Belonging to Lust

Chapter 136: Rematch

“Alright alright, enough with all the chatter. Go wash your hands before you eat dinner.” Heath drilled his nieces and nephew as they scattered into the aroma-filled house like roaches with their new toys in one hand and a bag of candy mixed with other treats in the other. Importing the rest of their things, Heath deposited them on the couch as the ferocious kids stampeded for the guest bathroom, eager to fill their bellies with dinner since their Uncle wouldn’t let them go into a sugar coma off their sweets like their mother warned him not to. Out of the whole group, Heath had been the only one that hadn’t been hungry when they arrived home. His mind was too immersed with the underage girl living in his home to be hungry for food, that was until he entered the home and smelled her dinner.

It was in the kitchen where the kids found him gorging down his first plate of dinner like a pig. They giggled in merriment and raced to each of their plates to catch up with him. In a scene that would make their mothers reprimand their uncle and probably clobber him upside the head with her purse, the trio scrapped their spoons and forks and went in with their freshly cleaned hands to eat with instead. Heath knew he should have terminated their little game and instructed them to go and rewash their hands, but their laughter was contagious. Abandoning his own utensils, he cautioned them sternly with a smirk on his face. “Your mother doesn’t hear a word about this, you hear me?”

Receiving a promise from each of them, Heath joined them on eating with their hands. It wasn’t an orderly practice for him, but anything that would make his nieces and nephew happy was fitting enough for him. Besides, their mother wasn’t nowhere to be seen. Nor was Zaiyia. Taking a gander through the thin kitchen curtain, he could see the illuminated guesthouse in the backyard and knew she was there. Lost in his thoughts, he lowered his plate and began to meditate on last night’s events. He had done what he swore never to do again, and had executed the act with such leisure too. There was nothing there to hold him back from putting his hands on her, and so he did. He made love to her more than once and didn’t have the familiar boulder of remorse sitting in the pit of his stomach. Was the fight over? Did that mean he could touch her without feeling like a monster that preyed on the young?

“Uncle, you’re falling behind!” Josiah, his nephew, notified him, rousing his uncle just in time.

“Yeah, we’re gonna beat you!” Vivienne taunted him, trying to talk around her food without it tumbling from her mouth and failed miserably.

“Shh, you’re not supposed to help him, you guys?” Florence cut in, placing a glistening finger smeared in an orange sauce over her lips as if she was imparting with them in secrecy.

Looking down, Heath could see he only had a quarter of his plate left before he won the fight. Knowing he could triumph easily, he got back in the game only to curb back in time to let at least one of the kids win first.

That kid was Josiah. Throwing up both fists in the air, he cheered with a mouth full of food. “I RON!”

“That you did.” Heath agreed, swallowing down his last handful of food with a glass of Apple Juice.

Florence narrowed her eyes on him. “That’s not fair! You cheated!”

Not knowing whether or not that's true, Vivienne forced her plate back and sided with her big sister by crossing her arms over her chest and pouting. “YEAH!”

“Hey, Josiah did not cheat. I was right here, remember? I saw the whole thing.” Heath defended him, giving the girls who were being a sore loser a stern look. “If you want a rematch, you can have it, but only over dessert.”

“DESSERT!” Florence and Vivienne immediately perked up, their large eyes shining with excitement.

Heath nodded in confirmation as he collected all their plates and put them in the sink. “BUT you’re gonna have to wait a few minutes for your dinner to settle first.”

The children collectively groan in protest. Just like every other kid, they prized dessert above everything on the menu.

Heath mimicked their outcry. “Oh my god, no dessert!?” Turning to face them, he nodded his head in the direction of the living room. “Go and pick out a movie for us to watch, and if you stay awake half-way through it, you’ll get your dessert and your rematch.”

The kids whisked from their seats and into the living room, but Heath held Josiah back by the collar of his shirt. Crouching down beside him, he whispered to the curious young boy. “Let one of your sisters pick the movie for tonight and the other win the rematch. In exchange, I’ll take you and your friends to laser tag, and then that trampoline place in the city, deal?”

“Deal!” Josiah agreed, shaking his Uncle’s hand on it.

“Deal! Now head on in there and don’t say a word about this or you forfeit the deal.” Heath forewarned him before straightening up and watching the young boy skip out of the kitchen with glee.

His mind immediately went straight back to Zaiyia as he turned his head to gaze out the kitchen door to the back patio, and beyond that to the guest house. All the lights were off in the house except for her bedroom. He stared up at it like it was a lighthouse through the murky fog at sea. It was calling to him, but he couldn’t go to it now, his nieces and nephew were still here. Even if he had planned to see her tonight like she requested him to do earlier, he wouldn’t abandon them.

WAS he going to go over there tonight?

Heath had no clue. Zaiyia asked him to, but that didn’t mean he had to do it...even though the offer had been hounding his mind all day while he was out with his nieces and nephew. Countless times he visually played out how it would go tonight if he went to her. Too many erections were a result of that that he had to talk himself down, and even then he kept tormenting himself with the thoughts of her naked, her face contorting in beautiful pleasure, her flawless form writhing with him in unity. And when his mind was depleted of the millions of variations of tonight’s events, he made it worse by igniting his body up some more by invoking up last night’s romp with her. While the kids were having the time of their lives, he was battling boners after boners. His blood boiled so hot in his veins he wanted to strip naked in public because of it to cool down. Shaking his head to himself, Heath turned away from the light of her bedroom. What did it matter how tonight went, he couldn’t leave anyway. He had kids to watch out for, for crying out loud!

Entering the living room, he saw that the movie selected had to be Vivvienne’s choice because it was an animated child’s film. Lucky for him all the kids worked together and didn’t make choosing a movie a hassle. They were all seated next to each other on the couch, clutching their toys on their laps as they watched the screen intensely. Seating beside Florence, Heath draped an arm over her shoulder. He could tell she was still pouty about not winning the game over dinner by the jut of her bottom lip. Hopefully soon with Josiah’s help, he’d make it right so they could all leave his house happy. Halfway through the movie, he paused it and announced. “Dessert time!”

“REMATCH!” The girls screeched, suddenly remembering the deal. They bounded up from the couch and raced into the kitchen.

“Remember the deal.” Heath reminded Josiah, placing a hand on his shoulder as they joined the others. In the kitchen, the showdown began with Josiah letting Florence take the victory this time. The young girl was satisfied, dashing around the kitchen with her arms up in triumph. Soon after, they were back in the living room setting up the forts again for the night, and by the time the credits were rolling the three kids were passed out deep inside.

Leaving them to themselves, Heath shut everything down and went to his own bed...only he couldn’t find sleep no matter what position he was in. He tossed and turned in the darkness, his sheets smelling of her from last night and making his body ache with a longing for a sequel. Heath felt like he was losing his sanity when he ripped the sheets from his body and got up from his bed. Like a thief in the night, he left the house silently and trekked across the long lawn to the dark guest house in nothing but a pair of long shorts, his boots and an old T-shirt. He walked like a man with purpose, but no one that saw him that night would know what that purpose was. He did. He was going to enter the guest house he built in his backyard with his own two hands and locate the young girl slumbering within it, and then he’d repeat last night’s events all over again.