Belonging to Lust

Chapter 133: One Ugly Vindictive Bitch

Struck speechless by Zaiyia’s nonviolent appeal on her property, Alice fought not to fall for her kindhearted words. She was only trying to obtain her trust in order to hurt her again like she did when she allured Alan from her. If she were to believe her, she’d be the biggest sucker this town has ever seen, and she won’t be that person ever again. Glaring down at her, Alice scoffed. “Oh yeah, and what kind of tough shit have you ever faced? Because from what I’ve been told you’ve been living it up sucking face with my boyfriend!”

“I-” Zaiyia began but then the front door began to shut on her face once more. Letting out a scarcely distinct growl, she obstructed the door by slamming a hand on it and shoving it back open again. She couldn’t allow Alice to end this discussion out of pure distaste for her. For once, Zaiyia was in the ideal head space to handle this showdown with restrained emotions, and so this was the moment she’s been waiting for to speak with Alice. If the idiot decided to call it quits then this might truly be the end for peace. Raising her voice, Zaiyia buried any hint of anger from her voice. “Alice, I already told you, I don’t like Alan the way you think I do! Yes, I’ll admit he’s a great-looking guy, and he’s pretty cool, but that doesn’t mean that I want to be with him!”

“YOU’RE A LIAR!” Alice screeched from behind the door, trying to force it close only she wasn’t able to use her full strength to do it. She was still in the process of mending from her father’s last beating.

“I swear to God I’m not!” Zaiyia pleaded with her to reexamine her beliefs while propelling back against the door with both hands this time. Luckily, she managed to get it to swivel open, causing Alice to wobble back to keep from being hit by the swaying door. Zaiyia didn’t care to apologize for that, she just wanted her to listen for once. “I told you I’m not here to play any games! I’m telling the truth!”

“She is, Alice!” Chastity asserted from the background. She had her hands clasped in prayer as she petitioned Zaiyia’s case. “We’re truly here to make peace with you! Alan has never meant anything to her. From the beginning she’s had no interest in him.”

“Yeah, you should have been there at one of Cameron’s parties and seen them together.” Assata reinforced. “You could tell one liked one more than the other, and it wasn’t Zaiyia.”

“She invested most of her time dodging his ass as soon as she got through them doors.” Aishah incorporated with a substantial nod.

“It was actually kinda funny.” Monique conceded, trying not to smile and failing.

Once again, Alice found herself delaying what with the number of people backing Zaiyia’s claims. So many believed her side of the story and without any second thoughts. Shaking her head to break her out of that trance, Alice glared at Zaiyia’s steadfast friends. Naturally, they’d defend her even if her actions were cold-blooded! “Do you really think I’m that stupid enough to believe your fictions too! You’re her friends, of course you’ll lie for her! Screw this, I’m calling the cops!”

“Wait! Goddamnit!” Zaiyia cursed as she dashed into her trailer after her. She didn't want it to have to come to this. She came here civilly and left all of her rage and hurt behind, and for what? For Alice to still fight her?! Reaching over Alice’s shoulder, Zaiyia snatched the cordless phone from her hands and ended the incomplete call. “I’ll be taking that, thank you!”

Appalled that she not only encroached on her property but now into her home, Alice saw red and fearlessly went off on her. “HOW DARE YOU!? WHAT KIND OF LOW LIFE FILTHY WHORE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? STALKING INTO MY HOME LIKE A FUCKING PSYCHOTIC BITCH WH-”

Chasity couldn’t stand back and let her finish. She had finally had enough of her frenzied behavior! Bumping Zaiyia aside, Chastity used all her valor to slap Alice across the face in hopes of transporting her back to her senses. They didn’t have time for all this hostility! The blonde girl gasped and gawked at Chasity in terror, but she didn’t regret a single thing. “You better fucking watch that mouth of yours, Alice White, because I’ve had enough of all this illogical drama!”

Agitated, Chasity shoved Alice down into the chair behind her. Speechless, and in shock, Alice went down without a scuffle. She had predicted this from Zaiyia and her friends, but not gentle Chasity. Perhaps that’s where she miscalculated her. Gripping her red cheek with one hand, she stared up in fright at the redhead. “I…”

“Ooo, damn! White girl gone crazy!” Monique winced behind a fist, clearly just as captivated by what happened as her older sisters as they glided from the entrance of the trailer towards the gross couch to settle on the edge and observe Part 2 unfold.

Panting with adrenaline, Chastity hovered over Alice trembling in a fetal position in the armchair. “Enough is enough, Alice White. I want no part of this stupid drama over some stupid little boy that’s doing what every boy his age does, following his dick like it’s Toucan Sam looking for bowl of Froot Loop Pussy to fall into! You have to know by now that every fucking boy out there does!”

“I mean, yeah...that’s true.” Zaiyia rambled to herself as she backed up to let Chasity handle the situation. She had Alice’s undivided attention, something Zaiyia couldn’t seem to secure through her barrier of malice. She refused to depend on physical violence to do it too, but if Chasity was down to do it for her then she was fine with that.

Jerking a thumb over her shoulder towards Zaiyia, Chastity barked out orders like a commander. “Now, you are going to sit your ass right there, Alice White, and listen to what Zaiyia has to say because that poor girl has already been towed through so much of your frivolous bullshit that you sicked on her through your moron friends!”

Narrowing her eyes into a glare directed purely for Chasity, Alice flopped forwards defiantly in her chair. “What the hell is wrong with you, Chastity!? What have I ever done to you to deserve you smacking me?!”

Probably too caught up in the hype, Zaiyia watched Chasity rear her hand to swing at Alice again. Shooting forward, she seized her wrist and held her back from executing the action, murmuring soothingly to her. “Alrighty there, honey I need you to calm down for me, okay? Listen to my voice, not hers, because this is not the way you want to go about this, Chasity, trust me. Remember the last time we were here and the way I was acting? Well, guess what? You’re acting in the same vicious way I assured you I wouldn’t.”

Chastity stiffened at first before it sunk in that she was behaving inappropriately. With a gasp, she jerked her hand away to cover her mouth in terror. “Oh my god! Oh my god, you’re right!”

“Shh, it’s going to be okay, sweetie. Just relax over here, I got it from here.” Zaiyia assuage her as she navigated her to sit with the McCoy sisters on the couch before returning to Alice who glared as maliciously as ever at her. Towing over a small wooden stool before her armchair, Zaiyia took a seat. “Alright, you’re under the impression that I’m a no good trickster, and I’m under the impression that you’re one ugly vindictive bitch. So, let’s take a second to lob those beliefs away and pretend we’re too people that just met for the first time without judgement.” Holding up a hand, she began to count on her fingers all the things she’s been put through since their locker room fight. “Since you and I have met, I’ve been into seven fights with thirty people that are linked with you. Thirty people, Alice. Girls that don’t know how to fight, and have never been in a fight before chose to fight ME for YOU. Students that had something going for them in school compromised all they’ve won to fight ME for YOU. Grown ass men that have nothing to do with us kids jeopardized going to prison to fight ME for YOU. Your friends picked up destructive weapons to fight ME for YOU. I was jumped by you, Jade Miller, Bella Steward, Grace Smith, Hanna Davis, and Sara Morgan without warning. That’s six people against one, Alice, I was outnumbered. I was jumped in the bathroom by Elizabeth Knightly, and Laura Heard who used the same police baton from Chasity who gave it to either Betty Reinhart, Carmen Lodge, or Madeleine Blossom that also assaulted me with it in the hallway. That two against one in the bathroom, and three against one in the hallway. Once again, I was outnumbered. Are you sensing a pattern here, yet? Then I had to stand toe to toe against Catherine Lourd, Celeste Hosterman, Grace Duke, Jocelyn Carter, Karen Shrader, Michelle Seyfried, and Rose Roberts. Luckily my friends showed up making it three against seven instead of one against seven. Then there was the one on the bus, me against Miley Finley, Louise Leon, and Eiliesse Baldwin who wouldn’t leave me the fuck alone for no reason other than their fealty to you. That’s another three against one. Jumping onto the fight in my deserted classroom with Andrea Kingsley, Elena Gouling, and Elsa Nilson that unfortunately contained Chasity too. Three against two that time. Now, introducing the boys, David Alexander, Ryan Hutchinson, Douglas Thomas, and Russel Garfrield. Cute young boys, but boys nonetheless. Four boys against one. And if I didn’t think you could take it any lower, Noah Levine, Rhys Meyers, and Alexander Petty. Three grown ass men against a young girl. You don’t like me, Alice, I get that, and I don’t very much like your ass either, but I didn’t dispatch an entire school to beat you down, curse you out, start rumors about you, and call you names in passing in the hallways. I would never do anything like that even if I had the capability…that’s the difference between me and you.”