Belonging to Lust

Chapter 145: His Greatest Desire

Anneliese was standing in her brother’s kitchen with him while her husband, Colin, convened all the kids up into their car parked in the driveway. “I’m glad to hear the kids weren't too much trouble for you, and that you haven’t induced them into a sugar coma this time.” She teased him with a wink, recalling one of his past mistakes. “But before I go, I wanted to invite you and Zaiyia out on a camping trip we’re going on soon. I don’t have the exact details yet, but I can let you know as soon as I do. Does that sound like something you two would be interested in?”

“Absolutely! You know I love camping with you and the kids.” Heath welcomed with a nod. Every year they went on a camping trip together as a family. Maverick didn’t always show up, but that was alright. “And I think Zaiyia wouldn’t mind it either. If not, I’ll buy her something to make up for it.”

“Great, I can’t wait to camp out under the stars with you two!” Anneliese raved as she stood on her tiptop to squeeze her brother goodbye. “Until then, I’ll see you later. Tell Zaiyia we said hi!”

“I will.” Heath promised, hugging her back. He walked her to the door and waved goodbye as the family drove away. Reversing back into his kitchen, Heath was set on pouring himself a glass of orange juice when in his peripheral vision he saw the luminous guest house. His green eyes sought the structure that held the subject of his greatest desire inside. instinctively, of course, his mind would go to the very woman that haunted his dreams the night before. Neither one of them could go to each other, because she was having her friends over for a sleepover, but that didn’t stop them from distributing steamy declarations of passion with their eyes. At this very moment, Zaiyia’s young friends were gone. He had received a giggling farewell from each of them before they accumulated into the McCoy sister’s car and left that morning.

Not being able to tear his eyes away from the guest house, Heath urged himself to close them. He welcomed the darkness behind his eyelids, he needed a moment to think first. Oh, what was he kidding!? He knew what was coming next, what he was about to do. Striking his hand down onto the kitchen counter, he relinquished to the irresistible pull as if it was a bewitchment and disregarded his hollow cup behind to exit his house through the back door. He crossed the lengthy yard in long strides, and without knowing whether the front door was locked or not, he seized the knob and turned it. The door opened, evidently unlocked. Heath stepped inside looking like a man on a mission.

Zaiyia looked up from the sound of the transgression by the trash can where she was throwing the last plastic fork from this morning’s breakfast away. As soon as she saw him she flashed him a smile. “Hey, Heath. Thanks again for buying breakfast this morning for me and the girls. It was delicious!”

Heath didn’t respond, and with his green eyes locked on her, he shut the door behind him and engaged the lock. Zaiyia’s smile fell, her brown eyes puzzled as they followed him crossing into the living room to close all the curtains she had opened that morning in search of some sunlight. Zaiyia believed she was finally understanding what he was up to. He was closing them off from the world so no one would be able to see what was about to go down between them. Mutely, she braced herself against the counter, her brown eyes fastened on him. Dressed in nothing but skimpy shorts, tiny adorable ankle socks and a tight tank top underneath a thin knee-length robe, she’d be easy to disrobe. As he closed the distance between them, Zaiyia had to crane her neck to stare up into his eyes considering he was a soaring giant to her petite height. Wordlessly, he began to unknot her robe and nudged it off her shoulders to pool at her feet. Then he lifted her by setting his hands on her hips and placed her down on the counter behind her.

Surprised, Zaiyia let out a gasp and vied to get a hold on his shoulder for security. The moment she was safely seated, those hands became lax and began to gliskatede down over the rock hard muscles through his shirt. She felt him divide her legs apart even further by stepping farther between them so he could lean down and rest his forehead against hers. At the same time their eyes fluttered shut and stayed that way even when his hands prowled over her hips and thighs. They simply stayed like that for a moment, neither of them were in a rush to get this over with. They took in the other’s breath deeply, marinated in their warmths completely, and basked in the other’s existence.

Finally, Heath whispered near her lips. “What we’re doing is wrong.”

Zaiyia responded with a jaded sigh. Sometimes she wished she would take the risk of defiling the moment by telling him to shut the hell up. It has always been a fact that their relationship was forbidden! That wasn’t ever going to change! She knew it, and he knew it. But despite that he kept coming back to her like a moth to a flame, and touching her with the desperation of man in search of food or water. But she wouldn’t utter that. No, she was going to give him the choice of deciding how this was going to turn out. She wouldn’t quarrel with him over this again like she had the thousand times before. Even if that meant this time he’d walk away for good and never touch her again.

Much to her surprise, he didn’t say anything else. Even much to her surprise, he only stepped back to remove her shorts from her lower half. He was so quiet as he worked, and his facial features remained impassive. She had no idea what was going through his mind and so it felt bizarre to have him sliding her clothes down her legs. “What we’re doing is wrong.” She checked him by throwing his words back into his face. He stilled from where he was crouched working her clothes off her feet, but didn’t look up at her. “Why are you here, Sullivan? Why the hell are you back here doing this to me again?”

Tipping his head back to look her in the eyes, Heath declared his deficiency. “Because no matter how hard I try, it’s not possible to keep myself away from you.”

“Then stop fighting it then! Just come to me, Heath!” Zaiyia beseech him, trying not to sound too frantic. “Come to me whenever you need me!”

Heath straightened himself back up to stand between her legs again. His hands rose to frame her face so he could ghost his lips overs hers. “I can’t, Zai.”

“I’ll go to you then!” Zaiyia vowed tenaciously, giving up on not appearing as the frantic one. Curling her hands around his large wrists, she closed her eyes. “If that will help make it easy on you.”

Shaking his head in objection, Heath whispered to her. “I can’t focus on that right now.”

“Why no-” Zaiyia began to bicker but was cut off by his lips crushing hers in an intensely passionate kiss, she renounced all her control immediately. Sagging against him, she snaked her arms around his neck and thrust her tongue into his mouth to greet his.

The meeting of their tongues sent a surge of yearning inside him so strong, his hands took to wrestling with her underwear and ultimately ripped it in two to extract it off of her. His movements were lightning fast as he flung the torn material onto the floor and then began to move on to his pants. Their hands met there and because they had a common enemy they joined forced on loosening his pants enough for him to get out. Before he could though, Zaiyia was pushing him away from her with dainty hands against his solid chest.

“What?” Heath managed to ask as he stepped back, dubious of why she needed him away from her all of a sudden. “What’s wrong?”

Hopping off the counter, Zaiyia sent him a smile over her shoulder as she headed towards the living room where the couch was wearing nothing but her tank top and ankle socks. One of them she planned to remove, and when she arrived at her destination, she peeled her tank top up over her head and flung it onto an armchair. She was completely naked now...if you don’t count socks. With an index finger, she motioned him to her.

Shoving down his pants, Heath went to her. Along the way, he shed his shirt so by the time he was standing before her he was only in his briefs. They did nothing to conceal his erection that was easily outlined in the dark cotton material. Zaiyia sat herself down on the couch before he could reach out and touch her rich flawless skin. She smiled up at him as she ran both hands over his cock through his brief, stroking the hard flesh with care. He groaned deeply in response at her touch. Needing to touch her as well, each hand sought out a perky breast to knead, her ebony nipples growing hard before his very eyes from his treatment.

Zaiyia moaned at the feeling of his fingers caressing her nipples. Leaning forward, she compensated him for the pleasure he was supplying her body with by kissing the mold of his cock through his brief. Between kisses she murmured hotly against his sensitive flesh with the same enticing heat her body administered to him when he was inside her. “Feels so good to have your hands on me again, Heath. You make my body burn for you.”

Affected beyond comprehension, Heath could only bring himself to groan in response. Coming up with words took too much energy he’d rather implement to more intimate actions. Especially when she was peeling his briefs off of him. Heath didn’t dare let her go any further. He didn’t think he could stand her touching him with her hands or mouth, or else that would be it for him. Moving out of her reach, he whispered huskily down to her. “Lay down on the couch, baby.”