both finished their dessert, Heath went off to relax and watch a movie in the living room before it was time for him to go to bed. The invitation was sort of floating around in the air for her to join him but she decided to decline instead and head back to the guest house to get an early night’s sleep due to all the stress from school weighing down on her shoulders. Before she could open the back door, Heath had quickly poked his head into the kitchen to share some news with her. “Oh by the way, there’s gonna be a big storm tonight. So…be prepared for all the harsh winds, heavy rains and lightning.”

“Oh okay, thanks Daddy.” Zaiyia replied, before stepping through the sliding door and closing it behind her. Heath went over to lock the door behind her and protectively watched her to make sure she reached the guesthouse safely, before returning back to the living room to watch his movie.

Later around midnight, Zaiyia had padded down the stairs for a glass of water when out of nowhere there was a loud crashing sound directly behind her, followed by the sound of glass shattering. Zaiyia immediately let out a scream of fright as she dropped her glass of water to the floor, causing it to shatter into pieces at her feet. She slapped a hand over her mouth to silence her screams and huddled away from the heavy rain that was blowing in through the open window, and currently soaking into her clothes.

From across the backyard, Heath had heard the crash from his bedroom and was instantly awake. When he heard Zaiyia screaming out into the night, he shot out of his bed without a second thought and grabbed a pair of pants on his way out. He ran across the yard in the rain in nothing but his jeans and work boots and unlocked the front door to find Zaiyia huddle on the floor by the counter surrounded by broken glass.

“Zaiyia!” Heath came running over and crouched in front of her. He placed his hands on her shoulders in hopes that his presence would assure her that she was safe now, while his eyes roamed over her wet form to make sure she wasn’t bleeding or had any bruises.

Zaiyia moved her hand away from her mouth and gave him a shaky smile. “It’s ok, daddy. I-I’m alright.”

Heath could tell she was trying to appear strong, but really she was pretty shaken up. With the harsh wind pushing the icy cold rain down onto them, Heath gathered Zaiyia close and picked her up in his arms to carry her up the stairs to her bedroom where it was dry. The girl was shivering from the cold dampness of her clothes as she wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, however the warmth radiating from Heath’s body began to seep into hers and helped calm her frazzled nerves. Zaiyia sighed in comfort and looked down to see that Heath was completely shirtless, but before she could revel in his half naked form, Heath was placing her on her chair by her bed, and was rushing off towards her bathroom. He came back a moment later with a fluffy towel and handed it to her. Zaiyia thanked him and dried herself off before wrapping the towel around slightly shivering form. She glanced over in his direction to assure him that she was ok once again, but became distracted by the rain water trailing down his muscles. Her eyes also noticed how close to her bed he was, and how easily she could tackle him onto to it and initiate an intimate meeting. The only problem with that scenario was what would happen afterwards, for example most likely she’ll be the only one sitting there on the bed alone, rejected by him. Life can be so unfair sometimes.

“Thank you for…saving me. I just kinda of froze down there for a minute.” Zaiyia softly recalled to him.

Heath nodded. “That’s ok, it happens to everyone. Don’t worry about it.”

Zaiyia nodded in response, and so he nodded back as well. “Well, I’m gonna go down there and fix it real quick so you won’t have to worry about falling into a lake when you head downstairs tomorrow morning.”

Zaiyia nodded again before he headed back down her stairs. Once he surveyed the damage, Heath recognize the fallen tree branch belonging to the same neighbors that he advised to have it cut down for safety reasons. With a heavy sigh, Heath shoved the branch back out of the guest house window before going out to his garage to grab some plywood and his staple gun. By the time he was finished with that, Zaiyia had decided to join him downstairs. He looked up when he heard the stairs creak and saw her standing there in the same damp nightgown. He was forced to have a double-take at her when he noticed that her dress clung to her curvaceous body like it was a second skin. He swallowed hard as the words he was about to say fell down his throat and down into his stomach, leaving him staring at her like some pervert.

Zaiyia couldn’t lie and say she didn’t appreciate him checking her out with obvious interest and decided to look him over with same exact appreciation. Heath was the first to come to, and banish those inappropriate thoughts of Zaiyia from his head. He cleared his throat and gestured to the window. “Uh yeah…that should definitely hold for the night.”

Zaiyia merely nodded in response as she gave him a smug smile that told him she knew that he was checking her out a few minutes go.

Heath chose to ignore it instead. “You should probably get some sleep. You have school tomorrow. I’ll clean up down here for you and try not to make too much noise so you can sleep.”

“OR I can stay and help you out. We’ll get it done faster with the both of us working together.” Zaiyia suggested, hoping he’d agree with her idea instead of sending her off to bed. She wasn’t ready to leave him alone just yet, and blamed her sudden clinginess to him on his shirtless attire.

Heath wasn’t in the mood to argue with her, since he was kind of beating himself up over checking out a 16 year old and mistakenly allowing her to catch him doing it. “Sure if you want.”

Zaiyia was relieved, and excited to help him clean up the downstairs. Heath would get rid of the big objects and the glass so Zaiyia wouldn’t hurt herself, and she took care of the rest. Every now and then their eyes would drift towards each other and look away before either of them could get caught and have to explain themselves. Before long they were laying towels all over the floor to soak up the remaining rain water and were completely finished.

They each leaned against the counter to take in the results of their team work. Zaiyia couldn’t wipe the goofy smile off her face, nor could she resist leaning against him for an appreciative hug. The short distance between them was too much of a temptation to resist and so she had to shrink it even more. Heath looked down at her just as her arms wrapped around his waist. He thought it was a hug of appreciation and her way of thanking him for all the work he’s done tonight, when really she just wanted to touch him. Zaiyia pressed the length of her body against his as he carefully placed his arm around her small frame. Her body was very warm and so inviting to touch, but he knew his limits as an adult. His body, on the other hand, was so strong and hard that it made Zaiyia not want to care about their age differences.

Heath squeezed his eyes shut and counted to three before forcing himself away from her. “Well, goodnight Zaiyia. I hope you sleep well.”

Zaiyia bit her lip to prevent herself from openly pouting at the sudden loss of her sexy hunk. “Yeah, you too. Goodnight.”

As soon as he left, Zaiyia stomped her foot on the floor defiantly. “Goddamnit why can’t I have him!?”

Letting out a defeated whine, Zaiyia trudged up the stairs and flopped herself onto her bed in dismayed. She hated having this attraction for Heath, especially because he was older and it was frowned upon by society. As much as she wished she could, she knew it could never happen. He wouldn’t allow it to ever happen.


A few weeks later before school, Zaiyia and Heath found themselves getting to know each other a little more during breakfast. Zaiyia had made pancakes for him before he got up for work. Heath wasn’t surprised when he walked into the kitchen and saw her fixing him up some breakfast hours before she was supposed to be getting up and ready for school. He had a feeling that this was going to become a habit a few weeks ago and so far he wasn’t about to try and stop her from getting up to make him breakfast. Zaiyia’s cooking was amazing, and he couldn’t lie that he was looking forward to waking up in the mornings just so he could eat what she put on his plate. Her cooking was better than the usual fast food drive-thru he’d go to, because he was too lazy to make anything in the kitchen for himself.

Feeling pretty excited for breakfast, Heath asked Zaiyia if she would join him, and she excitedly accepted and fixed up a plate for herself. A few minutes into their meal, Heath began to ask her personal questions that he’d been wanting to ask her for some time now, but never got around to it, weirdly enough. He wanted to get to know more about her, which only made sense considering that she was probably going to be staying in his house for a long time until her mother finally decides to come back.

What kind of things would he find out about her, he wondered to himself?
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