Belonging to Lust

Chapter 130: She Was His Again

Languidly, Zaiyia proceeded to make love to Heath, straddling his lap. Every thrust and drag on his cock was prolonged so that the euphoria would also. Every ounce of pleasure was sought after, and enhanced to its fullest degree because what they had together was taboo. This wasn’t something that happened everyday in the confidence of the night like tonight. It was something that happened by opportunity, and this was the third time since they met that they've come together. This could also be the last for all Zaiyia knew, and so she preferred to cherish every moment of it. She was thankful that Heath wasn’t pressing her to rush and instead let her take full rein while he suckled her nipples raw and explored her bare flesh with his large rough hands. His lack of cooperation in their mating didn’t obstruct her imminent orgasm, in fact it only wrenched it closer to the point where she couldn’t keep her moans faint enough for long.

A whine that was infused with a moan ejected from her lips and was too loud for Heath’s affinity. Freeing her dark nipples from the warm confinement of his mouth, he tilted his head up as he cupped the back of her head and dragged her down. Hungrily, his lips seized hers, swallowing her next moans and muzzling it from being heard by his slumbering nieces and nephew in their blanket fort in the living room. He plunged his thick tongue into her mouth and choked back a moan the moment her smaller one met his in a greedy reception. Deciding to take charge now, Heath cloaked both of his arms under her butt to help raise her up his thick shaft then back down again. He extended this even when her whimpers grew into higher pitched moans in his mouth.

Her nails sunk into the flesh of his shoulders as her body tensed in his arms in response. Her lips separated from his when she knew she couldn’t take anymore and bit down into the muscle of his shoulder as a result of the detonating orgasm igniting inside her like a firework. Her body spasmed against him as he bounced her on his cock, requiring her to ride out her climax on his preference of speed. As she was coming down, she grasped dazedly that his movements were completely sloppy, and knew what that meant. Just in time, she draped her arms around him and supported his head within the crook of her neck when he dampened the shout of his own orgasm. He saturated her with his seed, making her feel whole again. She felt she was his again.

It was a long time before the couple pulled back from each other to confront the matter of what they’d done. Heath extracted his face from the crook of her neck to be accosted by Zaiyia’s brown orbs beaming up at him, her body quivering in his hold from the aftershock. They were still panting heavily as they gazed at each other. Heath chalked it up as them being still in the afterglow of love making. Reaching out conditionally, he brushed aside her braids over her shoulder so he could see her better in the moonlight peeping through the part of his curtains. Her full lips were too appetizing to ignore, despite how many times he’d gorge himself on them. His green eyes fixed on her plump lips, he leaned down with no repentance to give her a lingering kiss. He didn’t cease kissing her even when he used his weight to pin her down beneath him on the bed.

Below him now, Zaiyia’s hands reached up to cup his face as she kissed him back intensely. She hadn’t expected for him to kiss her, but when he did she greedily took full advantage of it for who knows when she’d enjoy them next. She had a feeling Heath sensed this through their lips as he proceeded to drag out their love making by breaking the kiss to drift his cock out of her so he could fully eliminate his briefs. Zaiyia watched him, enchanted by his large nude body until he cut her off to extract her nightgown next. She assisted him as much as she could and had her legs spread for his return after he hurled it into the darkness of his room. Heath said nothing as he ascended back between her legs and re-entered her all over again. Zaiyia couldn’t hold back her response, arching her back with a small gasp as her eyes fell shut with bliss. Her limbs wrapped around him eagerly, ready for all that he was willing to give to her tonight.

This second time around, Heath took full control, and gave them both what he had refused them for so long. There was no room for deliberation on whether this was right or wrong at the moment. All that matter was that they were together again in the shelter of secrecy and protected from snooping eyes. He gave, and gave, not allowing her to evacuate out of this and change her mind. Who knows when they’d get to worship each other this freely again. She had to take all that he was willing to give tonight, because tonight might be the last time. Hell, he was planning to take full advantage himself. After he made her cum three more times, he yearned to turn her over onto her back on the bed to scream into his pillow for him. Then, he’d urge her up on her hands and knees and repeat the same thing until her limbs toppled out of deficiency. To wrap up the night, he’d sprawl behind her on his side, holding her leg open so he could penetrate her slowly as she faced the window. He especially wanted her to face the window when he did this. It would be his ‘fuck you’ to the world that bedamned them for loving each other.

Zaiyia had no idea how many times she came. Doused in sweat and exuding his cum all over her thighs, she complied to his every command willingly, never once pleading for him to give her a two second break to catch her breath. They may not have another two seconds to afford, and so she wasn’t going to waste them. Time after time she climaxed under his ministrations, reality slipping away so many times she had no idea if she had blacked out from the pleasure or not as she dimmed in and out. When exhaustion came and finally commandeered him from her, Zaiyia predicted its return for her next, only it never came. As drained as her body was, her mind was strangely wide awake with a tumultuous of things. Before morning broke, Zaiyia had finally gotten out of his bed from where she had turned herself over to watch him sleep. She cloaked his blanket over his nude body, not wanting the children to see him like this.

Annoyed, Zaiyia had no idea what last night meant at all. The last two times they made love was right after a feud, and she couldn’t recall if they had done it more than once on those nights too. This time there hadn’t been a feud, not one blasphemy thrown. Was this a good sign, or a bad sign? Not once did Heath ever pause to tell her that what they were doing was erroneous which was a comfort, but...was it a bad sign that he was quiet about it instead? Zaiyia had no idea how to take all this. All she knew was that she couldn’t stomach another dismissal from him without screaming in a grief-stricken fury or weeping with anguish this time which would surely rouse the kids dozing in the living room. Not wishing to wait around and see how Heath behaved next, Zaiyia decided that departing was the safest choice. Stepping around with unsteady legs, she donned her nightgown back on, allowed one last sight of Heath lying on his stomach with his face in her pillow and his arm now stretched out over where she’d been previously laying, she withdrew from his room to slither back to the guest house.

Eased that the kids had most certainly slept heavy through the night without interruption, Zaiyia fainted onto her bed upstairs in a dead exhaustion. She was unexpectedly awakened next by the alarm on her phone. With a curse, she wrested it up from her nightstand and shut it off. But instead of heaving the device onto her other pillow and dropping back into sleep, Zaiyia deliberated on her dialogue with Heath before his nieces and nephew came over. Nodding to herself, she went through her contacts to call up Chasity.

“What do you want?” Chastity moaned in a groggy voice heavy with lethargy.

Zaiyia’s eyes multiplied in horror. She forgot it was still too early to be calling anybody! Slapping a hand over her mouth, she cringed. “Oh shit, sorry for waking you up, girl! I forgot what time it is.”

Chastity let out a sigh as she rolled over onto her back in bed, her eyes fluttering back shut again. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” She repressed a yawn. “Why did you call?”

Wavering, Zaiyia recalled Heath’s words last night over the Alice situation that helped to encourage her she was doing the right thing. “I uh...I just wanted to let you know that I...I haven’t given up yet.”

“Given up?” Chastity repeated sleepily. “Given up on what?”

“On calling a truce with Alice white.” Zaiyia simplified.

“You haven’t?!” Chastity blurted in admiration, her eyes snapping open. She had presumed the worst and here Zaiyia was telling her that that wasn’t the case at all. “I’m so proud of you, Zaiyia!”

“And I plan on trying again today.” Zaiyia elected, smiling with pride.

“That’s my girl!” Chastity applauded in triumph. “And I don’t want you to worry. I plan on being there with you every step of the way. Mark my words, we’re gonna get through to Alice White if it’s the last thing on earth we ever do!”