Belonging to Lust

Chapter 14: There Will Be Trouble

Like every morning before class got started, Zaiyia headed to her locker to collect her books for the first half of the day. She wasn’t paying anyone any attention until she got close to her destination and saw a group of kids surrounding the area where her locker was. Sensing trouble, Zaiyia immediately stopped in her tracks and kept her back close to the nearest wall as she fished out her phone from her pocket to pretend that she was one of the many students fiddling with their phone before class got started and they would have to put it away. Once the first bell rang, the group of students became less and less until her brown eyes were able to see what exactly brought them over towards her locker.

Written in red spray paint was the bold letters of the word ‘WHORE’ on the front of her locker. It was worse than she could have thought. No one in the hallway seem to have any idea that that locker was hers, either that or they didn’t want to let her know that by looking in her direction. Zaiyia was pretty certain that they didn’t know, and so she was forced to be late for class as the last bell went off. The hallway was empty in seconds, leaving Zaiyia and her locker alone. It didn’t take a genius to know why the word ‘whore’ was spray painted onto her locker for everyone to see, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out who did it.

“I swear to fucking GOD if it wasn’t for Heath I’d spray paint those bitches’s eyes red and shove the empty cans down each of their throats so I can watch them choke on it!” Zaiyia hissed to herself as her eyes turned dark with fury.

She couldn’t believe that these idiot girls would take this whole situation this far. It wasn’t like she intentionally wanted to break up Alan and Alice, it just happened! This couldn’t possibly be her fault. Alan made the choice ALL by himself to break it off with Alice, Zaiyia hadn’t ever given him the idea that she wanted him to do it so they could be together. She just wanted to go to school, get good grades, and continue to have sexual fantasies about Heath before her mother comes crashing back into her life to ruin everything like she always did. That was it, there was nothing else that was meant to be added into school life.

Zaiyia now knew that it was only going to get worse from here on out, and that trying to stay out of it wasn’t going to ease the haters off her back. Either way she decided to go about this, those idiots were eventually going to come for her. Whether they decided to take their time about it or fight her sometime this week, she wasn’t certain about, but was probably because her focus was turned elsewhere at the moment. What she needed to figure out was how she could defend herself against these girls without having Heath find out about it? It would be much easier if they planned on fighting her outside of school instead inside of school, that way she could get away with it pretty damn easily. Inside the school, it’s a completely different story.

With a heavy sigh, Zaiyia stepped forward to fiddle with her combination lock and unlock the metal door. She grabbed two books from her locker before shoving it closed just in time for her haters to make an appearance from walking outside of the girl’s bathroom. Zaiyia turned her head to give them a dark glare as a warning to back off, but all Hannah and Sarah did in response was laugh at her and stick their tongues out to taunt her some more.

As much as Zaiyia wanted to go over there and punch one of them in the face as a second warning to not go there with her, she knew that wouldn’t be the right thing to do, especially if she wanted to stay living under Heath’s roof. No, these girls weren’t worth losing the chance of ever seeing him shirtless again, she knew it in her heart. Zaiyia looked away from them to slam her locker shut and walk away from their squeaky immature laughter. Her current goal wasn’t to beat their faces in, but instead to confront the principal about the damage that had been done to her locker. There was no way she was going to give her haters the satisfaction of seeing her have to use it in front of the whole school. Nah, those fucking idiots can think again, Zaiyia thought to herself as she walked into the school’s office.

The lady at the desk looked up from her computer at Zaiyia with a questioning look. “Student’s pass?”

Zaiyia shook her head. “Don’t have one, but listen, it’s important that I speak with the principal!”

The lady with the nametag that said Davenport gave Zaiyia a hard look. “For starters, you need a pass to be in the office. Two, you need a pass to speak with principal which I will only give you if you have a pass to be in this office.”

Zaiyia rolled her eyes and knew that her voice was about to start rising disrespectfully, when a man in a grey suit came out from one of the offices. He just screamed ‘principal’ to her and so instead Zaiyia called out to him. “Excuse me, hey excuse me sir. I need to speak with you about something very important.”

The man stopped and turned around to see who was addressing him so urgently and saw a young African American student in need of his help. “Uh, o-ok, come into my office, young lady.”

Zaiyia gave Mrs. Davenport a smug look before stepping into Mr. Quinn’s office, as the door clearly stated. As soon as he sat down across from her, she took off in a rant. “Ok so what happen was my locker was spray painted this morning by a group of hating idiots. They wrote the word ‘whore’ in big red letter down my locker. That needs to be fixed for starters because I’m not giving them the satisfaction of using it in front of everybody and being made fun. That is not an option here, do you understand me?”

Mr. Quinn sat up in his chair, alarmed by what she was telling him. “Whoa whoa slow down! Who spray painted the word ‘whore’ on your locker, and why would they call you that for?”

“I’ll let you take a guess as to the why. I don’t how big their group is, and nor do I know their names except for two, Hannah and Sarah. I don’t know their last names, but I do know they hang out with an Alice who recently got her heart broken by a footballer named Alan.”

Mr. Quinn shook his head and put his glasses on. “I think I know which Alice you’re talking about, but I can’t piece together why they would label you a whore. You got to help me here, young lady if you want my help.”

Zaiyia sighed impatiently. “Because they’re a good for nothing, immature group of PMSing idiots that believe I’m the reason their precious Alice’s heart has been broken. Alice was dating some other idiot named Alan and he broke up with her because he all of sudden wants to go out with me, when I OBVIOUSLY have no interest in him! Look I can’t use my locker, but neither can I carry these books with me ALL day. Can you help me?”

Mr. Quinn nodded in acceptance. “I completely agree with you about carrying those books around with you all day. How about you keep them in my office and we’ll give you a reusable pass to come and go to collect your books in-between classes until we can locate a temporary locker and get yours fixed up right.”

Zaiyia was relieved that the guy was reasonable and agreed to the deal. They shook hands on it and Mrs. Davenport was ordered to give her a special pass and a note for her teacher to explain her lateness. In seconds, Zaiyia was out of the office and going about her day without a care. She still didn’t acknowledge the group of girls whenever they passed each other in the hall, but she did take notice that they were recruiting more members, because now there were four new faces glaring at her whenever she walked by. She couldn’t believe these girls were really taking this drama this seriously. Didn’t they have better things to do? Like go shopping or getting pregnant at a party or something?

The end of the school day couldn’t have come fast enough for her, and because of the growing population of haters skulking the hallways, Zaiyia made sure to take her time exiting the building. Once she felt the hallways were empty enough, she headed for the front of the school with her homework and schoolbooks already in her back pack. Her only mission right now was to get on the bus and go home, but fate had other plans.

Outside waiting for her was the very attractive footballer, Alan. He was looking around when he caught sight of her coming out of the building and immediately went hurrying towards her. Zaiyia saw him last minute, as well as her groups of haters hanging around in the parking lot. They were watching the scene unfold before them with vengeful glares. Zaiyia tried to keep herself from taking it out on Alan when he finally reached her.

“Hey Zaiyia, how did your day go at school?” Alan asked with a dopey smile on his face.

Zaiyia took one look at her haters watching them with malice and decided that she didn’t give a shit about being nice to Alan at the moment. All day she’s been holding her anger in, and frankly she didn’t want to release it around Heath or at him. She didn’t want him to see that violent side of her. So what better way to let it out than on the douchebag who started it all? “Do you really want to know how my day went? Cause I don’t think you’re ready for what I’m about to tell you. Your old bitch’s group of friends standing in the parking lot right now staring at us like they want us to grind us down into ground beef; they fucking spray painted ‘whore’ on my lockers, not to mention the fact they won’t stop fucking glaring at me every chance they get!”

“Wha-“ Alan stammered out, totally caught off guard by her anger towards him.

“Don’t you fucking dare make me repeat myself, or I swear to God!” Zaiyia stopped herself to take a deep breathe before continuing on. “Look, I need you to listen to me closely, because I’m only going to say this once: Check your bitch’s friends or there will be trouble.” Zaiyia explained to him shortly before striding towards her bus. Throughout that one-sided conversation Alan was too afraid to speak, because her fury was extremely intimating to him. He didn’t know she had that bad of a temper, but when his eyes glanced over at the parking lot, he saw Alice’s group of friends watching them with sneers on their faces.

Would they serious bully poor Zaiyia because of what he had done to Alice, he wondered to himself as he stood alone outside of school.
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