Belonging to Lust

Chapter 180: A Family Of Your Own

The camping trip on Saturday started out with a long ride with all three of Anneliese and Colin’s children jabbering in the back seat of Heath’s rented SUV. Their parents were in their own car ahead of them, guiding the way to their first destination. While the parents had silence, Zaiyia and Heath had the commotion of children throughout their ride. It wasn’t so bad when one had music to listen to through a pair of headphones though. Zaiyia was super grateful to have an escape because she needed to direct all her energy on reminding herself to physically keep herself as far away from Heath as she could…and watch what came out of her mouth too. The last thing they needed was for her to say something inappropriate in front of the kids in the backseat only for them to recite it back to their parents.

Heath conversated with his nieces and nephew for most of the ride when they weren’t chattering amongst themselves. And chatter was all they did throughout the journey. Heath handled it easily though due to having raised his own younger siblings soon after his parent’s death. He wasn’t envious that Zaiyia got to seek refuge with her musical device, in fact he was grateful. He too needed to put distance between him and her during this trip. Eventually they’d have time together again…eventually.

As Zaiyia stared out the window at the forest trees passing by, her mind privately backtracked to last night’s lovemaking with Heath as well as this early morning while they awaited the Hoppers. They had just finished on the couch when they had to pull up their pants because the family had pulled up in their driveway. A hot delicious shiver ran up Zaiyia’s spine that made her bite her lower lip. Perhaps thinking of such racy things wasn’t a good idea in the company of her greatest desire AND his nieces and nephew.

A couple of hours passed before the Hoppers led them to a break stop so everyone could use the restroom, especially the kids. Afterwards they made one more stop at a seafood restaurant before they were back on the road again, this time only exiting when they reached the camping ground. Upon parking by their reserved spot, the men exited the vehicles to get started on pitching the tents for the women and children. Anneliese recruited Zaiyia’s help in handing out the lightweight supplies to the kids to set down by the designated tents. Colin joined them as soon as the tents were standing proud while Heath got started on making a fire.

Grabbing her backpack, Zaiya headed for the smallest tent that could fit two people to put her things inside when Anneliese stalled her. “Oh no, Zaiyia! You’re sleeping in the big tent tonight.”

Both brows rising, Zaiyia’s brown eyes darted between the small two person tent to the large five person tent. She didn’t understand why she and Heath would need the biggest tent when the family of five outnumbered them and required much more space. Pointing to the large tent, Zaiyia looked at the Hoppers and frowned. “Um…”

Understanding her perplexity, Colin chuckled and nodded to his kids who were all standing behind their Uncle watching him sustain the crackling fire like a bunch of stunned cavemans. “The kids LOVE to bunk with their uncle Heath when we go camping.”

Heath caught Zaiyia’s gaze then, and gave her that ‘see what I mean’ look that answered her question as to how his nieces and nephew would cock block them for the weekend.

“Okay.” Zaiyia replied before changing directions to enter the large tent instead.

After unloading the back of Heath’s SUV and the Hopper’s Jeep, everyone gathered around the campfire for dinner. A pack of various flavored chips, a 12 pack of Soda, and hot dogs were on the menu tonight and while the meat cooked over the fire, the kids incessantly jabbered away, chasing the sun down. Hanging on their doting Uncle, the older man made sure they finished their dinner in between all their talking and would sometimes wipe their hands and faces of ketchup and mustard.

Having admired her big brother’s tender way with her three small children for the billionth time, Anneliese smiled at the four. “Jesus, you’re so amazing with kids, Heath.” Glancing at Zaiyia, she asked her as she indicated to her brother with her can of cold soda. “Don’t you think so too? You’ve seen him enough times with the kids to know by now how well he is with them.”

Sitting across from Heath, Zaiyia turned her eyes back to Heath where they had been just a minute ago. Vivienne finally got to have what she’d been whining for after she finished the last of her hotdog which was to sit up on her Uncle’s shoulder. Florence was sitting on his lap with her brother Josiah, eating the last of their bag of chips. Smiling at the adorable scene of the large man being surrounded by tiny little humans, Zaiyia nodded to his little sister. “I absolutely agree with you.”

Sensing what was about to unravel, Heath snapped his green eyes to his little sister and cautioned her firmly. “Don’t start this again, Anneliese. I’m warning you.”

“Your brother has spoken.” Colin too warned his wife with a nudge of his elbow on her arm, a grin on his face cause he knew what was about to happen anyway.

Zaiyia’s smile faltered as she glanced from one adult to the other, not grasping what they were talking about. Arching an inquisitive brow, she waited patiently for an answer.

“What? I’m just saying!” Anneliese defended, portraying herself quite convincingly that she was innocent in her remarks…until proven guilty.

“I don’t care. I don’t want to hear it.” Heath told her with a smile that was more for the kid’s sake so they wouldn’t think the two were about to argue. Although they most certainly will.

“Fine!” Anneliese sighed, relenting momentarily to his dismissal for about three minutes before she opened her mouth and blurted out. “I just think you should seriously consider starting a family of your own, that’s all.”

Stiffening, Zaiyia gaped speechlessly at Anneliese.

Heath starting a family of his own?

With who!?

Heath let out a groan and rolled his eyes, muttering to himself. “Here we go again.”

“Indeed, here we go again.” Colin seconded as he vigilantly watched his brother-in-law lower his youngest daughter, Vivenne, back down onto her little feet beside him.

Not seeing the need for such an attitude from these two men, Anneliese expressed passionately. “Well excuse me for not seeing the problem with putting yourself out there to meet the right woman to start a family with.”

“There isn’t a problem with that, dear.” Colin assured her, patting the back of her hand before resting his own over it.

“No, there ain’t.” Heath agreed with him.

Still not following her brother’s way of thinking, Anneliese probed further. “Then why haven’t you done just that, Heath? You’re not getting any younger, you know. You’re still young enough now to catch them, I’ve seen you do it with my own kids.”

“Because I’m not ready, Anneliese.” Heath stressed tightly, glaring at her over her oblivious kids who were throwing nearby twigs into the campfire.

Florence, his oldest niece, had been listening though. Turning around to face him, she inquired innocently. “Why not, Uncle?”

While his sister was probably grinning with victory that someone was on her side for once, Heath dropped his gaze to his niece and lamented to her. “Oh please, honey, not you too.”

“You’re incredible with kids, Heath. We all know it. Even Zaiyia over there agrees.” Anneliese gestured to the frozen girl sitting like a statue across from him that didn’t look like she had a pulse. “Don’t you want any of your own someday?”

Heath sighed while purposely ignoring Zaiyia because she was the only female he was sleeping with at the moment. “Yeah, I do want kids someday. But that’s SOMEDAY, not NOW.”

Every once in a while Anneliese would pester her brother to start a family of his own, and this was one of those times where she was as determined as a shark to get to the root of the reason why. Glancing at a staring Zaiyia, Anneliese indicated to her with a nod of her head and asked. “Is it because of Zaiyia?”