Belonging to Lust

Chapter 163: A Mirrored Longing

Very soon during the shower, Zaiyia got bored. She realized it once they had swapped places so he could stand under the spray of the water. Having handed her his loofah, she had taken up the task of washing Heath’s back for him despite the water cascading through the lather. Now setting the loofah aside, she stared at his back silently, watching the muscles move under his skin as he went about washing his hair. He was so giant and strong in comparison to her. He had the body of a protector, but she didn't see him as just that. He was also her lover, and that’s the part she favored the most. Closing the distance between their wet naked bodies, she looped both of her arms around his waist as far as they would go. Heath didn’t seem to notice as he rinsed the last of the suds from his short dark hair. She wondered if he was still as hard as he was before during dinner. Curious to find out for herself, she let her hands roam farther down his front and blindly found his cock with a gasp, still rock hard. Smiling to herself, she curled her delicate fingers around the girth of his shaft, feeling him stiffen in her hold. Brushing her lips over his warm flesh and tasting the water droplets there, she asked. “Why are you still so hard, Sullivan?”

“Take a wild guess.” Heath answered her in a low husky tone. Turning around in her hold, he clasped ahold of her slender upper arms and spun them around so her back was against the cold tile wall and he was back under the spray of the shower again. He pinned her there, his emerald eyes lowering to watch with her as she pumped him with both hands. His lips parted, his breath coming in fast he fought to keep himself under control and not melt from her euphoric ministrations. He didn’t last long at all. With both hands he plunged his fingers past her shower cap and between her braids, nearly knocking the cap right off of her head. She didn’t seem to mind as he tilted her head back to receive his lips, erasing her seductive smile off her face.

Zaiyia’s hands faltered at the invasion of his tongue but re-balanced when she whipped her tongue across his in greeting. Her motions were becoming more confident in both her mouth and between her hands. She held nothing back as she pushed her mouth against his, mating savagely with his.

Turning his head to the right, Heath slanted his mouth over hers, deepening the kiss to a more primal level. They probably looked like they were trying to eat each other alive, and as uncomfortable as that sounded, he was positive it would have looked sexy to his own eyes. Heath forced Zaiyia’s mouth open further to yield to his conquering thick tongue, but she proceeded to fight valiantly despite the odds against her. He both admired that and was turned on by it. Surging his hips against hers, he began to thrust himself in her grip, imaging himself already inside of her. A desperate moan escaped his lips that she answered in kind, suffering with a mirrored longing.

Tightening her hand around his cock, Zaiyia relished the feeling of him getting off in her hands. She never wanted it to stop because he seemed to enjoy it so much. But it had to when she felt his hands veer away from her upper arms to slide across her breasts. A gasp spilled from her lips as her brown eyes snapped open to gaze up at heavy lidded ones that watched her so intensely. Arching her back just a little, she pushed her breasts against the palm of his hands, inviting him to do more.

Taking her nipples between his fingers, he worked them into a harder state than they were before, never breaking his gaze from her. He didn’t have to supervise his tribute to her breasts with his own eyes when he could simply monitor her face. Her brown eyes seem to smolder with desire as he fiddles with the ebony areolas, using his calluses to scrape over them roughly enough to earn a whimper from her. Her hands were faltering around his cock, and he was no longer thrusting himself through them. His focus was on her face until she let out a whine that broke his concentration. She was getting impatient. Smirking fleetingly down at her, his lips descended for one last deep bone-melting kiss, his palms kneading her breasts in his palms this time, making her moan deeply into his mouth.

Swimming in a sexual daze, Zaiyia was taken by surprise when Heath broke their kiss, took his hands off of her breasts to push hers off of his dick, and then spun her around to face the tile shower wall. Her brain was mush and was finding it difficult to understand what Heath was planning until she felt his larger frame pin her against the wall, imprisoning her there. “H-Heath…”

“Spread your legs.” Heath ordered her in that same husky sexy voice of his that seemed to appear only when there was something sexual going on between them. Dropping his eyes to her legs, he watched her obediently spread them open.

Zaiyia laid her bare burning cheek against the cold tile, and closed her eyes. She trusted him, and let him know. “I-I want you, Heath.”

“Fuck, I want you too.” Heath admitted back, his eyes locked on her incredible behind. He fondled the supple tight flesh there, loving how she had just the right amount of it to please him. The desperation he felt within him to claim her as his greatly overwhelmed his infatuation with her behind, and so he grabbed a hold of his erection and gradually guided the tip between her cheeks and through her entrance from behind. “Jesus Christ, Zai.”

“Ah fuck!” Zaiyia cried out against the wall, her fingers now splayed on either side of her head. The sensation of him stretching her body to accommodate his size and how pleasurable it was was something she still hadn’t gotten used to. She probably never will. Arching her back, she eagerly pressed her behind against him, wanting him to have his way with her. “M-More! Give me more!”

Heath understood her need because it mirrored his own. Reaching out, he splayed his large palms over the back of Zaiyia’s hands, curling their fingers together in unity. “I’ll give you more.”

As soon as Heath’s hips began to move back and forth, Zaiyia couldn’t minimize her moans. They bounced off the walls in his bathroom, sounding like a symphony of glory and sexual pleasure. She could barely move because she was pinned against the wall, but that didn’t stop her from trying to propel her behind up against his whenever he thrusted forward into her. Sex with Heath was beyond anything one read in a storybook, there was nothing he did too less of. He already had her figured out, and so when it came to giving him pointers on what to do during, it was fruitless. Still, in between moans and pants, she inspired him even though he didn’t need her to do so. “Mmm, right there! Just like that, baby! Just like that!”

Leaning his head down, Heath pressed his lips across her shoulder, alternating between licking, kissing, sucking and sometimes grazing his teeth along her deep melanin skin. “Just like that, huh? You fucking like it that deep?”

“Fucking deeper the better!” Zaiyia moaned like a whore. She let out a cry when he slapped her bare behind, splashing water cascading over it everywhere. “Yes! Hit me again!”

Heath did, and was panting heavily while doing so. He couldn't keep his hands from fondling her behind or smacking it. Under the water, by candlelight, sunlight, and moonlight, Zaiyia’s skin looked stunning. He had grown rather quickly to cherishing the difference between his lighter complexion and her deeper one. It had been new to him at first when he met Yovela since he’d never dated outside of his race before, but he wasn’t intimidated by it, it was actually the opposite. He was hooked on it. In his entire life, his hometown had always consisted of women with skin tones as light as his or paler so that’s all he ever dated until Yovela showed up. Dating someone outside your race had been new, beautifully exotic and exciting at first, but as time went on he realized that wasn’t all there was to the relationship. He found black women to be just downright exquisite, and being exotic had nothing to do with it.

Especially Zaiyia. There wasn’t a living soul like her in his hometown. Hell, he doubted he’d find her likeness in personality or physical appearance anywhere else on the planet. He didn’t have to buy a plane ticket to find that out for himself, his heart knew it as if it always knew it from the beginning. Now that he wasn’t stuck in denial anymore of his feelings for her, he wholeheartedly agreed with that fact as well. When in doubt, all he had to do was reach out and feel her silk skin under his fingertip, taste it with the hungry stroke of his tongue, and breathe her aroma deep into his lungs. This fact was renowned to him as the laws that have prohibited him from making love to her in the greedy way he has. But he was long past fighting or caring about all of that. He was free now, and there was no dragging him back into that dark cage again. Besides, he was too gone in this addiction for anyone to restore him...anyone except himself, and he’d since become much too selfish to want to do anything like that.

Touching his lips to her ear still covered by the shower cap to protect her braids, Heath grunted as he thrusted into her slender body relentlessly and with much rigor, his hands gripping her hips. “God, you make me crazy, Zai! Crazy with wanting you like this all the time at my disposal. You’re what I think about before bed, the next morning, throughout work, all through lunch, every second of every stage of my days. I never get a break from you.”

Zaiyia grinned triumphantly that she affected him so damn badly. It was nice to know she wasn’t the only one suffering. But she didn’t have time to rejoice when her orgasm was approaching. “I-I’m close!”

“I’m already there!” Heath gasped out, his rhythm faltering as he came inside her generously. He bucked against her, propelling her to cum around him a second after as he choked on his own breath. Moaning longingly in her braids, Heath wrapped his arm around her middle to keep them both on their feet. “Fuck, Zai! Holy’re so goddamn amazing, woman! So fucking beautiful. So fucking perfect.”