Belonging to Lust

Chapter 168: Discuss the Plan

On Wednesday, Zaiyia was called up to the principal’s office during class. She rose from her chair, ignoring the snickers and whispered comments around her by her classmates.

“Ooo, she’s done it now.” A male student in the back somewhere chuckled.

“Great, whose boyfriend was she seen stealing now?” A female student next to her sigh wearily.

Before Zaiyia could slander the daring girl, the teacher spoke up from the front of class in her defense. “That’s enough of that! Shut your mouths or you’ll get detention and be the reason this entire class gets extra homework tonight and a quiz tomorrow!” Turning her dark eyes to Zaiyia, she nodded coolly towards the classroom door. “Get to the office. No dallying or you’ll get to join the rest of the class.”

Zaiyia obediently nodded, and did what she was told. She had made her way to the Principal’s office, hoping it was for the reason she’s been waiting for. Pushing the door open, she got her confirmation by the sight of Alice sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk. A smile spanned across her face with relief as Alice and Principal Quinn ceased speaking the moment she entered.

Glancing over her shoulder, her blonde hair whipping aside, Alice gave her a welcoming smile. “Hey.”

“Wassup?” Zaiyia greeted them both, her brown eyes flitting between the two as she shut the door.

Rising from the grand chair behind his desk, Principal Quinn welcomed her. “Afternoon, Ms. Halifax.” With a sweep of his hand, he gestured to the chair next to Alice. “Please, have a seat.”

Complying, Zaiyia lowered herself into the seat and asked. “Are we here for a good reason?”

“Yes. I called you both down to my office to discuss the plan we devised not too long ago. Remember?” Principal Quinn reminded her as he sat himself back down in his chair to face the two young students.

Zaiyia confirmed she did, and inquired next. “Alright, so what’s up with that? Let us in on it.”

Principal Quinn delayed the news to grant them a moment of peace before delivering it. “I have scheduled an assembly this Friday. I want to end this as soon as possible, and give my students the weekend to mull over their past actions and make the decision for themselves if tormenting you, Zaiyia, is still worth the repercussions once I lay down the bottom line.” His eyes shifted to the blonde next to Zaiyia. “The entire school will be required to attend this assembly to hear what you have to say, Alice.”

Alice was deathly pale. She hated to admit that she had forgotten about all this since Zaiyia had told her Alan was asking Chasity about her. Over and over her mind obsessively wondered why he’d care about her all of sudden that she forgot about this whole assembly plot. It was written all over her face that she no longer wanted to do this. Shutting her blue eyes, she shook her head to herself. “Oh god…”

Leaning towards the trembling girl, Zaiyia read her mind. “Yo, forget about Alan.” Their eyes locked when Alice opened them to look at her with despair. “Why the hell should that douchebag matter to you when you no longer exist to him? Hasn’t he shown you that time and time again?”

Closing her eyes again, Alice nodded obediently to Zaiyia’s point. That didn’t soothe her queasy stomach.

“This goes beyond that boy, Ms. White. This whole thing is to STOP these students that are terrorizing Ms. Halifax. Do you want to quit?” Principal Quinn inserted, backing Zaiyia up. He saw the true victim in this sit up in her chair, opening her mouth to probably answer for Alice, but he held up a hand to subdue her. He didn’t want to hear from Zaiyia, he wanted to hear from Alice. “Ms. White?”

Alice nodded her head, looking up at him with fear shimmering in her blue eyes. “I-I do. It’s just...this is gonna be so hard for me, Principal Quinn.”

Zaiyia exhaled loudly through her nose with both relief that she was still in, and also impatience with her idling jitters. She was trying so hard right now not to lose patience now that she was close to being liberated from bullies for possibly forever! On the other hand, this was a lot for Alice to handle right now, and she had to be understanding of that. That part made her feel like crap. Glancing at the Principal, she voiced a request. “I want to be seated at the bottom of the bleachers, Principal Quinn.”

Frowning, Principal Quinn inquired. “Why is that, Ms. Hallifax?”

“Because I want to be able to stand side by side with Alice. Whether she ends up needing some support or not. I’m gonna be there to offer it.” Zaiyia told him with a firm nod. She was set on squabbling with him on this one if she had to, and would risk detention for it too.

Gasping softly in surprise, Alice gaped at Zaiyia, astounded that she would willingly put herself out there in harm’s way just to have her back. That was too much for her to do! And too much for Alice to expect her to do. Zaiyia was the true victim here, not her. It’s best if she starts acting like it.

“I don’t see any problems with that, Ms. Halifax. You’ll have your seat on the bottom bleachers close to Alice.” Principal Quinn promised, picking up a pen to jot that important reminder down in his notepad. “And just to let you both know, I have hired some extra security in case any of the students decide to rile up some trouble during the assembly. Each one will be permanently expelled if they dare to.”

“Really? Damn.” Zaiyia said with a half-smile she tried to rein back. “I appreciate that, Principal Quinn.”

“As much as I’d hate to see my friends get expelled, it’s worth it if it’ll stop all this hatred.” Alice added with a nod. “Thank you, Principal Quinn.”

“Don’t thank me.” Principal Quinn told them, dismissing their thanks with a wave of his hand as he set his pen down. “Regardless of whether or not you two decided to come to me in the first place and inform me about this bullying, I would have eventually found out about it and ended it one way or another. I mean it from the bottom of my heart that there will be NO form of bullying going on in MY school! Now, you two better head back to class. Let me write you a hall pass just in case.”

The girls took their slips and left the office feeling differently from the others. After taking two turns together to get back to their classes, Zaiyia couldn’t stand the reticence between them anymore and spoke up. “Are you okay, Alice? You’ve been super quiet since we left the main office.”

Letting out a sigh, Alice stopped in her tracks and turned to face Zaiyia. She was thankful she spoke up first so she wouldn’t have to. “It’s just everything has been too much lately for me. I’m not sure how much more I can take before I have some kind of nervous breakdown over this.”

Zaiyia nodded in understanding. Tring to put herself into Alice’s shoes, she can get an idea of what the poor girl was going through. It’s times like this where it seemed her heart was more bare than usual and felt sympathy for her. Zaiyia didn’t want to put her through this, but she had no choice. None of these idiots were gonna listen to her, only Alice White. She had to be there, she had to face the school, she had to speak out or else Zaiyia would have to switch schools and that’s not something she wanted to do. To make matters worse, Zaiyia still had to ask Alice about her home situation and ask her over to her house to speak with her and Heath. Sucking in a deep breath, she held it as she prodded. “Um, have you been thinking about coming over anytime soon to talk to me and Heath?”

Alice had begun to slowly move forward, but halted again. With both hands she ran them through her long blond hair. “Not really. I just need more time, you know?”

“Yeah, sure. I get it.” Zaiyia nodded in support as she began to anxiously wring her fingers.

Turning around to face her again, Alice asked. “Look, can I have some more time before you go telling on me to the cops?”

“I don’t plan on telling anyone until you’re ready, Alice.” Zaiyia reminded her with a brief smile.

“I appreciate that, seriously.” Alice told her with a genuine smile.

“Don’t. I don’t know if stalling is the right thing to do. I’m scared the more time we waste here, the worse damage your dad can do to you and your siblings.” Zaiyia confided to her nervously.

“Zaiyia, I’ll be fine.” Alice promised her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Will you call if that changes?” Zaiyia asked her, needing a yes. “You guys can stay with us. You’ll be safe and well taken care of. Promise you’ll call me if something changes, girl.”

Alice sighed. “I promise.”