Belonging to Lust

Chapter 120: It's...Alice!

The White family resided in the trailer park area of a prominent camping grounds area besieged by ascending Evergreens. The scenery was breathtaking, but the destination itself was nothing to write home about. The park was all mud and dirt, not a single blade of grass in sight. There wasn't a new tidy trailer in sight, just run down dingy off-white yellow dwellings that were in frantic demand of restoration. In almost every front yard were weathered furniture of every kind just sitting outside, impaired by years of fighting against the elements. Strewn among them were toilets with plants sprouting from the bottom of the bowls, tarnished tires, hollow propane tanks, gas cana with surviving pools of gasoline left, full black garbage bags, crumpled beer cans, shattered liquor bottles and discarded vehicles such a dirt bikes, ATV, and trucks. The place was a total dump inserted in an enchanting forest.

“Ew, where the fuck are we?” Monique lamented as she squinted out the window in distaste.

“A trash dump maybe?” Assata speculated as she assessed the trash strewing the yards and pathways. Rolling down her window, she nearly gagged as she rolled it back up. “Sure does smell like one, that's for sure.”

“How can this bitch be so miserable over a fucking guy when she lives in a trash heap like this?” Zaiyia inquired aloud, shaking her head in objection over the state of the place.

Aishah slowed down the car as they came up to the address and parked along the curb that was made out of mud. “How about we go ask her ourselves? This seems to be her place.”

Simultaneously, the girls all turned their heads to the left to review the state of her home, hoping to see a cookie cutter somewhere in this dump. Sadly, that wasn't the case. Alice White's place is another run down trailer with a bright blue tarp shrouded over the roof to prohibit the elements from getting through their weakened roof. The sidings of the trailer were coated in moss, algae, and the sap dripping from the evergreen trees looming over the park. The front door was crooked because it was literally hanging off it's last hinge for dear life, and then someone took it upon themselves to use bungee cords to secure the door shut. If the windows weren't demolished, they were boarded up from the inside except for the remaining one right by the door.

Stepping out of the car, Monique shuddered with revulsion. “God, it's just as hideous from inside the car as it is outside the car.”

“Nah, I'd say it's even uglier.” Aisha opposed, shaking her head in disgust. “I can't believe we agreed to come here.”

Chasity stepped forward, horror etched across her face as she scrutinized the state of the place. “I can't believe these families are able to live in such ghastly conditions!”

With her face blank of emotions, Zaiyia evaluated her surroundings, having crashed in much poorer areas. Still, she felt nervous here, and she wasn't sure if it's because she was about to come face to face with Alice White, her nemesis, or because of the shadows snooping through the grimy windows of their home at them.

“I have to ask again, are you sure we're in the right place?” Assata grilled Aishah even though she was the one that navigated them through the GPS app on her phone.

“You would fucking know!” Aishah contended, gesturing to her phone. “It's your phone that led us here, bih!”

"We're in the right place.” Zaiyia clarified, her eyes roaming the trailer over again. “I'm sure of it.”

Aishah indicated to the trailer before them. “So the bitch really does live in this dump?”

“There's only one way to find out.” Monique retorted in a nasally voice from pinching her nose shut so she wouldn't breathe the heap of dirty rain saturated dirty diapers marinating in the open air from the neighboring yard.

Taking a deep breath they all immediately deplored inhaling, the group headed up the pathway, booting aside articles of trash to clear their way. They were just about to get to the door when Chasity swiftly jumped in their path and twirled around with her arms outstretched to intercept them. “WAIT!”

“WHAT!?” Zaiyia started, spooked by Chasity's sudden interruption. Licking her lips, she reduced her voice. “What it is, Chasity? What's wrong?”

Groaning with increasing irritability, Monique stomped her foot and objected. “No, we ain't waiting for shit, Chasity! It fucking stinks out here!”

Ignoring Monique's protest, Chasity addressed the others. “Did you guys hear that?”

“Heard what?” Assata urged to know as Aisha shook her head. “The only thing anyone can hear is the unglodly fucking smell, dude!”

“Shh, listen!” Putting a finger over her lips, Chasity dropped into silence. When everyone followed, she was able to pick up another sound again. It sounded like...a faint sob. “THAT! Did you hear that?”

“I heard it.” Zaiyia nodded, looking around them for the owner of the sound. “But where is it coming fr-”

The sound came again, this time from within the residence of the Whites. Everyone's eyes widen in fright as Chasity pointed towards the place. “There it is again!”

“Yeah, we heard it too.” Aishah agreed.

“What do you think it is?” Monique asked, removing her hand from her pinching her nose. Her face writhed into revulsion all over again now that she was breathing regularly again.

“I think it's...Alice!” Chasity proclaimed before charging forward to the door. The others followed close behind her heels as she bent over to gander through the window closest by but it was too caked up with mud to get a clear glimpse. “I can't see anything! There's too much mud!”

Aishah reached out to unravel the bungee cords then jiggle the knob of the door only to find it locked. "Shit, the door is locked too!"

“Are you sure you can't see anything?” Zaiyia pressed Chasity, leaning over her shoulder. “Try again!”

“I've been trying to peep through the steaks of mud, but I just can't see anything!” Chasity snapped, squinting her eyes to catch anything she might be able to classify, maybe even Alice.

“What makes you so sure that it's Alice who's making that noise?” Monique inquired, not wanting to believe that to be the case considering how eerie this place already was.

“Oh, we all know about Mr. White.” Assata reminded her of the owner of the property they were presently standing on. “He's the abusive town drunk.”

A sharp cry picked up from the inside of the home, inspiring both Assata and Aishah to take charge. “Okay, fuck it! Everybody back the fuck up and let me and Assata handle this!”

The younger ones jostled away to witness the oldest take turn trying to kick the remarkable durable door in. Soon enough, it began to give way to their dynamic bashing and when they had generated enough room to fit through, they all barreled on inside the rancid house. From within the home, they could hear Alice sobbing loud and clear from within the trailer. The air was clogged with dust, the stink of moldy food, and urine. Trash and toys were cluttered all over the place, and so the group was driven to wade through it in order to locate Alice. Monique could hardly stand it. “Oh my god, this shit is fucking nasty!”

“Try and bear it!” Chasity piped, struggling not to hurl as she stashed her nose within her arm to keep from taking it all in. “She needs our help!”

Following the sounds of her sobbing, the group discovered her body lying on the floor halfway out of the bathroom and in the hallway. It was evident she had been beaten from where they could see, and most likely by her own father. Luckily, she wasn't too badly damaged, she was still conscious...conscious and sobbing as she thought of Alan, the only positive thing in her wretched and bitter life.