Belonging to Lust

Chapter 129: Practically Summoned Her

That night, Heath underwent a very vivid dream of Zaiyia that was so sexually explicit he awoke to a rock hard erection and the molten fires of lust rushing through his veins. Panting heavily like he’d just run a marathon, he propped himself on his elbow, and let out a groan due to the pulsating ache from being this potently horny over someone he couldn’t have. It was a dangerous level to be in and almost felt like he was running a fever from an illness instead. Drawing his leg up, he propped his arms on them and then shoved his fingers through his short hair as he gave himself a moment to compose himself. Perhaps when he finally did he’d be able to go right back to sleep again.

Only that didn’t happen. After his breathing had calmed down, he discovered that he was not only too horny to go back to sleep again, but also afraid. His dream had been too vivid for his liking, and he was positive that if he dozed back under again that same dream will be waiting for him to return to torment him even further with her forbidden fruit. If he couldn’t rouse himself from that dream a second time he was going to wake up in his bed in the morning drenched in bucket loads of his own cum. Sighing warily, he put his focus on losing his erection to kill some more time. He didn’t want to feel his own hands on him, and so he conjured up as many things that would pull him out of this lustful haze as he laid himself back down again. Staring blankly up at the ceiling, he tucked his arms under his head and sighed again.

Unfortunately, he was out of luck tonight. As his visiting nieces and nephew slept out in the blanket forts he made for them in the living room, Heath’s mind was flipping through images of Zaiyia in his dream. The moonlight catching on their sweat glistening skin as they slide over each other, hers deep and flawless, and his pale and rough from years of manual labor. Their lips were ravenous as they eagerly sought the others out in the darkness for more carnal kisses. Simply closing his eyes against those visions did nothing for him. He was still hard as a rock in the end. Mentally seconds away from launching himself into combat to conquer his thoughts back to normal again, he suddenly became alert when his bedroom door opened. Believing it to be his little nieces or nephew suffering from a nightmare, Heath turned his head about to whisper words of comfort to the frightened children...but neither of them were the ones that entered the room. Stepping into the room was the dark outline of Zaiyia in a champagne gold satin knee length nightgown bouncing rays of moonlight off of it, her long dark braids tucked up in a high bun.

Blinking his eyes furiously in wonder if he was awake or had fallen back into that blasted dream again, Heath watched as she silently shut the bedroom behind her before swaying over to his side of the bed. Parting his lips to say something, he elected to shut it instead. He didn’t need to ask her why she was there because he knew exactly why she was there. All along he had been anticipating this unplanned arrival of hers all night. In his dreams, he had practically summoned her. Now that she was here precisely where he wanted her to be, he didn’t want to have to do the right thing by stopping this whole event from happening by kicking her out of his bedroom before it was too late. And so he wouldn’t. For once there were none of those voices in his head that looked out for him whenever Zaiyia seemed to come around. Perhaps they had the night off and left it up to him to make the right decisions. If so, then that wasn’t a smart idea.

Now that Heath wasn’t alone anymore in his room anymore, he didn’t want to do anything to change it. He didn’t want to share his bed with just himself tonight. It only took him until now to realize that he hadn’t just been anticipating Zaiyia to materialize out of nowhere to him, but that the moment he woke up he’d been waiting for her to come to him as if it had been planned in advance. His body was evidence of this. He was already ready and willing to receive her touch. It was surreal, and easy to chalk it up as some kind of bewitchment on her part because of how eerily coincidental this was. But Heath didn’t give a damn what it was as he sat himself up in his bed to let her know he was awake. Mutely, his hands reached out towards her to clasp a hold of her hips as her hands braced themselves on his bare shoulders. He knew before he even lifted her up that she wasn’t going to resist him. Lowering her down onto his lap, he tilted his head up as her softness met his solidness and the erection that was most eager to welcome her.

Heath’s bedroom was pitch black except for the moonlight peeking through the slightly parted curtains, but it was enough to see some sections of her. Zaiyia let out a delighted gasp from being accosted by his cock prepped and throbbing for her already. Her small dainty petal soft hands began to roam over his bare torso from his hard pecs and back up to his broad shoulders. She bit back a smile when she felt his much larger hands follow suit by roaming over her slender form from her hips, to her waist, to her back. The satin nightgown was pretty loose, that’s why she selected it before she left the guesthouse.

Their breaths mingles as their lips barely brushed the air around each other in some kind of teasing dance of torture. Lucky for them, it was brief. Their lips barely touched once or twice before clashing in a passionate kiss of tongue, and teeth. Zaiyia moaned with him as she swiftly wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body tightly against his. Reaching up with one hand, Heath banished the hair tie holding her braids away from him, shivering as they descended to cascade around the both of them. Returning his arms back around her small waist, Heath titled his head to slant his lips savagely over hers, needing more of her in a way he didn’t know how to satiate. He just knew he needed more of her, needed to get deeper into her and not just physically. He needed to feel all of her beyond a human level.

As if knowing this, Zaiyia began to move her hips to grind herself down on his steel-like erection. It gave him both sweet pleasure and more agony. Heath couldn't express how ecstatic he was that tonight was finally going to happen. Tonight he’d finally make love to his Zaiyia after so long without her. There was nothing that was going to stop him. Nothing he’d allow to prevent him from finishing this all the way to the last drop of euphoria. Tonight, he’d gladly accept his fate in committing this sweet sinful crime, because there was no way he could resist her. It was just that simple of an explanation. Tonight, he was going to give in to her instead of fighting to gather the strength within himself to resist her.

Neither couple spoke as they began the necessary steps of making love. After brutally ravaging each other’s mouths, they separated so Heath could lift her up to pull the sheets out from underneath her for that was the first major barrier between her and him. After lowering her back down, Zaiyia was more than happy to take up the task to help him ease his briefs down enough to expose his throbbing erection. Heath was the first to take a hold of it and release it from it’s confinement as Zaiyia lifted the skirt of her nightgown to display that she wasn’t sporting any underwear tonight. Heath was grateful the darkness hid his grin as his eyes bore over her shaved womanhood. But that smile vanished the moment she lowered herself down onto his cock for the third time since they met.

Throwing her head back, Zaiyia bit back a cry of pleasure as it shot through her like an injection. Her hands had to grip his shoulders for added strength. Just as affected, Heath was lucky he could bury his face between her breasts to muffle his cry, his hands fisting the satin material of her gown with the desire to rip it off of her body. Slowly, inch by inch, Zaiyia tormented them both by taking her time sliding down his length all the way to the base. Loosening her grip on his shoulders, she wrapped her arms around his head to cradle him against her chest as they both rode down from the first pleasure spikes of many to come. After taking a deep breath, she began to move over his cock, reigniting the dull ecstacy to life again. She had to muffle her mouth against his shoulder, biting and sucking on it to distract herself from screaming out her pleasure like she wanted to and wake up the kids slumbering in their blanket fort in the living room. Heath kept his mouth muffled between her breasts through the dress, but quickly began to hate the material. Panting heavily, he worked the gown down to pool at her hips. Zaiyia assisted him eagerly so she could wrap her arms back around his neck again as she rode him.

Returning his face back to her chest, his lips latched on one of her nipples and earnestly suckled it, earning a broken cry against his shoulder. He felt her rise even higher only to fall back down around him, sheathing him in a wet hot tightness that was like crack to him. Zaiyia whispered his name in a broken plea, wanting him to ease up on her nipple or else she’ll wake the kids up...but also at the same time wanting him to suckle her even harder. “H-Heath…”

Heath didn’t let up, even when he felt her fingers press into his scalp as she rose up and down on his cock, but when she increased the speed, he was certain she heard his sharp inhale against her breast. If she didn’t know he was affected then, she had to know now. He was just lucky to have something to muffle the moans of pleasure unlike her. Feeling her slow the pace back down to prolong their pleasure, he felt her rise then descend back down again.

So far, Zaiyia had been doing all the work, other than shuddering, muffling his moan, and touching her, Heath hadn’t thrust in her once. Perhaps he was having doubts, as always. If so, then she was on her own on this one to give them both pleasure. Not wanting to turn back, she selfishly continued on, lazily riding him to take their time together. This may be the last moment they made love. She wanted to make this one last for as long as she could before ecstasy made her give in.