Belonging to Lust

Chapter 146: Time to Work on Me

Fulfilling Heath’s command, Zaiyia lowered her naked body minus her sock clad feet to the couch in the living room of the guest house. Her brown orbs stared up at her guardian who was looking down at her in all his nude glory while she adjusted herself onto the couch. Enticing him to her by spreading her trembling legs, she watched his green eyes flit down to devour the sight of her bare sex gleaming in the light of the table lamps. Enchanted, Heath’s lips parted as he obsessively gazed at what she was offering him. Licking his lips longingly, he earnestly followed her down onto the couch by hovering his large form over hers. This position made it to where her sex was no longer in sight. Finding himself missing it, Heath leaned back onto his knees between her legs, dropping his eyes back down between her legs where her folds were parted to show the lavishness within. Heath didn’t realize he was panting when he curled his hand around his erection and steered himself to her entrance with a murmur. “Fuck, you’re so goddamn beautiful, you know that? Every inch that I’ve seen, that I’ve tasted has been nothing but transcendence in it’s finest form.”

“Speak of yourself.” Zaiyia smiled up at him before the tip of his cock dipping into her entrance made her gasp and arch her back off of the couch. Her eyes slammed shut as her hands blindly reached out for something to grip onto. Accepting the arm cushion behind her head, she cracked her lids open to behold Heath’s hand rotating his cock around her entrance to churn around the wetness her body had mustered. “I thought y-you were perfect the first moment I saw you. I-I’ve never met a man like you before. I didn’t know that they even existed outside of romance novels and Hollywood movies.”

“Surprise!” Heath snorted, diverted by her admission. He was far from the world of Hollywood, but that wasn’t a discussion he cared to go into. Her body on the other hand was another story. Easing his hips forward, he directed his lubricated tip through her entrance inch by inch. At the same time she let out a moan, he did as well, his green eyes soaring up to witness her become undone so wantonly by him. It was a sin to be inducing this young girl to a euphoric pleasure like this no matter how alluring it looked to the eye. Once again, he’s taken it too far. Pulling out and walking away from her now mandated a strength he didn’t obtain in his soul. Perhaps instead if he could just hurry to attain his release he could ditch her sooner and retire this tabooed routine they kept finding themselves getting into...oh, what was the use? His hips wouldn’t spur it’s pace. It preferred keeping a leisurely, steady, penetrating tempo instead what with the seductive accolades she was whispering out to him. It was distracting him. Shaking his head to ward off her inspiring words, he moaned out a plea for mercy. “Zai, s-stop talking.”

“I-I can’t.” Zaiyia choked out. Her clutch on the couch cushion behind her head slackened to snare itself on his waist instead, urging him to keep going along with her legs snaking around him. Her head was tilted back as she bit her bottom lip, allowing herself to get consumed by the pleasure their bodies inflamed with each thrust. “You make me feel so fucking good. I-I can’t stop wanting this, wanting you. Every second of every day I hunger for you. I can’t get control of it.”

Seeking to shut her up himself, Heath lowered a bit more over hers and smashed their lips together, subduing her next words. His hips kept the rhythm as the silence was saturated with their moans and heavy breathing. Regrettably, Heath lifted his lips from her full delicious ones, missing her exaltations already. They made his heart balloon and by the time her words stopped flowing and they both had shouted the walls down with their orgasms, he was breathlessly making his own admittance against her lips while trying to catch his breath. “Anything you feel for me pales in comparison to how much I feel for you. Awake, asleep, naked, or fully clothed, I’m always picturing you this way underneath me. Your legs spread, your sex feeding my existance, your lips giving me breath to survive the next day. I’m convinced in your past life you must have been a witch because you have me utterly spellbound.”

Zaiyia’s lips curved into a slow smile. Her heart was filled to bursting by his touching words. She couldn’t remember a time where she had to hold her own breath to keep herself from declaring her love to him. Hell, she couldn’t remember a time where his words made her want to explode into tears. Sadly, he decided then to climb off of her and sit back on the couch. Now able to curb her own emotions down, she soon followed, sitting her sweaty form up to stare at him. He wouldn’t look at her, his eyes trained on the kitchen nearby. He didn’t appear to be in either bad or good spirits. Unsure if closing the distance between them would be a good idea, Zaiyia chanced it and scooted next to him to lay her head against his cold sweaty arm. Letting out a sigh at her closeness, Heath lifted his arm up and over to draw her closer to his side like he knew he shouldn’t. Tipping his head down, he placed a dawdling kiss on her braids while his fingers combed themselves through them. Now that their skin was making contact again, she could sense that he was plagued after all. He was just hiding it well enough to mislead her. The small smile she had when he cuddled her closely dropped as she pondered on whether or not he was getting harder to read or if she was faltering. Normally, she could tell from a mile away what was going through his mind. Today, she couldn’t. She didn’t want to have to pull off that bandaid by interrogating him, but neither did she want to sit in ignorant bliss either. Being the one to walk away first wasn’t an option either, she was going to stay at his side unless he gave her a motive not to. Taking a deep breath to brace herself, Zaiyia softly whispered. “You okay?”

“No.” Heath answered bluntly, shaking his head to himself for continuously making the wrong decision. He was fine sitting where he was for now until he felt the palm of her rest over his racing heart. He knew what she was going to say. The same thing she always said. They both were becoming broken records! Heath was aware he had no strength to resist her, and so he would have to find it in another form. Surging off the couch and breaking their contact, Heath mumbled out. “I need a drink.”

Mutely, Zaiyia watched him cross into the open kitchen to get a small cup out of the cupboard then reach effortlessly for a hidden stash of liquors she hadn’t ever noticed were above the fridge. He was still naked as the day he was born as he downed the liquor in one gulp and then idled there to glower down at the counter like it had disgraced him. Zaiyia didn’t know what else to do but sit there naked on the couch, her heart no longer racing from amazing sex but from hysteria over what would happen next. It felt like an hour before Heath finally made a move, and it was only to locate his clothes. He felt her eyes on him as he hauled on his brief and pants all under her gaze. He delayed on acknowledging her until then before grumbling beneath his breath. “We need to talk, Zaiyia.”

Gee, where have I heard that before, Zaiyia growled in her mind? Averting her eyes from his, she let out a sigh and rolled her eyes with frustration. How many times did they have to reenact this same exact scene!? How long was he going to continue to battle what was between them? Lurching from the couch in all her nudity, she mutinously faced him and installed both of her hands on her hips. “About what this time?”

Expecting a gutsy backlash from her, Heath thought he was ready when he spun around to face her naked body with his cum trickling down her inner thighs. Feeling the strength of the alcohol begin to ebb because of her nudity, he violently whirled back around so his back was to her again. He needed to protect himself or else she’d win. Composing his breathing and his body’s response back down, Heath snapped out. “Would you put your damn clothes on!? I can’t talk to you when you’ this!”

Rolling her eyes again, Zaiyia obeyed him before facing him again “Face it, Heath, there is nothing to talk about between us!”

“There is.” Heath managed to say, still averting his eyes from her even when he turned back around to oppose her.

“Dude, I’ve heard all this crap before!” Zaiyia reminded him, closing her eyes to stem her rising frustration before boring them straight into his. “And the more I hear it, the more I’m starting to think you shouldn’t be wasting your breath on trying to convince me. It’s you that needs convincing that this is wrong, not me! You need to make up your own damn mind on what you want, then come see me when you’ve made your decision because this back and forth bullshit is getting really fucking old. I swear to god, Heath, if you preach that motherfucking speech to me one more fucking time, than this will be the last time we fuck ever again until you decide on what you want to do. I swear on fucking everything, Heath, I want no more of this!”

Despite being stymied by her candid speech, Heath's mind was still clear enough to see that what she said was 100% right. He had to take some time for himself and make up his own mind. He was the problem. Not her. Releasing a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding, Heath concurred. “You’re right. I need to figure out what I’m gonna do. Reminding us over and over again that this is wrong clearly hasn’t been helping so...I need time to myself to work on me.” Leaving it at that, he made his way to the front door to make his exit. A thought came in his mind when he almost made it past the threshold. Keeping his back to her, he mumbled out. “Anneliese and her family are going camping soon. She invited us to come along.”

Fighting to keep her emotions at bay, Zaiyia’s voice cracked. “I’ve never been camping before.”

Turning his head, Heath frowned to himself as he echoed incredulously. “You’ve never camped before?”

“Not properly.” Zaiyia corrected.

“You’ll like it.” Heath comforted her. “Don’t worry, I’ll look out for you.”

“Thank you.” Zaiyia softly whispered. Ha gave her a simple nod, before making his departure.