Belonging to Lust

Chapter 137: Their Fate Was Sealed

Zaiyia had left her bathroom, crawled into her bed, and was about to trail the covers over herself when she heard the front door open from downstairs. She stilled completely as her ears perked up with distress at the sound of an infiltrator shutting the door behind them. Slowly sitting up, she contemplated on who the hell just sauntered all up in her home as her brown orbs sprinted to the stairs lit up by the moonlight pouring through her sheer curtain. The urgency to get up and locate a weapon when the steps of her stair began to creak with the combined weight of the intruder finally came to mind until the individual finally manifested themselves. Attired in a light grey T-Shirt, long dark shorts, and his signature work boots stood Heath rounding the newel post to face her. Her jaw nearly dropped into her lap.

Heath seemed taken aback that she was still awake and was cognizant of his presence. Halting in his tracks, it was like a cold bucket of water was emptied over his head, rousing him from the sexual trance that drove him here in the first place. Reality was catching back up to him again. Why was he over here again?

He came, Zaiyia recited incredulously to herself. He had finally come to her! She had almost forgotten she had asked him to come to her tonight earlier that day, and he listened! He was here! But what now?

Pulling the comforter off of her, she decided to go to him. By how taut he was right now, she had a feeling he was minutes away from running like a scared bunny back to the house with his fluffy tail between his legs. Slithering down to the end of her bed towards him, Zaiyia whispered out to him. “It’s okay, Heath. It’s gonna be okay.” Heath didn’t move except for his green eyes pursuing her as she came closer. Nearing the end of her bed, Zaiyia rose up to her knees and stretched her hands to him to allure him to her. “Come. It’s okay.”

Enchanted by her melodious voice, her magnified sexually-charged energy in the air, and her sleek dark form in the moonlight, Heath reached out and took her hand without a second thought of the peril to come.

“That’s right, come closer.” Zaiyia summoned him, gently drawing on his hand to close the distance between them. He mutely followed like a docile child, coming to stand before her in all his splendor. Craving fiercely to grin with victory, she chose instead to run both of her hands over the muscles of his chest through his shirt. She hoped her touch alone would be enough to hound away any recurring doubts in his mind. “There, you see? There’s nothing to worry about. You’re safe here with me.”

It was enough. Listening to her soothing words, Heath’s hand came around the back of her head to drag her satin bonnet off and freed her ebony braids from their confinement. Assembling them by immersing them around it, Heath had her head imprisoned by his hold. Lowering his arm, he forced her head to careen back, displaying half of her features in the moonlight and making him ravenous for her again. Dropping his green orbs to her full pouty lips, he whispered huskily to her in the dead of night. “We both know I shouldn’t be here.”

“But you are here.” Zaiyia pointed out, swallowing hard with fright that he was about to let her relish in touching him only to walk away like a bastard would. Why get dressed and come all this way just to torment her? Who would care to waste the time and energy to do so when they could remain in a snug warm bed and sleep her invitation away?

“I am here.” Heath conceded, nodding slightly to her point. He was gonna take her again tonight, he knew that without a doubt in his mind. Their fate was sealed once again with or without his say so.

“Then stay with me tonight, Heath.” Zaiyia pleaded with him, her brown eyes anticipating what could be the impossible. She was asking too much of him. She always seemed to be. “Don’t leave. Give us what we both can’t walk away from.”

“I couldn’t leave you now even if the cops were banging down the front door to put me in handcuffs, Zaiyia.” Heath professed, not giving her time to smile up at him in triumph before his lips descended and claimed hers as his.

Heath heard her moan in pleasure before her dainty fingers came up to plunge into his short cropped hair, making his scalp tingle and thus his body shiver from the contact. With a deep masculine groan, he broke the kiss only to slant his mouth over hers, enhancing the kiss and succumbing to her completely. His large hands prowled over her body, molding over every curve through her oversized T-Shirt that looked more like a dress on her petite frame.

Zaiyia gasped into the kiss when she felt his large hands curve over her backside and squeezed the supple flesh. The surprise made her arch her back and railroad her breasts harder against his rock hard abs. The feeling of her breasts made his large stately form quake in her hold, making her grin and it only got broader when she felt his arm disengage her hair to scout out the hem of the shirt so he could expel hers from her body. Pulling back far enough to lift her arms in assistance, she was soon left with nothing but her underwear as her shirt was heaved away.

“God, you’re fucking perfect. I’ve never seen anyone else like you.” Heath accorded, allowing his green eyes to skim her almost naked body hastily before finally allowing himself to put his hands on her. Using his hefty weight, he forced her lesser one down onto the mattress beneath him and pinned her there. Once again their lips sought each other out and clung as soon as they made contact. The next time they parted would be due to Heath's roving lips littering open-mouth kisses down her bare body while simultaneously kicking his boots off.

Not wanting to leave him overdressed any longer, Zaiyia grappled to get to work on his shorts by tearing them down as far as she could before it was out of her reach due to Heath’s exploration of her body. She wasn’t able to make much progress there, especially when he impeded her efforts down by suckling on her nipples as earnestly as he did. Already tired of feeling the cotton of his clothes and not his bare skin, Zaiyia flagged her annoyance with a embittered whine.

“Mmm.” Heath heard her, and planned to comply with her every wish as soon as he was done getting his fill of her perky luscious breasts, and drizzling kisses across her flat belly first. When he was satiated, he slid off of the end of the bed, then leaned over it to seize a hold of the back of her knees and began to lug her down to the edge of the bed towards him. “Now, you come over here.”

Letting out a squeak of surprise, Zaiyia lifted her head to see what he was doing, then began to giggle. “If you say so.” Laying back down, she lifted her arms over her head and enjoyed the brief ride back to the end of the bed again.

When her hips were in close proximity, Heath zealously dislodged her small panties and lowered himself down onto his knees to wedge his large frame between her legs. He hooked both arms under her legs, lifting them up onto his strapping shoulders. The mere scent of her had him salivating. “Jesus Christ, you have no idea how much I’ve needed this.”

She was about to remind him that he totally hit it last night too. How could he miss it already? But he malfunctioned her whole system when his face dropped and she felt his lips nibbling along her folds. That teasing sensation made her cry out in pleasure, and her hips attempted to jerk upward, but because they were held down by Heath’s arms, they couldn’t move. “FUCK!”

“I take it you missed it too.” Heath chuckled in between kissing her sex. He could do this all day and never grow tired of it.

“How do I keep forgetting how good it is?” Zaiyia whined to herself, not understanding how it wasn’t instilled in her head how extraordinary and euphoric this experience always was?

“There’s more where that came from.” Heath reminded her, leaning down to delicately suckle her clit and barely graze his teeth over it. Her hips jerked against his imprisoned hold, but he wouldn’t let them go. He wanted her to sustain every little sensation of this as he could. Pretty soon he was going to have her writhing all over the bed, but right now he needed her still for his own selfish pleasure that appeared more selfless than anything.

On he went, suckling her clit between soft and hard. When he wasn’t doing that, he was either cramming his tongue as far as he could get it in her entrance, or flattening it out to lap as much of her sex’s juices as he could get. She was teeming with her sweet nectar, and he didn’t want to waste a drop. He plagued her by substituting to different methods on ways to give her pleasure while she fisted the sheets, talked dirty to him and moaned out her pleasure into the night. Heath didn’t release her hips until he felt them move in rhythm to his tongue when he’d lick at her clit. As soon as he relaxed his hold, they were moving up and down on him. Zaiyia’s moans were becoming closer together and more high pitch, signaling her nearing climax. He let her hips do what they wanted on his tongue as her hand came crashing down to grip a fistful of his hair and detain him there. She talked dirty some more, reminding him that she was getting close before ultimately screaming in ecstasy. She came in his mouth, arching her back off the bed and crying out into the night.