Belonging to Lust

Chapter 138: Yield to her Power

Lifting his head from between Zaiyia’s legs, Heath licked his lips clean like a cat drinking from a bowl of milk. Rising to his feet, he discarded both his briefs and shorts in one fell swoop while the young naked girl quaked in the aftershock of her orgasm. He stood there riveted by her chest rising and falling, the moonlight beaming through sheer curtains and giving him a teasing show of dark immaculate limps lazily roving as if she was still riding out that same orgasm. It was tantalizing enough to touch oneself over, and that’s exactly what Heath found himself doing when his large hand fisted his cock and gave it a few lazy pumps. He moaned her name in the stilled darkness. “Zaiyia…you look so damn sexy like this. I can’t...”

Zaiyia let out a giggle as she mentally soared from her revelling the last hot drops of her orgasm. Sitting up to face him, she nearly came again at the sight of him touching himself. “Get over here and leave the rest of that to me.” She was highly pleased when he complied with her command instead of stubbornly ignoring her.

Reaching out with both hands, she ran them over the hard muscled terrain of his chest as he stepped to the end of her bed. His fingers dove back into her long ebony braids to cluster them into his large palms. He knew what was about to happen and so he was going to need something to do with his hands in the meantime. Raising her brown orbs to his place, she watched the half of his face lit up by the moonlight as she curled one hand on his thick shaft and cupped his balls with the other. She smiled at how hard he tried to subdue the pleasure from engraving itself across his face for her to interpret. His parted lips and eyelids slightly drooping were a good enough indicator anyway. Fueled, she opened her mouth to take the head of his cock in, taking her sweet time to work the rest through while she pumped him. All the while she watched the ecstasy engulf him and make him forget his fight of resistance. Tilting his head back, he shut his eyes and moaned his pleasure as freely as he was able to in the dead of night while the rest of the world outside slept, heedless of their rendezvous. Zaiyia watched him yield to her power until sucking his delectable cock and pumping him with the lubrication of her own saliva became a hypnotic rhythm she lost her own self to the moment she tasted his pre-cum. Like a shot of heroin, she was just as absorbed as him and closed her eyes to the rest of the world.

“Fuck, Zai…” Heath moaned out, his large chest rising and falling as euphoria strewn throughout his body with every drag of her lips as she swallowed him down as far as she could go. It was messed up to say, but she knew how to pleasure a man, and so instinctively too. She was so young and yet retained the kind of acclaimed skill every man expected every woman to typically have. She was truly gifted, but in more ways than sex. Heath knew that other than being an wonderful human being anyone would be blessed to get the chance to know, Zaiyia was also the only female he’s ever met that could make his knees teeter to the point of giving out, his heart gallop to near combustion, and his mind dive into a drastic level of sexual delirium he’d was positive a doctor would find concerning to his mental health.

No matter how precarious the ecstasy she gave him was, he wasn’t about to allow himself to cum down her throat. At least, not tonight. With every depth his cock submerged down her throat, the more he wanted to be entombed within the farthest reaches of her body no man has ever gotten the honor to be in. At first, the familiar feeling in his stomach was his first and only warning, because Zaiyia was just that adept to have him climaxing only seconds after. Forced to move rapidly, he emitting a choked gasp while expelling his cock from her mouth by tugging her head back. “N-No, baby, not this time. I got something else for you.”

Zaiyia let out a whine of protest, but he was out of her reach before she could compel him to fill her mouth with his cum. She pouted up at him. “But wh-” She was suppressed when he bent over her, perplexing her even further. What the heck was he up to? She had her answer when his hands curled under her knees and he hauled her entire lower half up off of the mattress. She let out a louder squeal than before when he had dragged her down to the edge of her bed to eat her out before, but that was quickly converted into moan as soon as she felt his tip penetrate her body. Biting her lower lip, she threw her head back in ecstasy as he filled her a third of the way with such precise purpose. “Oh fuck! Yes! Do it to me, baby! Do it to me!”

“Not until you watch, love.” Heath ordered huskily. He had monitored the entire process of entering her and it was mesmerizing. Wanting her to experience the same thing, he patiently observed her looking up to lock frenzied eyes on him before he plunged himself fully into her.

Letting out a cry, Zaiyia fought to keep her eyes on him. “Heath, please!” Her voice cut off as her eyes shut from the intensified sensation overrunning her system the deeper he went. By the time he was fully in, her mouth was open in a mute cry.

“Zaiyia...Zaiyia…Zaiyia.” Heath chanted her name like it belonged to a holy spirit as he surged within her. His body was on fire that only seemed to match her volcanic heat despite the slow pace he maintained. He wanted to luxuriate in every drawn out sensation that went into thrusting himself to the hilt inside of her instead of barraging himself with an array of euphoria all at once until he mentally and physically detonated within her in the aftermath. Every little lick of fire, tingle of pleasure, and gradual heightening of ecstasy was a leisurely teasing game that would be worth it in the end, it always was.

That was until Zaiyia reached out to grip onto the wrist that held her lower half suspended over the mattress. He wouldn’t be able to acknowledge her through the impenetrable haze of ecstasy he was spellbounded in and so she sunked her nails into his flesh to arouse him, fiercely begging him. “F-Faster, Heath! Go faster, p-please!”

Heath obeyed, escalating the speed until he’s practically pounding into her, his balls slapping against her behind as he gazes down at her through heavy eyes. She did her best to meet his gaze, her sublime perky breasts bouncing with his every thrust. When her eyelids began to flutter over and over again, Heath was certain she was close to her orgasm. “You gonna cum for me, baby? Huh?”

Zaiyia nodded her head, fighting hard not to fall back on the bed and let him have his way with her. She wanted to experience the same status of dominance as he was right now. “Y-Yes!”

“Then cum for me.” Heath ordered her in that deep sexy voice of his. As if he was a wizard that shot a spell on her, she fell apart beneath his eyes. Squeezing her eyes shut, she let out a shrill scream as she climaxed. Heath made it more powerful when he further heightened his speed and was jackhammering her through her orgasm. He watched her the whole time as he too felt himself draw closer to his own orgasm, but he wasn’t done with her yet. She wasn’t anywhere near done with her orgasm when he barked out another order. “Again! Do it again! Cum for me!”

“S-Slow down!” Zaiyia begged, trying to normalize her breathing so she wouldn’t choke when she spoke. Her eyes wouldn’t open and her body was slick with sweat. “P-Please, it’’s too i-intense!”

But Heath neglected her and kept the same jackhammer pace as he restated his demand, his own release was right around the corner. “Cum again, Zaiyia!”

Zaiyia came again with another piercing scream. Directly afterwards, she collapsed onto the bed in a boneless heap.

“So fucking beautiful, baby, so fucking beautiful!” Heath exalted her. Her second orgasm was so enchanting it literally blinded him as the dam crumbled within him and had him cumming inside her with a clamor of her name on his lips. His grip on her knees tightened as he selfishly rode out his orgasm and in the end was just as weakened as she was. Collapsing onto the bed, Heath made sure to keep the bulk of his weight off of her so he wouldn’t squash her. Braced up on his hands, he caught his breath. “Damn, Zai.”

Veering out from under him, Zaiyia wordlessly went into her bathroom to clean herself off. Once done, she returned to find him lying on his back with his head on one of her pillows. She had one wet rag to help clean him off and another to dry him. She extended them out to him. “Wakey wakey.”

Roused from sleep, Heath reached out to clean himself off with the wet one. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Zaiyia replied before drying him herself right afterwards all the while overlooking his semi-erection. Once finished, she took both rags back with her to the bathroom hamper. When she came back to the bed, she softly asked him. “Heath, will you stay here with me tonight?”

“That was the plan.” Heath murmured sleepily, opening his arms for her to come to him. He felt her press herself against his naked body and then lug a blanket over their nude bodies. She nuzzled against his shoulder as he closed his arms around her and held her close to his beating heart.

“Thank you, Heath...for coming tonight. I know it wasn’t easy.” Zaiyia whispered against his pecs, needing to say it. She hoped it wouldn’t ruin the moment though.

It didn’t. Heath didn’t even open his eyes. He was too tired to feel anything but sleep. “Shh, no more talking. Go to sleep.”

And so Zaiyia did.