Belonging to Lust

Chapter 123: How Low Can You Go?

“After that locker room fiasco you and I had along with your little hoe friends, lies were stretched all over school about me. Fables that weren’t true! Not a single one! Not to mention all the goddamn name callings I’ve undergone day after day by your punk ass friends that were too chicken shit to use their fists instead of running their mouths.” Zaiyia went off, filing to Alice White in her unkempt living room all the bullying she’d faced since the day after she started school. This stopover was supposed to be a harmonious meeting of negotiations between them, but Alice had to take it too far by getting under Zaiyia’s skin not too long after she helped bandage her up from her father’s bashing. Alice truly believed she was the victim in all this disaster, but Zaiyia was about to set her right.

Her nemesis glared at her, not being able to refute what she was saying because she already knew about this. It was no secret Zaiyia was being bullied because she was still plucking the puppet strings on her friends to pester her for ‘stealing’ her boyfriend. An illusion she was the only one who believed it in that room of five other girls. “And? That doesn’t make you any more of the victim than me! Besides, you merited it after taking Alan from me!”

“Can you say the same when I was assaulted by Betty Reinhart, Carmen Lodge, and Madelaine Blossom in the hallway with a swiped police baton one of them took from Chasity’s under the mask of some bullshit deception?” Zaiyia brought up, tilting her head to the side to sneer at Alice’s furious face. “What about in the bathroom where Chasity and I have to fight off Laura Heard and Elizabeth Knightly who clearly had other things in mind instead of changing their tampons that day?”

Alice’s unyielding face loaded with fury twitched with an impression of bewilderment at her words, but she rapidly shrouded it up before it could be pointed out by the girls standing against her.

“Or the classroom where Andrea Kinglsey, Elena Gouling, and Elsa Nilson controlled their boyfriends to spawn a diversion so they could harm me in my deserted classroom where once again our poor Chasity, god bless her virtuous soul, just so happened to get towed in AGAIN!?” Zaiyia recalled heatedly, careering a hand towards Chasity who nodded with acknowledgement of that momentous day. Not too long afterwards she had disclosed to her father what had taken place and he was so enraged he had telephoned the Principal and urged to sit down the following morning. “Or the gym where all three of us had to whoop Catherine Lourd, Celeste Hosterman, Grace Duke, Jocelyn Carter, Karen Shrader, Michelle Seyfried, and Rose Roberts asses all over the goddamn court?”

Enmity now liquefied with a bucket of water, Alice gaped between Zaiyia and Chasity in perplexity. She was boggled by the information being spewed, and was striving to keep up. “W-Wha”

“Oh, and let’s take it up a notch cause apparently this isn’t a Girls Only hustle.” Zaiyia laughed sarcastically, flinging her hands up to emphasize her words. “Let me also highlight the boys such as David Alexander, Ryan Hutchinson, Douglas Thomas, and Russel Garfield on the stairwells at school who got spotted in the act by the Principal himself! Like are you fucking kidding me here, Alice?”

Alice’s jaw plunged as her blue eyes gaped in horror at Zaiyia’s story. Those names were familiar only because they were dating some of her good friends. She hadn’t known them that closely, but enough to dub them friends as well. But what had they been doing getting embroiled with Zaiyia, and why?

“Should I even mention the other motherfuckers that don’t even attend our fucking school, but fuck around with the same hoes you do?” Zaiyia challenged, tapping a finger on her chin then launching a glare at Alice. “I’m talking about Jade Miller’s boyfriend Noah Levine, and his fuck boys Rhys Meyers, and Alexander Petty, Alice! Those names might ring a bell to you too cause they sure as fuck didn’t ring any bells for me. Outside the school? Really? You finding scallywags outside on the streets to fight your battles too?”

In shock, Alice gawked down at her lap in incredulity, shaking her head slowly. None of this made any sense. None of it could be authentic, it had to all be a distortion! She was never reported about any of this by her friends. If she appeared to these girls like she had no idea about anything after the locker room fight she was associated with that’s because she didn’t. As far as she was concerned the fighting had concluded there, but pursued in spirit with name callings and drifting falsehoods to smear her name and manufacture an hideous notoriety for Zaiyia. That’s it. If what Zaiyia was saying was true, that made her, Alice White, the devil in all this, not Zaiyia. But that can’t be! It can’t be! Lifting her head to unveil forlorn eyes of innocence, Alice turned her head to each face, stammering to oppose Zaiyia’s allegations. “T-This can’t be. I d-don’t believe any of this! My friends would never do something like that to anyone, no matter how much I loathed their guts! They’re not like that at all!” Trying her damndest to develop a glare, Alice’s eyes flitted to Zaiyia. “But you are! You’re the worst kind of person to ever exist, Zaiyia! You try to taint the good name of my friends only to make yourself look better after what you did to me?! How low can you go?”

“Of course, you don’t believe me, Alice. You don’t believe anyone because you’re just a deranged good for nothing little bitch like all your other friends you link with.” Zaiyia rebutted, not the least bit stunned after all that she declared Alice still didn't believe her. She hadn’t believed anything she’d insisted before, and she wasn’t going to listen now. Scoffing, she shook her head and stuck both hands on her wide hips as she chose to hit her below the belt. “No wonder Alan left your callous ass to search around for another piece of pussy to fuck that’s much more cordial than your old sour puss ass. Shit, I would too fucking around with someone like you.”

“Oh damn.” All the bystander’s eyes enlarged at Zaiyia’s words before instantly hurtling to Alice’s face that splintered before them. It was evident her words were the equivalent of a sword being thrust into her heart. If Zaiyia hadn’t felt so acrimonious by Alice’s ceaseless fantasies and verbal onslaughts she’d have probably felt bad too. She kind of already did...almost.

Sucking back her desire to grieve until she was alone, Alice straightened up her spine and directed a finger to the front door, or what was left of her front door. “You know what? I want all of you to get out of my house right now before I call the cops on every single one of you for breaking and entering!”

“WHAT?” Chastity proclaimed in shock. Like everyone else in the room, she couldn’t believe Alice would stoop that low to phone the cops on the very people who came to rescue her and tended to her wounds. “Alice, you can’t be serious! After all we’ve done to help you you’re threatening to call the police on us!?”

In awe, Monique shook her head at the blonde girl before bursting out into giggles. “So, is this really how it’s gonna be, Alice White? Is this how you show your gratitude to people that help you?”

“YES!” Alice screeched, jumping to her feet only to wobble a bit before using the arm of the couch to steady herself. “Now all of you just get lost!”

“Should have just left her ass to wither on that nasty bathroom floor, but okay.” Aishah muttered with a casual shrug, not the least not hindered by the way they were being treated.

“I second that.” Assata agreed as they all filed out of the house and headed back to the awaiting car that surprisingly hadn’t been disassembled by the neighborhood swindlers while they were gone. “So, what now?”

“I don’t know. I think I kinda took it too far back there, I don’t know.” Zaiyia groaned as her brown eyes skimmed the neighborhood of defective trailers. “Anyway, we should be heading back to school. We already missed two classes.”