Belonging to Lust

Chapter 127: Is It So Wrong?

Remaining as still as statue, Zaiyia was afraid to speak or even move from her place on the couch nestled against Heath who was releasing his feelings to her. Not just any feelings of praise or homage to her valor in clearing up the drama between her Alice White, but also of the other kinds of feelings he felt towards her...the taboo kind towards her underage self. Licking her lips, she gaped up at him through large brown eyes, mentally screaming for him to go on because it was evident he had more to say.

Fortunately for her, Heath got the hint and advanced on, his green eyes scouring her face. “You are literally the most extraordinary person I’ve ever met...which is only remarkable to me, because you’re only 16 years old.” He shook his head in astonishment at that, a smile widening his lips as he became further absorbed by his own projecting thoughts. “You haven’t lived half of the life of the most astounding people I know, and yet you have exceeded them all and awed me mightily. Every little thing you do impresses me, and you do it with so much amazingness I find myself enchanted with your every move. Your humor is warm, and heartening. Your smile feels like coming home to a comfortable place. And when you laugh...if I was cursed to hear only that for the rest of my life I’d be the most prosperous man out there. And don’t let me get even started on your beauty…”

Incinerating alive by her forbidden longing for him, Zaiyia trailed her hand down over his abs through his cotton shirt. She needed to hear more of his private romantic words despite the fact that they were tearing through the chains encompassing her sexual inner beast that craved to jump his bones. “No, please...go on.”

“I’ll admit when I met your mother I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my lifetime. But when I opened the door to who was supposed to be her five year old daughter, I was overwhelmed that something more magnificent than her was standing on my porch.” Heath confided, his voice reducing into a mumble at the end. “I miss that girl.”

Zaiyia had no idea what he meant. He missed that girl? How could when she was right here in front of him. Aiming to dispute that case, she protested. “But I-”

Taking her hand on his abs in his, Heath led it to his rest over his heart, his eyes locked on hers. “I miss YOU, Zaiyia.”

His hint finally looming on her, Zaiyia gently nodded her head in awareness.

“I miss how we used to be. How free we were for that fleeting moment before reality hunted us down.” Heath whispered, his thumb stroking over the back of her hand. “I miss how we used to be when we...came together. I miss touching you just as much as you miss touching me. It was never one sided like I had you believe all along. Every second you suffered I was right there with you.”

Fascinated by his words, Zaiyia parted her lips to breath. She understood every word he was imparting to her and it resonated true to her own feelings exploding forth from being entombed deeply away. “You...miss me?”
Heath nodded soberly, dropping his gaze. “I can’t stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try to fill my mind. I know I shouldn’t have you there and that it’s wrong, but even the threat of the law can't startle you away.”

“Is it so wrong?” Zaiyia breathed, now drawn upwards to him on her knees.

“The way I think about you absolutely is.” Heath granted, his eyes overshadowing in reciprocal desire.

“The way you think about me?” Zaiyia echoed, not trying to make any sense as she inclined even higher, precisely for his lips.

Heath could see what she was doing, where her mind was fixated on, and he wasn’t sure if he even wanted to halt her. “It’s really really wrong of me.”

Only inches away from his lips, her body sprawled over his in order to get this close, Zaiyia challenged. “Why?”

Smiling wickedly at her playful mood, Heath replied back tenderly. “You know exactly why.” Resolving to quit the game, Heath swooped a hand into the cascade of ebony braids to cup the back of her head. He hauled her towards him, their lips nearly closing the gap between the other when all of a sudden his doorbell rang.

Simultaneously, the couple tensed up in alarm. Zaiyia predicted that within the next two seconds Heath was going to thrust her off like she was a footballer from an opposing team and go ranting off that what was about to take place was wrong. Internally wincing on how excruciating that shove would be, Ziyia waited to see what Heath would do next, wanting to believe the charming words he just spoke were still streaming through his veins and wouldn’t vaporize like a broken spell. Surprisingly, Heath turned his head towards the front door at first, the curtains drawn to harbor them. He smoothly retracted his hand from within the waterfall of her braids, carefully settled her aside from him and got up from the couch. Taken aback, Zaiyia watched with immense eyes like a hawk as he opened the front door to three little kids tackling him into hugs, not propelling him an inch. Behind them, was their parent’s Annelise and her husband, Colin.

“Hey, you little urchins!” Heath accosted with a laugh before tilting down to give them each a heartfelt hug.

“Uncle Heath!” Josiah revered before racing around Heath to clamber up his back and attempted to put his Uncle into a headlock like he’d observed on TV.

Vivienne and Florence clapped too, giggling as they each snagged a hold on one of their uncle’s big arms in anticipation he’d lift off with them hanging off him. “UNCLE! UNCLE! UNCLE!”

As soon as he was positive the kids were secure, Heath straightened up, clogging his house with the laughter of children. Anneliese added hers as she stepped inside with Colin at her side. “They’ve been looking forward to this all week, just so you know.”

Spotting Zaiyia still resting on the couch, unbeknownst to how hot and bothered she was internally, Colin acknowledged her with a wave. “Oh, hey there, Miss Zaiyia. How have you been?”

Snapping their heads in her direction, a dangling Florence and Vivienne called out to her as well. “Ooo daddy, that’s the Goddess we were telling you about that lives in Uncle's guest house!”

Everyone laughed at the young girl’s nonsensical belief for a moment before Anneliese got down to business with her older brother. “Alright, Mr. Rule Breaker, I got a set of guidelines for you to follow while my kids are here, and you best follow it to a T. The kids can sleep past their usual bedtime but not after 10, and they can’t just survive here on junk food and candy again.” Overlooking the whines from her kids, she went on. “And if you’re gonna take them ATV riding again, I want them to stay out of those infernal mud puddles!”

Tickled with his little sister, Heath entered in on the laments of the children to exasperate her. “Oh come on, Annelise, you’re being a party pooper!”

Also delighted, Colin had to turn his head to keep himself from chuckling along with Heath’s childish behavior or else he’d hear it from his wife later. And from what he could tell across the room, Zaiyia was trying to accomplish the same undertaking.

“Shame on both you and Colin!” Anneliese briskly chided them. “Continuing on, they are allowed to have small snacks in between meals, but only in the form of fruits and vegetables.”

“Uncle, when is dinner ready?” Josiah grumbled, his stomach letting out a growl.

Boosting a hand to get their attention, Zaiyia insisted. “I’m on it.” Then headed into the kitchen just as Anneliese and Colin wrapped up their visit and issued their farewells.