Belonging to Lust

Chapter 15: The Troublemaker

By the time Zaiyia got home, her anger from before had dissipated. Her negative thoughts about the kids at school had scrambled away as the clock began to tick down to Heath’s arrival. Small waves of excitement washed over her, and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling at the thought of him coming home. She had realized that she had missed being around him as she cooked them both up some dinner. When she heard the sound of his truck coming up the driveway, she had stopped setting up the table to run towards the front window. She watched him kick the driver’s door open and step out with his construction helmet on his head, his lunch pail in one hand and some papers in the other. He looked incredibly sexy and masculine even when he was stepping out of his dirty old work truck.

Before he stepped inside the house, Zaiyia was already back in the kitchen fixing up his plate with healthy portions of food. When he walked in through the entryway and gave her a greeting smile, Zaiyia had to bite her tongue to stop herself from giggling like a weirdo.

“Hey, Zaiyia, smells good in here. I gotta tell you I’m seriously starving for some food right now but I’m also in desperate need of a shower. It was particularly grueling sweaty day today, so I’ll be back in a few minutes to eat dinner once I’m all done, ok?” Heath thoughtfully informed her.

Zaiyia nodded and watched him turn around and leave. She didn’t really like the idea of eating dinner without him, so she decided to patiently wait until he returned. Eventually she got bored of all the waiting, and got up to nose around his living room. As her fingers trailed over the mantel of the fireplace, a familiar thought came back to her from earlier that day in school about Heath…and how he looked amazing naked. Zaiyia bit her lip at the thought as she leaned her head back to peek down the empty hall towards his bedroom. She couldn’t hear any kind of movements as she slowly turned around and headed into the hallway, going deeper and deeper. Heath’s bedroom door was cracked open a bit, but not enough to reveal anything as tantalizing as his naked body on the other side. Zaiyia leaned her ear close to the small opening and listened for the sound of running water. When she couldn’t be sure if he was still in his bathroom or not, Zaiyia decided to push the door open a little bit more. Unfortunately the door went swinging much farther than she wanted to, and accidently exposed a soaking wet Heath in nothing but a towel around his waist. In that moment, Zaiyia wished she was invincible so she could stare at that sight forever and not get in trouble for it, but alas she wasn’t. Heath’s head snapped around to stare wide eyed at Zaiyia’s mirrored expression. Neither of them moved from their spot for two different personal reasons.

Zaiyia’s reason was being shocked that she was actually right about him looking amazing naked…well half naked in this case. Heath’s reason was that he found it rather odd that he felt nervous butterflies in the pit of his stomach instead of what he should be feeling, such as the need to scold her for intruding into his room without his permission. Swallowing back the strange rising shyness, Heath cleared his throat and stepped back, trying to look like he was upset with her for walking in on him. “What are you uh, doing in my room, Zaiyia?”

God she loved the way he said her name, but right now was not the time to appreciate that. She was going to have to think up a lie real quick, or else this was going to become really awkward. “I uh….I-I was wondering if you wanted the left over dessert from yesterday to be served after dinner?”

Heath didn’t catch on to her answer sounding more like an unsure question and instead nodded his head as he looked around his room nervously. “Y-Yeah that’ll be fine. You can go now, and next time knock before you go peeking into somebody’s room, that’s uh rude and…stuff.”

Zaiyia nodded and quickly shut his door and scampered back to the table. She made sure to get all her giggles and grinning out before he could walk in and see. She couldn’t believe she had almost saw him naked! She get going over the image repeatedly in her mind as she nibbled on her dinner. When Heath was finished getting dressed, he awkwardly walked back into the kitchen and took a seat across from her. Neither of them acknowledged one another throughout the meal, and instead kept their focus on what was on their plate. He was embarrassed and wasn’t sure what to do or say about what happened. She knew this and kept her mouth shut about it so he wouldn’t feel worse about it. However, before she could take her last bite of dinner, Heath had surprised her by finally speaking to her.

“So…how was your uh, day at school today?” Heath asked her awkwardly, looking down at his broccoli.

Zaiyia put her fork down and hid her smile as best as she could. “It was ok. Normal boring stuff, you know?”

Heath nodded slowly while still diverting his eyes from her. “Yeah, I remember. Are your grades uh still…good?”

Zaiyia nodded, biting her lower lip to hold back a smile. “Oh yeah, they’re still going…strong.”

Heath couldn’t help but smirk at her choice of words. “Strong, really?”

Zaiyia narrowed her eyes at him and gave him a fake glare. “Oh shut up, you.”

Heath laughed as he stabbed into his vegetables. “I’m sorry. Just remember to keep up the good work, ok?”

“Don’t worry, I remember.”

“Have any friends yet?” Heath continued questioning on, his eyes lifting to look at her for the first time since she saw him half naked.

“Nope, no friends.” She answered with a shake of her head.

“Any enemies?”

Zaiyia hesitated for a second as the memories of her haters flashed before her eyes. “No, no enemies.”

Heath could see that she was lying, and was surprised that she was. He didn’t want to question her about why she wasn’t telling the truth. If Zaiyia was going to or had already done something bad at school, the principal would call him about it. Since he hasn’t yet received any notification about Zaiyia picking fights, he didn’t feel it was necessary to put her on the spot about lying right now. Who knows, maybe she had it under control somehow. “That’s good news.”

Zaiyia decided to change to subject before his questions became too difficult to come up with a lie to. “And how did your day go?”

Heath’s sudden smile made her feel warm all over. “It was fine.”

Zaiyia finished the last of her bite just as a fist banged itself against their front door. The duo at the table froze as they looked towards the kitchen entryway. Heath’s eyes then bore themselves straight into Zaiyia’s with a look of both hope and question. She knew what he was thinking about, she didn’t need him to tell her. He wanted to know if there was a possibly that her mother was on the other side of that door finally returning to them. Zaiyia gave him his answer in the form of shrug and with the shake of her head, telling him honestly that she wasn’t sure. Not waiting another minute, Heath shot up out of his chair and strode over to the front door, praying it to be her mother. Zaiyia got up from the table too and peeked from around the corner of the kitchen entryway. Her heart began to pound heavily with uncertainty. She had no idea if her mother had finally come home or not. When it came to Yovela, she had her own private schedule on her comings and goings and no one was allowed to know it. When Heath finally swung the door open, a stranger came stumbling in and fell onto the floor before Heath’s feet. The form was obviously a man.

Heath let out a growl at his younger brother Maverick’s drunk behind lying on his floor. With an irritated sigh, Heath bent down to grab his brother by his button up collar and yanked him like a rag doll back onto his feet. Zaiyia couldn’t help but be slightly turned on by that act of strength. Maverick let out a playful laugh before coming face to face with his clearly irritated brother. “Hey big guy, how are y-you?”

Heath didn’t bother to give him an answer because of how much disappointment he felt towards his little brother. Maverick rarely came over to visit him when he was sober and had himself put together. No, he mostly came over when he was intoxicated over some of life issues he was going through at the time. Right now he smelt like he bathed in a tub full of liquor, which meant that he had gotten into some kind of trouble. From in the kitchen doorway, Zaiyia stared between the two men with a suspicious look in her eyes. She had a feeling that their visitor was Heath’s younger brother Maverick, the trouble maker. They shared the same nose, and green eyes, and sort of the same masculine stance. Of course, the guy wasn’t as heavy built with muscles like his older brother and was a bit shorter, but he still had some aura of strength to him. The guy was attractive for sure…but he didn’t give Zaiyia the butterfly feeling in her stomach just by existing. He didn’t make her feel warm and fuzzy inside like Heath did simply by looking at her, or saying her name. Then again, Maverick doesn’t even know she’s there yet, so how would she know how he’d make her feel?

“What the hell happened now?” Heath demanded to know as he kept a stern grip on his brother’s collar to help support him on his feet.

Maverick blinked a couple of time to refocus his sight before answering. “I got fired today for sleeping with my boss’s wife on top of his desk, but really Heath…REALLY, I did him a favor. She’s like 20-something and he’s like 86. The man can hardly get it up anymore and his money wasn’t impressing her, so I stepped in to give her some help, and…keep her from leaving the poor besotted bastard. It was a deal, you don’t leave him, and I can keep on fucking you in secret until the sun comes back up.”

Heath shook his head and rolled his eyes as he yanked his brother into the kitchen behind him. Maverick couldn’t keep up with him, and so he let himself get dragged the rest of the way after his efforts proved useless. As rough as it looked like Heath was being towards his poor little brother, he gently assisted him onto a dining chair before stepping back. Maverick rubbed his eyes before opening them back up to connect right into Zaiyia’s eyes. His green eyes widened as he took in her beautiful appearance in. He thought for a minute that she was his brother’s new girlfriend, Yovela, but as his eyes became more focused, he saw that she wasn’t her. This young lady looked younger than her, and looked like a smaller more beautiful version of her. Maverick continued to stare at her as his jaw descended onto the table.

♠ ♠ ♠