Belonging to Lust

Chapter 154: What The Rules Are

Zaiyia was completely speechless, and flabbergasted by Heath’s proclamation. She had to blink several times just to be sure he was really right there sitting on her bed in front of her. Surely this had to be a hallucination resulting from the emotional upheaval from the night before. It had to be! There was no damn way the man she wanted more than anything was all of a sudden claiming to want her to be his. NOW he wants a relationship!?

If she had been sitting near the edge of the bed, Ziayia would have deliberately launched her off to acquire a bump on her head. Evidently, her mind was in need of a good jounce if she was going to sit here and believe this absurd statement of his.

Shaking her head to herself, Zaiyia closed her eyes. “I...I don’t...w-what?”

“I want to be with you, Zai. In the very same way you’ve always wanted us to be together.” Heath advanced on, his green eyes trying to seek out hers. “Are you willing to give me another chance to make things right? To make what we both want a reality?”

Wow. Who the hell am I talking to right now, Zaiyia pondered to herself, because this man was NOT the Heath Sullivan she knew. Never in a million years would this man comply with being her boyfriend and making her his girlfriend. Publicly or covertly.

Was he saying all this because she ran away from home and tried to commit suicide?

Was he forcing himself to give her what she wanted in order to keep her alive?

All of this was too much to think about all at one time. She needed some space and a lifetime of hours to take everything in to be fully analyzed. To give him an answer right now? She didn’t trust herself to speak on it. Not until she was positive she wasn’t losing her mind and conjuring this entire discussion up to make herself feel better. Zaiyia shook her head to herself and began to rub her temples. “Heath, I...I don’t know what you want me to say. I’m just...I’m so fucking tired right now, man. I too exhausted to be awake right now, or to be having this conversation about rashly agreeing to gamble my heart on a hasty chance for love only to watch it get thrown through a fucking meatgrinder again!”

“Baby, hear me out first before you go making a decision like that.” Heath gently halted her, giving her small hand a squeeze. He wouldn’t let her give up on what they both wanted. Strange how he was finally on the same page as her and now she wouldn’t accept the gift he was offering her, but he supposed all the hurt and pain she’d undergone because of him has made her weary. “I know you’re tired. I can see it all over your face. But the rules to our relationship won’t be unfairly demanding of you, I promise.”

Zaiyia let out a long sigh and tilted her head up to open her eyes to the ceiling. She couldn’t look at him, didn’t have the strength to without giving in to his every whim. “Fine...tell me what the rules are.”

“When company is over, or if we’re out on the town, you and I will be father and daughter.” Heath began with the first rule, observing her face closely so he’d be able to deduce every expression. “But when we’re here, alone, like we are now...we will be lovers. Do you understand?”

A tear Zaiyia hadn’t known formed fell out of the corner of her eye and down her cheek. Contrite that she reacted in the worst way possible, she closed her eyes and lowered her head down towards her lap. How in the world did she still have tears to shed?

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay, baby.” Heath cooed softly, reaching out to wipe the single tear from cheek with his thumb. His hand delayed there to cup her cheek in his palm. “Don’t cry anymore. It’s just you and me now, you hear? I got you now and I’m not planning on letting you go.”

“Heath...y-you don’t have to do this.” Zaiyia whimpered out, leaning her cheek against his touch. Internally, her heart soared in a splendid pirouette of exult that she had finally won. But her mind was cursing her for being the world’s biggest naive moron for liquifying so easily for him. “You don’t have t-to do anything. I’m n-not expecting you to. Just...let it all go, p-please. I’m done a-and so should you be.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Zai. I’m not done with you just like I know you’re not done with me. I already know I don’t have to do a single damn thing about your beautiful ass. But I want to.” Heath asserted with a smirk that should have looked diverted like it was intended to and not downright sexy. “Since I’ve known you, you've been chasing after me nonstop. But now it’s my turn to chase you.”

“Jesus.” Zaiyia groaned, removing her face from his tough to run her hands over her face. She was insane! Clinically insane! This entire fanciful conversation she was having with ‘Heath’ was proof of that.

Seeing that she still wasn’t giving in, Heath’s eyes flickered down to her bed where he had found her under her comforter. His orbs returned back to her just as quickly as they left her. “Lay down, Zai.”

Zaiyia froze. Dropping her hands to her lap, she gaped at him suspiciously. “What? Why?”

“Just do as I say.” Heath answered, gesturing with a nod towards her pillows. “Lay down.”

Why the hell did he want her to lay down? Zaiyia had no idea, but her body didn’t need her permission, only his. Before she knew it, she was lowering herself down onto her back. Her head jerked in his direction when he rose from her bed to quietly walk to her window to shut the blinds. The room became much darker, but not so to where she couldn't still see him. Taking a few steps back to the bed, he stood by her side of it and began to discard every article of clothing.

Zaiyia’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull. She hadn’t been expecting this! Was he planning have sex with her? Her answer came when he dropped his pants following his briefs, exposing an erection that was branded on the back of her eyelids every time she blinked. Her body’s comeback began to vanquish her logical thinking with a scalding heat that turned it to ashes. The ache between her legs was so exquisite she couldn’t keep her legs from moving just to feel the electrifying shot of pleasure it gave her when her folds touched. Her chest was rising and falling like they’d gone four rounds in a constant row already. Her nipples were pronounced beneath her shirt, and aroused to the same degree when Heath worshipped with them. But no matter what she couldn’t let this happen. As he began to pull back the comforter, Zaiyia whispered out to him in embarrassment, her cheeks hot to the touch. “Wait! I-I’m on my period. We can’t d-”

“I don’t care.” Heath replied candidly, crawling under the comforter and using both hands to extract both her shorts and underwear with the pad on at the same time. He didn’t even grimace at the sight of it, nor the idea of making love to her while she was bleeding and that’s because those things were the naturals working of a woman’s body. He wasn’t some squeamish little boy anymore that didn’t know the ways of the female form, he was a man.

Not expecting that response, Zaiyia merely gaped up at him like he was Zeus appearing over her bed with the heavens gleaming behind him. She hadn’t comprehended his knee brushing her legs open to accommodate his hips between them until he had fully entered her in one fulfilling thrust. Gasping, she threw her head back onto her pillow and moaned.

Even Heath had to close his eyes and moan, the blood of her body serving as their lubrication along with her body’s natural wetness. Lowering himself to prop his arms on either side of her head, he trailed kisses across her cheek until he reached her lips. He plundered her sweet mouth with a possessive groan as their bodies relished the feeling of being merged together that went beyond ordinary sex. With them it was different, it was a transcending adventure he’d never experienced with another woman. Not even her mother.

Hiking her legs up and looping them around his hips, Zaiyia thrusted her fingers into his hair as she felt his fingers stroke over her braids while cupping hers as well. She waived all of her control to him as he slanted his mouth across hers to delve deeper, absorbing her very soul into him. It took her rising her hips to his for him to get the hint to start moving inside her. With a gasping moan, Zaiyia was once again conquered by the ecstasy he evoked by just moving in and out of her so deeply and steadily. It was enough to make her eyes roll in the back of her head, her nails to bite into his flesh, and her body to adhere to his like a resilient leech needing sustenance.

Heath made love to her through the afternoon and into the night. She never got the chance to leave the bed except to wash up, but other than that she was pinned beneath him and induced into another euphoric climax that sent her thrashing on the bed like an insane patient restraint to a hospital bed. Heath was the one that got up to get them the required refreshments and meals and had even gone to get towels to keep under her so she wouldn’t bleed all over her bed. She kept telling him to stop because she was on her period, but he was a madman unwilling to listen to anything but the moans of pleasure from her lips. He needed her. He needed to make up for lost time, and almost a life lost and he wasn’t anywhere near done with making up for that yet. Over and over he gave her more than they both could handle, and even after sleep momentarily claimed them, he put them back through their paces again.