Belonging to Lust

Chapter 166: Then Have Me!

Returning back home at the end of school was well worth the drama that had nearly unfolded in the cafeteria when Chasity walked in at Alan’s side. As soon as a heartbroken Alice bolted out through one of the exits, Zaiyia feared World War 3 was about to start and the main target was Chasity. Luckily, the young redhead got the message loud and clear and put some distance between her and Alan. For the rest of the day, Zaiyia remained tense as a rock, expecting to find out at any minute that Chasity was discovered bloody and beaten somewhere on school’s ground. She couldn’t relax her muscles not even when she arrived at home. She stood in the living room at the Guest House that became her home, silently reliving everything that had happened when Heath entered behind her with some hot dinner from a fast food drive thru. Zaiyia had whirled around to face him, surprised to see him home so early and with dinner considering how much he adored her cooking. One glance at the clock on the stove told her he was right on time. She’d been the one standing there wasting time.

Heath barely greeted her though his eyes didn’t leave her the minute they landed on her exquisite beauty. As soon as he shut the front door he was on her like a jaguar. Without explanation he took her right there and then on the hardwood floor by the front door. Her clothes were tossed in the air to land wherever they pleased, no one really cared. His touch came quickly and greedily, claiming every inch of bare skin he earned removing her clothes. His lips stimulated every nerve of her body like a puppeteer pulling on a puppets string, making her writhe beneath him as he fulfilled her beyond satisfaction before himself. Afterwards, he ascended to the second floor, naked, to take a shower in her bathroom. Zaiyia followed soon after she was sure she had regained the feeling back in her legs again.

Under the spray of clear warm water, Zaiyia entered behind Heath and snaked her hands around to seduce him this time. She challenged him to resist her for as long as he could, but wasn’t convinced he tried too hard because a few minutes later he had her up against the shower wall, clinging to him as she took every long deep strokes of him into her body. When her foot finally touched the shower floor again, the couple washed themselves properly, having worked up an appetite.

Back downstairs, a nude Heath re-heated their dinner in the microwave before toting it into the living room. He was arranging their meal on the coffee table when Zaiyia finally arrived in a tied robe. Heath didn’t hide his disdain for the material cloaking perfection from his eyes, and wasn’t shy to let her know either. “No, Zai, take that robe off. You don’t need it.”

Just like that, Zaiyia’s shyness ruptured. Giggling at his demand, she complied with it and whipped the robe off. Walking around the coffee table, she took a seat on the couch right beside him. Spotting a throw blanket on the couch behind her, she pilfered it to cover her nude body, her eyes checking out the spread he laid out for them. “Mmm, dinner looks good!”

“Not as good as you’re cooking, but I won’t complain too much.” Heath replied, glancing away from the blanket she was using to shield herself. He’d let her have that one since it was easier access. It’s not like he’d have to untie to get to her naked body underneath.

“So, am I gonna ever wear clothes in the house again?” Zaiyia asked him with a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. “I feel like I spend all my time naked these days.”

“You’ll get to wear clothes when I finally lose attraction to you...which will probably be never.” Heath joked with a smirk then gestured for him to come closer. “Get on over here. Time to eat.”

Zaiyia scooted closer to the point where her back was practically against his chest. He didn’t seem bothered, and enjoyed his meal all the same. A few times they’d hold their burgers to the other’s lips to sample, but dedicated the fries for sharing once the burgers were gone. While munching on the fries he offered with her head tilted back against his chest, Heath’s hand unexpectedly yanked the blankets she’d been wrapped in down to free her breasts. Holding back a gasp so she wouldn’t choke on the fries in her mouth, Zaiyia let out a loud whine of his muffled name.

“Sorry. Can’t help it.” Heath whispered, leaning down to press an apologetic kiss to her bulging cheek. His hands still covered in salt and fryer oil trailed up her bare chest to caress her soft perky breasts, his fingertips making her nipples pucker with delight. His lips tingled to kiss more of her rich flawless skin, and so he had to use one hand to sweep her ebony braids aside to reveal her neck to his kisses, his voice husky in her ear as he said. “So much time has been wasted between us. I’m trying to make up for all of it.”

“I mean...I’m not gonna complain.” Zaiyia shrugged, tilting her head to the side in full cooperation. “Do what you gotta do, homie.”

Heath chuckled against the warm sensitive crook of her neck. “Thank you. I’ll do that.”

Zaiyia could feel his noticeable erection against her butt. How could she not? It’s been there since she removed her robe and stood there naked before him. Slipping her dainty hands under the blanket on her lap, she glided her fingers over his legs and through the sprinkle of hair there. The man was so hard and warm everywhere. If his hands weren’t already fondling her breasts, touching him would have affected her just as badly. She listened to their breaths change, becoming labor from their groping hands kneading their flesh and feeding the fire of desire expanding inside them. When it became too much, and they needed some sort of relief, they grinded against each other, his hips and her backside.

“Zaiyia...I want you again.” Heath confessed in her ear as his large hands massaged her breasts.

“Then have me!” Zaiyia begged him, her fingers digging into the muscles of his thighs as her braids spilled over her face.

Releasing her breasts, Heath dropped his hands down to her hips to lift them up so she could reach under and find him. His green eyes nearly rolled in the back of his head when she did, and curled her tiny fingers around him to guide his tip to her entrance. Expelling a long breath, he pulled her hips back down onto his lap. He threw his head back against the couch with a loud moan that echoed downstairs of the Guest House as he thrust back into her for the third time that evening.

Throwing her head back as well, Zaiyia gasped up to the heavens above as she arched her back. Needing to feel more, she began to vigorously bounce herself on his lap after the first initial impact of his thrust began to wane. Her fingers curled over his wrists, needing something to hold onto.

Sitting himself forward and forcing her bend with him, Heath wrapped both of his arms around her small torso, one up under one of her arms to close his hand on her shoulder and the other across her slender waist. His hips jerked upwards, hammering into her and making her cry out with every thrust as he groaned deeply behind her.

Zaiyia frantically wrapped her arms around his own, a sign she was giving him full control to dominate her in this position in any way he wanted to. Heath took on a ride, putting her way past her paces all the way to her rising climax. “I-I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum!”

Hearing her loud and clear, Heath whipped the blanket off of her lap, exposing her lower half of the body. Shoving a hand between her legs, he brutally rubbed her clit, increasing the speed to her release tenfolds.

“HEATH!” Zaiyia cried sharply, her body beginning to spasm under the intensity of her orgasm wracking through her. Throwing her head back over his shoulder, she rode her release through a few more thrusts, chanting his name loudly throughout it all.

Heath didn’t seem in the mood to show her any mercy tonight. He only sped up until her tightness of her grip on his shaft battered his defenses and made him figuratively drop to his knees. With a cry of his own, he buried his mouth in her braids and came so hard inside her he felt his soul leave his body and then return again. He rode out his release for as long as he could before exhaustion cut him off, making him collapse into the couch. Zaiyia didn’t give up on him though, she had recouped some of her energy to bounce on his lap some more so he could relish every drop of pleasure he left dangling behind. She knew exactly when to stop too, when he stopped shuddering like a fish on land. He was there to thank her by catching her when she fell back against him and holding her close as they caught their breaths. With his eyes closed, Heath panted out. “God, I wonder if it’ll ever stop being this fucking good.”

“I hope not.” Zaiyia confessed, a lazy smile on her face.

“Me too.” Heath chuckled, a similar smile on his lips too. Out of the blue, Zaiyia’s phone decided to go off somewhere in the room, causing them both to jerk in their semi-dozing. Simultaneously, they both groan. “Pease, for the love of god...leave it.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Zaiyia agreed, letting her phone ring. But the minute it stopped, the peace was short-lived because it began to ring again. Whoever was calling wasn’t about to leave her alone.