Belonging to Lust

Chapter 135: Not Having A Strategy

“I believe Alice had no engagement with any of these crises but the locker room fight, yes.” Chastity nodded in consensus with the young abused blonde who’s innocence was now in question. Alice had just claimed to be uninformed of all the brawls and ambushes wrought upon Zaiyia after the locker room. It was a bitter pill for the rest to swallow, but in time, Alice pleaded her case and was now scoring in their belief in her.

Assata shook her head with lingering doubts. It was still challenging for her to believe that this ignorant young girl had no idea what her friends were up to behind her back against her rival for so long! “I don’t know, you guys. I’m still finding all this difficult to believe.”

“Me too.” Aishah seconded but threw her hands up anyway to clear the air between them so they would all be on the same hypothetical page for a second. “Okay fine, let’s say we all agreed that we did in fact believe Alice is innocent in all this! What is supposed to happen next then?”

All eyes turned on Alice, awaiting an answer, but all they got were her enlarged blue eyes staring back at them in distress for being put on the spot. Why on earth are they all looking at me, Alice contemplated to herself before Zaiyia restlessly snapped at her for solutions. “Well!?”

“Well, what!?” Alice blurted out, not understanding what they were expecting of her.

“How the hell do you plan to rectify all this bullshit you started?” Zaiyia swiftly clarified.

“I rectify all this?!” Alice repeated quizzically, not believing that they wanted her to wield her magic wand and make everything cease like some fairy godmother. “Wait, why am I expected to fix all this?”

“Like I said, you started this fuckery from the beginning.” Zaiyia reminded her. “So, that means you need to be the one to fix this!”

“You gotta admit she has a point, Alice.” Monique conceded with a nod of her head. Her older sisters were also in agreement.

“Yeah, I have to agree with them too.” Chastity warily added, shrugging her shoulders.

“Are you serious, Chastity?” Alice cried, her blue eyes looking to her for backup. How could she side with the others on this? It was futile to expect her to do something about it now especially if it’s gotten as awful as they told her!

Holding up her hands to calm her down, Chastity interpreted her argument. “None of this would’ve happened if it hadn’t been for you, Alice. You can’t look at any one of us and believe we can stop it for Zaiyia on our own. We’ve already tried! You are their monarch, the incentive for their attacks! It has to be you, who threw down the gauntlet in the first place, to terminate this once and for all.”

“B-But…” Alice shook her head wildly, her fearful eyes scampering across every face for any of them to step in and be her protector. “I-I don’t know how to stop this!”

Chastity turned to look at Zaiyia for assistance only to catch her glancing at her for the very same reason. Neither were sure what to say to Alice!

“You want our help?” Aishah asked Alice, crossing her arms over her chest. “If so, you gotta be WILLING to help us too.”

So swamped with guilt on her part she wanted to vomit at their feet, Alice frantically nodded without considering what would be asked of her part. “Yes, please! I-I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make this right!”

“Are you sure?” Assata quizzed further, arching a brow at her. “Don’t say yes if it’s just because we were all close to whooping your ass all over this damn trailer the other day. You saying no won’t end in us jumping you, or anything so you have nothing to word about. We’re over it.”

“Yes, I’m sure!” Alice restated, swallowing against the lump in her throat. “Chasity is right, I’m the only one that can right this wrong. I have to before it gets any worse!”

Twirling around to face Zaiyia, Monique flashed her a successful grin and two thumbs up. “Well, it looks like we’re all settled here. What’s our next move, captain?”

Unfortunately, Zaiyia couldn’t conceal that fact anymore that she had no plan. Letting out a long sigh, her shoulders stooped in irritation. “Nothing. I have no fucking idea where we’re supposed to go from here.”

“Are you fucking joking, Zaiyia!?” Aishah scolded her, not believing that they had said all that and got Alice to finally agree to side with them only for Zaiyia to let them down by not having a strategy.

“We did all that for nothing!?” Assata exclaimed in exasperation, throwing her hands up in annoyance. “You ain’t got no damn plan!?”

“C’mon, Zaiyia!” Chasity moaned, face palming herself in embarrassment.

“Hey, I’m sorry, you guys!” Zaiyia atoned fervidly, completely caught off guard by their reactions. “But I’m not prepared. I seriously didn’t come here expecting for today’s events to turn out this way!”

“Oh, yeah? And how the hell did you expect them to turn out, huh?” Aishah demanded to know.

“Honestly?” Zaiyia began, gesturing to Alice. “I was expecting it was gonna be that ass whooping you were just talking about.”

Chasity shook her head in discontent. “I can’t believe you had that kind of attitude, Zaiyia.”

“Can you really blame me considering what’s happened in the past?” Zaiyia reminded them.

“Alright, that’s enough everyone! This isn’t getting us anywhere!” Assata cut in as she stepped forward to take charge. “WE need to pull our brains together and come up with a fool-proof game plan to stop these idiots from doing anymore damage to Zaiyia!”

Stepping forward to show her unification to their cause, Alice gave them a courageous nod. “And WE will come up with one before another assault takes place...hopefully before my dad gets home.”

“Yeah, we don’t need no abusive daddy walking up in here.” Assata agreed with a grimace.

“Speaking of parents…” Monique mumbled before poking Chasity in the arm. “Yo, can we go and brainstorm this shit at your place before her abusive drunk dad shows up without warning? We’d invite you to ours, but we’re not allowed to have guests over because the grandparents are visiting.”

“What!? Of course not!” Chastity denied then rapidly explained before anyone got offended by her objection. “My dad has become wary of my every move since I got caught in that fight in the classroom with Zaiyia. He won’t like the idea of Zaiyia or Alice coming over since it’s their fight I got caught up in.”

When all eyes turned to Alice for another location she might know of other than here, but she thought they meant her bedroom down the hall, and immediately refused their request. “No way in hell! My dad HATES company of all kinds! It doesn't matter if you’re the mayor knocking at the door with a suitcase filled with a million dollars or the innocent little girl scouts trying to make a few bucks! He detests any living soul!”

Being the only other option to choose from, Zaiyia hesitantly submitted. “Okay fine! If it’s okay with, you guys can stop by at my place and we’ll formulate a plan there. But ONLY if he agrees!”