Belonging to Lust

Chapter 167: As In...ME Me?

“Shut up!” Heath hollered at Zaiyia’s phone that was ringing somewhere on the ground floor of the Guest House. The naked girl encircled in his arm let out a melodic laugh, her body shaking against his. They had just had sex for the third time tonight and were relishing in the aftermath of it when her phone began to rang. In agreement they ignored it, but whoever was calling her was incessant because they redialed.

“Let me check it out.” Zaiyia told him, feeling his arms reluctantly go lax around her. She bit her lip when she began to rise from his lap due to the sensation of his flaccid cock sliding out of her as she got to her feet. Strolling away to retrieve her phone off the island counter with droplets of cum descending down her inner thighs, she plucked up the device and frowned down at the number. She didn’t recognize it.

Heath glided down onto his side, his head propped up with his hand as he eyed with a prideful smile as their mix of cum trailed down her inner thighs, catching in the light. The sight turned him all the way back on. “Mmm, have I ever told you look sexy when you have my cum running down your legs?”

“Shush, you!” Zaiyia hushed him with a sultry smile as she answered the phone. “Hello? Who is it?”

“Zaiyia, it’s Alice White.” Alice said in a faint voice. “Can I talk to you? Is this a bad time?”

Zaiyia’s eyebrows shot up in awe. “H-How did you get my number?”

Senses becoming vigilant at the soberness in her tone, Heath sat himself up on the couch, his green eyes narrowed with suspicion as they locked on her still-form standing by the kitchen island. He wondered who was on the other line that had the power to take the warmth out of her voice. “Who is it?”

Hearing him, Zaiyia decided to ignore his query. He’d know who was on the other line soon enough. Right now, she needed to give all her focus to Alice.

“I asked Monique for your number after school.” Alice informed her. “Don’t worry, no one saw us together. I had to wait to follow her into the Girls Room to get a moment alone.”

“Are you...mad at Chasity for what happened in the cafeteria?” Zaiyia inquired nervously.

“Yeah, actually. I kinda am.” Alice answered candidly with a sigh, closing her eyes.

For Heath’s benefit because she knew he would begin to hound if she didn’t let him know who was on the phone, Zaiyia said. “Alice, I swear on your brother and sister that I was just as confused as you when she walked in with him. I had no idea they spoke to each other outside of my own drama.”

“I just don’t understand what that was all about!” Alice lamented with grief, running a hand over her red tear-soaked cheeks. “So you don’t know they were seen together either? Are they dating now or something?”

“No way in hell would she date Alan! I refuse to believe it.” Zaiyia discarded as she walked around the island to grab some paper towels to clean up the cum dripping down her legs.

“God, I hope they’re not. I don't think I’d be able to stomach it if they were.” Alice whimpered, trying to get a hold of herself. She could feel the tears sprouting back up again, obscuring her vision.

“I second that!” Zaiyia concurred, tossing the paper towel in the trash can as she shuddered at the thought of Alan and Chasity dating each other especially after all they’ve been through! “Look, while you were gone she caught up with us at our table during lunch. According to her, Alan has been the one following her around all day like some stalker.

“Stalking her?! But what for?! Is he interested in her now!?” Alice demanded to know with tears rolling down her cheeks, her hands balling into fists clenched so tightly her knuckles were starch white. “Oh my god, is she gonna say yes if he asks her out?!”

“She better fucking not!” Zaiyia snapped, slamming a fist down onto the granite counters and wincing at the pain that shot through her hand. Shaking it off, she went on. “But forget about all that. I know for a fact he wasn’t trying to ask our girl out. She told us he was actually…asking about you.”

“Me?” Alice echoed, her heart skipping a beat in her chest. “As in...ME me?”

“The one and fucking only.” Zaiyia smiled as she leaned against the counter and averted her eyes from Heath. She did not need a sexy distraction right now.

“But...why?” Alice voiced softly as if she was asking herself this question. She shook her head to herself, unable to make sense of it. Since they broke up, Alan hadn’t ever spoken her name to anyone. And now, he was asking about her?

“Girl, I honestly have no clue.” Zaiyia sighed somberly, propping her chin on her hand. “And neither does Chasity so you won’t get any answers out of her either.”

Alice paused for what felt like a whole hour before finally responding. “Still, I think I’m gonna give her a call anyway just to be sure.”

“Good idea. She might remember something she didn’t mention earlier to us during lunch. Or perhaps it’s something meant for your ears only.” Zaiyia conceded with a nod.

“Then it’s settled then. I’ll give her a call as soon as I can.” Alice decided. Changing the subject, she asked. “By the way, have you heard anything from Principal Quinn yet?”

Zaiyia was about to open her mouth to speak when Heath loudly slurped up the last of his soda through it’s straw, breaching her concentration. Shooting him a glare, she rolled her eyes at his shrug and said. “No, nothing yet.”

“I keep wondering when he’s gonna call us down to his office again.” Alice wondered aloud.

“Me too, but as soon as he does I’ll let you know.” Zaiyia promised her.

“Thank you.” Alice began but was cut off from saying the rest.

“You’re welcome, girl.” Zaiyia told her with a smile.

“No, I mean thank you for being nice to me.” Alice expounded further. “You could have given me no mercy after everything that’s happened to you. You could have been spiteful or even vengeful. But you weren’t. You’re a much bigger person than me, a better person, because all you wanted was peace.”

“It’s no problem, Alice.” Zaiyia assured her. “I should be thanking you for accepting my apology.”

Alice laughed softly in remembrance. “Even though I didn’t make it easy for you.”

“Yup. You sure didn’t.” Zaiyia said with a grin.

“Goodnight, Zaiyia.” Alice told her with the first genuine smile since lunch.

“Goodnight, Alice. Feel free to call anytime, you hear?” Zaiyia offered.

“I will.” Alice said before she ended the call.

Heath watched Zaiyia lower her phone back down to the counter, and extended a hand to her, beckoning her to him. “Hey, what was that all about?”

Headed back to his open arms, Zaiyia began to explain. “Alice got her feelings hurt when her ex-boyfriend walked into the cafeteria at lunch with Chasity. She assumed they were together.”

As she got close enough, Heath suddenly swept her off her feet and onto his lap, earning a squeal from her. “I hope that wasn’t the case. Alan doesn’t sound like he deserves someone as kind as Chasity.”

“Agree.” Zaiyia nodded, her arms around his neck and her face nuzzling his chest.

With his arms around her, Heath leaned his head against hers with a smile. Seconds later he was hard again. Nudging her with his erection, he softly asked. “Round 4?” According to the smile she gave him, she thought he’d never ask.