Belonging to Lust

Chapter 122: Truly Sickened!

Up to this point, Chastity was trying to scurry and tend to the last wound on Alice’s right arm so she could thwart the approaching storm about to erupt between her and Zaiyia. The McCoy sisters were following her example to not feed into Alice’s bitter words, not that they were directed at anyone, but Zaiyia anyway. She had just gone through a great calamity of her father abusing her, but now they were there to pick her up off the floor and tend to her wounds for her. Yet and still, Alice hadn’t demonstrated to any one of them an ounce of gratitude for their efforts, instead she preferred to hone her insults at Zaiyia over Alan who was not in the least bit relevant right now! It didn’t matter that Zaiyia had been on her knees dressing her carpet burned knees, Alice was out for blood over losing the greatest thing in her life due to the new girl despite having been knocked by her own father an hour or two ago. But because she was in a delicate state everyone was just allowing her to cool off by venting foolishness...only Zaiyia was having trouble being complacent and obliging her to curse her very existence over something she didn't do. “OH MY GOD, ALL OF YOU PEOPLE ARE ALIKE!” Alice White fiercely roared back at Zaiyia’s response. In the blink of an eye, she went from having four people coddle over her wounds to only one, Chastity.

All three of the MCCoy sisters rose up to glare down at Alice as they withdrew to stand alongside Zaiyia. Assata snapped first. “Yo, what you mean by ‘you people’, huh?”

“You got something you wanna say to us?” Monique gestured to the four women of color standing in solidarity side by side.

“Yeah, like your last motherfucking words before we slap your bobble head clean off your bony shoulders?” Aishah threatened, crossing her arms over her chest.

Alice hadn’t foreseen this, and so she found herself recoiling deep into the impaired stained armchair in her living room that these same women all transferred her into when they discovered her battered body lying halfway outside the hallway bathroom. She went from just her versus Zaiyia to her versus four other physically strong women measured to her injured form. Reflecting back, she could recognize exactly how she had unnerved them, and was instantly distressed for what she said because she genuinely hadn’t meant it. She was so infuriated she hadn’t been thinking straight and the words just popped out. Of course, this wasn’t exactly something she would dare to admit to them, not with Zaiyia here. Not wishing her enemy to see her meek and contrite, Alice held onto her pride, boosted her chin high and scowled at the four women as she shot back. “You heard what I said, and I’m not taking it back!”

Aishah was dumbfounded and she soon devised after glancing to the others at her side that they too felt the same way. Shaking her head down at Alice who couldn’t take them on her best day even with a stack of bricks at her feet for ammunition, Aishah lifted a finger to her in warning. “Listen here heifer, what you got standing before you are four cheetahs against one wounded ass gazelle, so you best be wary with your tone, your attitude, and your motherfucking words when you address us again.”

“Don’t get to thinking we are above bludgeoning your crippled ass just because your daddy got to you first.” Monique underlined for her best interest. “He only tenderized the meat, you understand.”

“Alright everyone that’s enough of all that!” Chastity stressed as she straightened up and wiped the sweat from her brow. Stepping between both parties, she regained the status as mediator with her hands held up as a signal of peace. “I’m gonna need everyone to just take a deep breath and focus on calming down now. Some harrowing things have just been communicated from both sides here, I won’t deny either side that, but you guys are allowing the severity of this plight to slip away due to your emotions. It’s difficult, I’m sure, but we can’t allow our hostility of one another to continue to get the best of us and state such malicious things that we don’t mean!”

“Don’t get it twisted, Chastity.” Zaiyia put in, gesturing between her and Alice. “We fucking mean every goddamn word we saying right now.”

“You’re goddamn right about that!” Alice fumed, before snapping at Chasity standing in front of her. “How about instead of including me in all this you get on your friend’s ass for enticing other girl’s boyfriends away from them!?”

Chastity only had time to whirl around to undertake to defend her friend when Zaiyia interjected. “Bitch, I didn’t entice shit! I was minding my own fucking business on my first day of fucking school! That’s fucking it!”

“That’s bullshit, and you know it!” Alice disputed, jabbing a finger in the enemy's direction. Her face was still red, but no longer from crying. Her eyes were bloodshot, but the tears had vaporized from the fury blazing beneath her flushed skin. She was sickened to hear Zaiyia try to defend her actions. Truly sickened! “Alan would never have left me if you hadn’t whored yourself out to him like some prostitute on the street!”

Now jabbing her finger in her direction, Zaiyia stepped forward to warn her a second time. “Listen closely, you delusional barbie bitch, if you want that tongue of yours to remain attached in your big fucking mouth then you better not dub me anything associating to a slut, whore, or prostitute from this moment forward.” Lowering her finger, she got back onto the issue of Alan again who she was confident everyone else in the room was beginning to detest too. “And if want to know the real reason that your beloved dumbass left your whiny ass then you better get to grilling him instead of looking to me for all your solutions the fucking time. I ain’t that prick’s keeper so how the fuck would I know what his one lonely brain cell was up to at that time?”

“Yes, you fucking do! You know exactly what he was up to when he left me! You know how I know?” Alice clamored on, not hearing how deranged she sounded. Her eyes began to saturate with tears that felt too hot to curb back and so she let them fall, not tolerating them to deter her from her mission, and that was to prove Zaiyia Halifax as guilty. “Because your evil ass was behind it all! For some reason, and I don’t know why, you wanted to get under my skin that day, Zaiyia Halifax. You wanted to get back at me for something you felt I must have done to you!”

“Fuck me, you have to be kidding me here!” Zaiyia exclaimed powerfully to the heavens in frustration. Dropping her head back down, she demanded Alice’s story for she had no idea why she was so determined in believing what she believed. “What fucking reason would I have to get back at you, Alice? I didn’t even fucking know you much less noticed you or Alan in the first place! You two were the farthest things in my mind, so why would I go swiping your man from you?”

Alice opened her mouth. “Bec-”

“Let me stop you there before you begin. I think it’s about time you resolved a very important question for me.” Zaiyia hindered before she could start to plead her case again. She had to see where Alice’s mind was right now...other than lunacy. “Do you really believe that you’re the casualty in all of this? Be honest about it.”

Alice didn’t know why, but she was suddenly tentative about acknowledging that question. She knew she was the fatality in this fateful tale 100%, no questions asked. Perhaps it was the inferno in Zaiyia’s eyes that made her insecure, or the passion flourishing in her every word. Licking her dry cracked lips, cringing when her tongue reached her busted bottom lip, Alice braced herself. “Yes, I do.”

“Well, I hate to burst your precious fucking bubble, but you’re not the fucking casualty. I am.” Zaiyia informed her, spreading her arms to accentuate her point. Noting the brief puzzlement followed by rejection in Alice’s blue eyes, she lifted a finger to keep her from talking. “Hold that thought, and shut the fuck for a minute. I’m about to school your privileged ass on everything that has been happening since the first day my gorgeous ass entered your ghetto school.”