Belonging to Lust

Chapter 16: Dangerous Intruder

Zaiyia looked away from Heath’s younger brother Maverick’s roaming eyes. As good-looking as the guy was, she wasn’t at all that comfortable with his drunken eyes checking her out with male interest. He was a stranger and…he was Heath’s brother. It just didn’t feel right to return his admiration with a batting of her eyelashes or naive blushing. Zaiyia actually felt more comfortable with staring at Heath, who was currently filling up a tall glass of water for his little brother, than she did staring at Maverick.

Maverick’s eyes refused to look away from the beautiful young lady standing in his brother’s kitchen, and so he leaned forward in his chair to get an even better look at her. She wore skin tights jean that looked like they had to have been sewed onto her, it showed off her slightly thick legs that lead up to her thick and curvy behind. Her skin was like a deep rich brown that looked as smooth and flawless as it probably felt to the touch. Her hair fell in long ebony thick braids down her back and was decorated with a few tiny golden cuffs that brought out the gold undertone in her skin and made her look even more erotic at the same time. Maverick wasn’t the kind of bold fellow to just flirt with ANY young woman, but when there was alcohol coursing through his system, then that changed everything. Slurring over his words, Maverick couldn’t help but boldly ask her a very private question that was nagging at the back of his mind the moment he saw her. “S-So how long ha-have you been fucking m-my brother, you beautiful Queen, you?”

Zaiyia was obviously taken surprised by his invasive question and so was Heath, except his surprise turned to anger as he reached over to smack his little brother behind the back of his head. Maverick let out a grunt in pain from being hit and almost had his head connect with the kitchen table by the force of the blow. “Jesus Christ, Heath! God, you could’ve given me a fucking concussion or something. Relax, man! I was just kidding!”

Heath ignored Maverick’s complaint and turned to Zaiyia, his anger dissipating instantly. “Can you fix my idiot little brother a plate of dinner, please?”

Zaiyia merely gave him a nod in response before heading over to the fridge to pull out the leftovers and warm a plate up in the microwave. Heath stepped over to the counter across from his brother’s chair and leaned against it with his arms crossed. Maverick glared up at Heath for his now pounding migraine, but his older brother didn’t show any remorse for it, and merely stared back with disappointment. Once the food was warmed up, Zaiyia took it out of the microwave and placed it in front of Maverick with a fork. Maverick gave her gracious smile before reaching over the table to place his hand over hers in thanks, but Heath’s voice had him snatching his hand right back.

“Don’t touch her, Maverick. I’m warning you.” Heath threatened in a steely voice that also had Zaiyia pulling away from the table. She walked over to stand by Heath and kept her eyes on the kitchen table into order to prevent herself from looking at him. She didn’t want to start smiling at Heath because of his protectiveness over her.

Maverick frowned and sat back in his chair to eat his meal. “You know what, Heath? You need to not be so possessive all the time over your women. You can trust me, you know…Holy shit, this chicken tastes amazing!”

Zaiyia couldn’t resisted herself from looking up at Heath any longer as she stared at him out of the corner of her eyes, her mind beginning to drift off. Was his protective side really just him being possessive over her as a man would be to a woman that he felt was his? Or was Maverick misreading their relationship and was just confusing Heath’s protective side as something romantic? Heath’s eye turned to connect with hers and pulled her right out of her thoughts. “You can go back to the guest house if you want. I personally wouldn’t blame you if you want to after the way my brother’s been acting towards you.”

Zaiyia frowned. “Can I stay here with you, instead? I already know your brother is drunk and that it was probably the alcohol talking, not really him.”

Heath shrugged it off as to whatever she wanted to do, and so Zaiyia stayed by his side. “So tell me big brother, how long have you two been dating?”

Heath glared at his brother from his leaning position against the counter. “We’re not dating, Maverick.”

Maverick raised an eyebrow and pointed his fork in her direction. “Then why is she here?”

“This is Zaiyia, she is Yovela’s 16 year old daughter.” Heath explained gesturing to her with his head.

“Wait, are you saying she is the same five year old Zaiyia you two were talking about a few months ago, because Yovela never mentioned having any other kids?” Maverick asked, clearly confused because Zaiyia was way too tall and developed to pass off as a five year old girl.

Heath nodded. “I know, right. She surprised me with that one too, but yes this is the same five year old Zaiyia, except she’s obviously she’s older now. So anyway, Yovela kind of…recently left and Zaiyia has been staying with me ever since.”

Maverick frowned. “Left? What the hell do you mean by she left? Where did she go? To the grocery store?”

Heath impatiently rubbed his hands over his face. “No, not the fucking grocery, you idiot. She left, as in she disappeared without a trace. She didn’t leave a note to tell me where she’d be going, and she left her cellphone here so I have no way of contacting her. No one has seen or heard from her since.”

Maverick swallowed his food down with some water as he slowly began to sober up. “Wait a minute, how do you know that she wasn’t kidnapped while going to grab the mail out of the mailbox, or something?”

Heath gestured to Zaiyia with his head again, recalling the information she told him. “Because apparently this isn’t the first time Yovela has done this and it won’t be the last. Zaiyia told me that her mother is a very restless person and can’t seem to sit still in one place without running off to join the circus or whatever the hell she goes when she disappears.”

Maverick gave his brother a weird look. “So what, like a vacation or something? She just gets up and leaves her life behind to go live on the road like a fucking hippie?”

Heath shrugged. “I guess so, I don’t really have a clear understanding on what she does out there because she supposedly avoids the topic whenever it’s brought up by her family members. The only good thing about all of this is that Yovela will eventually come back.”

Maverick looked over at Zaiyia, who was transfixed by the muscles beneath Heath’s tight shirt, before looking back at his brother. Yovela abandoned her child with Heath and will eventually return? What kind of a crazy woman did his brother get involved with, AND did he have any idea that the lady’s beautiful young daughter currently had the hots for him or was he also oblivious to that as well?

Before Maverick could say anything else about the Yovela situation, Heath began asking him questions instead. “Alright, when are you going to tell me what happened to you at work today?”

Maverick let out a dramatic sigh and rolled his eyes, his plate long ago empty. “Fuck, the old man just came at me crazy this afternoon, you know?”

“Yeah, but from what it sounds like, you deserved it.” Heath reminded him, before urging him to continue on with his story.

Maverick let out another dramatic sigh as he ignored his brother’s comment. “ANYWAY, I guess his reasons for overreacting the way he did would be because a particular security guard that doesn’t like me showed the old man a video of me and his wife having sex on his desk during an office party last week.”

Heath let out a groan and rubbed his face again. “Godamnit Maverick! You’re fucking hopeless, man.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Maverick seconded, as he lifted the last of his water in a toast.

Zaiyia hadn’t really been listening much into their conversation because she had been googly-eyeing Heath from her place next to him. A shift in her peripheral vision, however, had all her senses switching into panic mode. There should be no one else in the house but Maverick, Heath and herself, and yet someone was coming towards the kitchen doorway. Reaching over towards the big sharp kitchen knives in the sink with a quickness she was force to teach herself in her times of abandonment, Zaiyia was ready to the cut the throat, if need be, of the dangerous intruder.

A woman in a long trench coat jumped back with a short scream at the sight of a crazed woman with a knife in her hand jumping out of nowhere at her o. Heath reached over just in time to grab Zaiyia’s wrist before she could attempt to do any damage to the slender woman. “Zaiyia NO! That’s my sister!”
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