Belonging to Lust

Chapter 18: Mrs. Hopper

Heath walked through the back door of his house from the guest house to find his little brother and sister helping themselves to the last of the leftover dinner and dessert. With a shake of his head and a smile on his lips, Heath grabbed himself a plate and joined them on having seconds at the kitchen table. Anneliese looked up when he sat down across from her to flash him a smile full of motherly pride. “Oh my god Heath I’m so proud of you! You’re cooking has improved immensely since the last few days I’ve seen you! This is excellent quality food I’d expect from a five star restaurant.”

Heath chuckled and stacked as much food as he could on his fork. “Actually, this is all Zaiyia’s cooking, not mine.”

“DUH!” Maverick taunted his sister immaturely, before Heath gave him a disapproving look.

“What? I may not have seen you in the last couple of weeks or so, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna start believing that this delicious food here could have been made by my older brother, who, from the last I saw him, has only mastered cooking eggs.” Maverick recalled, with a smug look at his face.

Anneliese giggled. “Well Heath, your little friend Zaiyia is a Goddess in the kitchen…even though she tried to kill me with a kitchen knife.”

“I bet she’s a Goddess in other ways, too.” Maverick mumbled beneath his breathe, but not quiet enough so that no one heard him.

Heath dropped his fork loudly on his now empty dinner plate and flashed his brother a dark glare. “What the hell is wrong with you, Maverick, she’s fucking 16!”

Maverick shrugged it off like her age meant nothing to him. “Shit, I don’t care.”

“Oh my god, you support pedophilia!?” Annaliese exclaimed as she shook her head in disapproval.

Heath frowned at that word ‘pedophilia’, and how it could easily be applied to him because of his attraction to Zaiyia. He was such a hypocrite for chastising his brother for feeling the same way he felt about Zaiyia …despite Maverick being the only one out of the both of them to freely voice his interest in her, unlike Heath, who kept his attraction to her bottled up inside. He knew it was wrong for a grown man like himself to feel that kind of way for a young girl, but Maverick surprisingly didn’t seem to care about how wrong it was. Heath found that odd and kind of envied him for having that kind of confidence that he didn’t to feel what he wanted to feel despite how it’d look to other people.

Once everyone had finished their seconds, Anneliese turned to Heath to ask him if he could properly introduce her to the young Zaiyia. Heath agreed to her request seconds before Maverick ask him where in the house was he supposed to sleep tonight.

“Just pick a spot Maverick, but you better make sure it’s not my room or in the guest house.” Heath warned him, before drinking the last of the remaining water in his cup.

Maverick nodded and got up from the kitchen table. “Sure, whatever you say. Well, I’m headed to bed now so…goodnight, I guess.”

Heath glared at his little brother’s retreating back, knowing that he was going to find him later passed out across his bed despite his warning. Shaking the future confrontation out of his mind for now, Heath escorted his little sister across the yard and to the guest house. Using the key to unlock the front door, and allowing his sister inside first, Heath lifted his head to call out to the young girl that was most likely upstairs in her room. “Zaiyia! Zaiyia, can you come downstairs, please. I have someone that wants to meet you.”

Zaiyia hurried downstairs to greet him, and immediately felt remorse when she saw his sister standing there beside him. Heath gestured with his arm to his petite little sister, who wore a sweet smile on her face. “Zaiyia, this is my little sister Anneliese Hopper. Anneliese, this is Yovela’s daughter, Zaiyia Halifax.”

Anneliese held out her hand to shake hands with Zaiyia, who quickly grasped it in hers. “Hello Mrs. Hopper, it’s nice to finally meet you. Again, I’m so sorry about what happened earlier between us. I didn’t know you were coming and I assumed you were an intruder. I shouldn’t have come at you with a knife like that.”

Anneliese brushed off her apology with a shake of her hand. “No, please save your apologies. It’s my fault for coming over uninvited like I always do AND it’s my stupid brother’s fault for not informing you that I randomly drop by from time to time.”

Zaiyia couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Heath roll his eyes at his little sister for putting the blame on him as well, before chuckling to himself. Anneliese broke her gaze from the duo to look around the guest house in thought, and then turned around to give her brother a mischievous smug that spread across her face. “Oh Heath my darling, it looks to me that it’s getting to be that time of the month again!”

Zaiyia wasn’t sure what Anneliese was talking about and looked over at Heath for help. Heath was too busy letting out a long agonizing groan from behind his hands. “Noooooooo, come on Anneliese! Can’t you just skip this month for me, please?”

“What are you guys talking about? What’s happening this month?” Zaiyia asked the both of them, looking between the two with a look of confusion.

Heath let out a grunt before taking his hands off his face. “Anneliese likes to come over and redecorate the guest house every month because her husband has banned her from redecorating their house. She’s a decorating addict.”

Anneliese had a victorious look on her face as she glanced over at Zaiyia. “Heath hates it because I drag him along everywhere with me so that we can find the right items together, you know, cause he’s a construction worker and all.”

Heath shook his head and gave Zaiyia a painful smile. “I hate it so much, like I really REALLY hate it so goddamn much.”

Zaiyia gave him an adoring look and was so caught up in his brilliant smile she almost missed Anneliese’s question. “So Zaiyia, how long will your mother be gone on her…trip?”

Zaiyia stopped smiling at the mention of her mother’s name and gave Anneliese an uncertain shrug. “I don’t know, it all really depends on her and how long she wants to be away.”

Anneliese nodded before coming up with an interesting idea. “Well how about this. If your mother doesn’t return by next week, maybe you can take my poor brother’s place and go shopping with me since he’s turned into such a big baby about it.”

Heath nodded in agreement. “I agree with your idea, Anneliese. It’s wonderful! It’s ingenious! Please just take Zaiyia instead.”

Anneliese shook her head at her brother. “Shut up, Heath.” Before checking her watch and seeing the time. “Well, I have to get going, it’s late and the girls have school tomorrow. I bid you both goodnight and I hope to see you very soon Zaiyia, hopefully next time without a knife in your hand.”

Zaiyia made a look of guilt that had Anneliese laughing as she headed for the door before Heath called out her name and stopped her. “I’ll be there in a minute to walk you to your car Anneliese, ok?”

His little sister nodded before heading out the door and across the yard to the main house. Heath turned back to look down at Zaiyia. “Hey, are you heading to bed anytime soon?”

Zaiyia eyes widen at the same time her mouth went dry from her mind immediately jumping to conclusions. Was he about to suggest they go have sex together somewhere? If so, Zaiyia was going to promise to start attending churches from now on to give thanks to the good Lord for allowing her to have a taste of one of his most finely crafted specimen that is Heath Sullivan. “U-Uh, no. Why?”

“Because I was going to ask you if you wanted to cook up some smores before bed.” Heath revealed, not catching the disappointed fall of her shoulders.

Feeling a bit bummed that they weren’t going to run off and have sex together, Zaiyia began to perk herself back up at the idea of getting to spending even more time with him than she usually would. Giving him an eager nod of approval, Heath let out a simple chuckle that sounded way to sexy for what they were about to do. “Good, just give me a minutes first, and I’ll meet you back here, okay?”

Zaiyia nodded and watched him go with slightly flushed cheeks. Heath jogged over to the house to escort his little sister to her car, and then retreated back inside to confirm that his little brother had indeed passed out in his bed like the inconsiderate jerk he was. In hindsight it didn’t really matter since he was going to spend the last hour of his evening with a beautiful young lady for company.
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