Belonging to Lust

Chapter 121: Oh, I Dare!

Despite being at odds with the mastermind Alice White, no one could stand there and watch her lie halfway in and out of the bathroom in a battered disarray most likely orchestrated by her abusive father. Dashing over through an abundance of waste and toys cluttered all over the house, Zaiyia and her friends gingerly stepped around and over Alice in order to find an area on her that hadn’t been marred. They didn’t want to add to any more pain than she was already suffering through. Crying out, Alice tried to jerk away when Chasity touched her arm. Stooping down beside her, Chastity sought to soothe her down. “Hey, it’s okay! It’s just me, Chastity Bennett. We’re here to help you.”

Monique delayed until she received a cue to take her other arm. Together, they dangled them behind their necks as they worked together to get her back up onto her feet again. “Do you think she can walk?”

“We don’t have time to ask.” Assata stressed the young girls as she reached out to grasp one of Alice’s leg to help transfer her.

Aishah fetched the other, hoisting it off of the floor. “Yeah, we’re kind of on a time crunch here.”

“I’ll see if they have something we can use in that bathroom. You guys go on ahead of me.” Zaiyia instructed them as she flattened herself against the wall to grant them through into the living room. Hanging behind, she ransacked the bathroom for a first aid kit, or anything else that could prove effective to lessen her pain. Zaiyia shivered, citing the memories of hardship in the same way by the hands of Alice’s little minions a long time ago. But she shouldn't be making any comparisons right now. Alice was in trouble, and required some assistance. Retrieving the first aid kit hidden above the medicine cabinet, Zaiyia also compiled some bandages strewn around the sink.

Regrouping with the others in the living room, everyone took up a component to help tend to Alice’s wounds. There was no trash talking of her for all she’s done to Zaiyia, or threats made, or applause to her father for the abuse he’d done upon her. This wasn’t the time for that nor did any one of them feel it was crucial to do so. They didn’t have to know what happened to Alice to know that she had been through some terrors today. Not that she looked like she was in the state to tell them anyway. Stooped over in her seat, her blonde hair curtaining over her face, the young girl bawled her heart out for the boy that was her very heart and soul. She let it all out, flinching every now and again when someone would sterilize her wounds. It was only when she felt the worst of her misery fade away that she raised her head and began to access her situation and the strangers that had invaded it. She had only recognized Chasity Bennett’s face until she reached the last one. Then everything went downhill in the blink of an eye. Her broken blue eyes swelled with a dark malice for Zaiyia Halifax. Never mind that she was bandaging up the worst of the carpet burns on her knees. Gritting her teeth, she glared savagely at the dark beauty and seethed. “Oh, you’re just enjoying this, aren’t you? I can see it all over your face, Zaiyia, don't deny it! You’re enjoying the fact that my father beat me so you don’t have to get your hands dirty to do it, am I right?!”

Brows furrowing together in bewilderment, Zaiyia tilted her head as she contemplated what would give Alice that inclination. She hadn’t said or looked at her bad once since they’d found her! Recalling that dreadful scene, Zaiyia bit back her tongue before she could counter to make sure her next words couldn’t be taken out of context and distorted to seem harmful...just in case. “Actually, no, I wasn’t. I wasn’t thinking that at all. I was just concentrating on getting these cuts bandaged to stop the bleeding on your knees from the rug burns.”

Alice scoffed at her. “You’re a liar! I don't believe anything you have to tell me, you man stealing whore, even if you were the last saint left in existence!”

Despite the fact that this young battered girl just got pummeled by her father not too long ago, she still managed to get on Zaiyia’s nerves! Looking away to dwindle her own increasing irritation down, so she could fixate on sympathizing the poor child instead of despising her, Zaiyia shook her head. “Alice, don’t want to go there.”

“OH, I”M GONNA GO THERE!” Alice vowed with bitterness, her hands gripping the arms of the shredded stained armchair she sat on. “IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO, I’M GONNA GO THERE!”

Flying back onto her feet, Zaiyia compelled herself to back away from Alice because her blonde mangy hair was looking suitable for tearing right out of her scalp. She was NOT about to drag her all over her junk heap of a house. She just couldn’t allow Alice to stoop her to that level. This idiot has had a harsh life and was irate because of it, but so was Zaiyia! What they didn’t need right now was to hash out their differences rather than concentrate on the grown man that had battered her. Still, Zaiyia whirled around to face her and with every word she snapped, she accentuated with a clap of her hands to get her warning across. “No, you do NOT want to go there with me, bitch! Because if you continue to talk that SHIT to my face after I done fixed your MANGLED ass, what your drunken daddy done did to you won’t reach a TENTH of the fucking beatdown imma bout to do to your WHOLE measly little life, you feel me?!”

“ZAIYIA, NO!” Chastity chided her, still focusing on dressing Alice’s cuts on her arms. “You swore to me you wouldn’t do this!”

“Why are you only coming for Zaiyia when this still ignorant ass bitch is talking reckless!?” Monique defended her close friend, not getting why Chasity was picking sides.

“I’m n-” Chastity began, but was cut off by one of the oldest McCoy sisters.

“Y’all both need to shut the fuck up and stop talking shit, okay?” Aishah snapped at the two young contending women. “Your petty little drama over some boy ain’t got shit to do with why your daddy done knocked you like a punching bag.”

“Even though this shit is very diverting.” Assata put in, trying to hide an amused smile.

Discounting the rest of the women standing between them, Alice’s blue eyes honed back in on Zaiyia. “Do you really think you can do any more damage to me than you already have by swiping my love away from me the way you did!?”

“And here we go…” Monique droned, rolling her eyes at the mention of Alan again.

“Oh my god, not this motherfucker again!” Zaiyia rampaged, turning away to run both hands down her long braids. She couldn’t believe that she was blathering about Alan again! Why on earth was she still so convinced that she wanted to steal her boyfriend after all this time?! Turning back around, Zaiyia shouted. “I DIDN’T STEAL SHIT FROM YOU!”

“YES, YOU DID!” Alice screeched, her fists thumping down on the arm of her chair as she shook her head wildly. She was behaving like a mad woman. “YOU STOLE ALAN FROM ME!”

“ALAN IS LIKE EVERY OTHER BOY FOLLOWING HIS DICK LIKE IT’S TOUCAN SAM AFTER SOME FROOT LOOPS, ALICE!” Zaiyia refuted, stepping forward and using her hands frantically to try to get it across to Alice that this is typical behavior for young men to want to put their dicks in every hole they come across. She had no involvement with him breaking up with her, and Alice needed to finally come to terms with it! “YOU CAN’T BLAME ME FOR HIS ASS WAS WALKING AROUND THINKING WITH HIS DICK INSTEAD OF HIS HEAD! HELL, MAYBE YOU’RE TO BLAME FOR NOT TEACHING HIM THAT!”

“ZAIYIA!” Chastity scolded her, shooting her a glare for taking that turn. “C’mon there’s no need for all that!”

Alice gasped in horror, covering her mouth with her bandaged hands. “How dare you!?”

Crossing her arms over her chest, Zaiyia welcomed the challenge. “Oh, I dare!”