Belonging to Lust

Chapter 185: Make It Good

Eventually, Zaiyia sat up in the bed, her body feeling cooled from her perspiration vanishing. Glancing down at the giant naked man next to her, she conveyed to him. “I’m gonna go take a shower now. Have you seen how big your bathroom is yet? I know mine is pretty small.”

Lying on his back with a hefty arm over his face, Heath answered languidly with a shrug, his eyes blissfully closed since their lovemaking minutes ago. “Haven’t got a clue. I didn’t really get much of a chance to check this cabin out since I was unloading the truck and everything.

“Hmm.” Zaiyia said before rising from the bed to inspect his bathroom for herself, curious to see how better it was than hers.

Wishing to shower with her, Heath hoisted himself off the bed and followed her into the bathroom that turned out to be enormous enough for double sinks that were spaced apart from each other, a broad soaking tub set in the corner of the room, and a grand glass shower built right next to it. In the very center of the room stood a nude Zaiyia commending his extensive, but similarly styled bathroom with such distraction she was taken by surprise when she was captured from behind by Heath and directed towards the cold counters where he bent her over the white quartz himself.

“What the-” Zaiyia managed to say before the cold counter met her warmer temperature and made her gasp from the difference. Jerking her head up to glance at Heath in the mirror through her long ebony braids, she demanded. “What are you doing?”

Meeting her brown eyes in the mirror, Heath pressed the tip of his erection against her glimmering entrance as he commanded her. “I want you to watch me in the mirror for as long as you can.” Pushing himself into her, Heath watched her brown eyes flutter nearly shut with a moan that echoed his own. Wanting to drown even deeper, he pulled back out and reached down to hike one of her legs up onto the counter, further spreading her cheeks for him.

Feeling him reemerge himself back into her again, Zaiyia attempted to brace herself onto her elbows and concentrate on them making love in the mirror like he instructed her to do, but only ended up slumping back down onto the counter between the two sinks when he pulled back out to ram into her again. Unleashing a deep moan from the center of her soul, her fingers crawled around on the smooth cold white quartz counter in an attempt to find something to hold onto while Heath continued to overflow her so completely.

Heath’s groan reverberated in the vast bathroom as he lazily dragged his cock in and out again. Closing his green eyes, he tilted his head upwards to the heavens and lost himself in the ecstasy of their bodies connecting again.

Zaiyia could barely lift her head off the counter to watch him submit to their intercourse so altogether. When her head began to descend back down again, she turned it so she could rest her temple against the bottom of the smudge-free mirror so she could still see him through her heavy lids. The momentum in his thrust multiplied at that same time til he was battering into her, the sound of skin slapping against skin resonating off the bathroom walls. The fingers clutching onto her hips were at a bruising strain at this point as Heath selfishly devoured her body while selflessly at the same time giving back to her with the same magnitude.

Panting heavily and fogging the bottom of the mirror, Zaiyia’s eyes slipped shut as she neared her orgasm, her body rocking forward and back on the counter. Fighting to alert him, she stammered out. “I-I’m gonna cum.”

Smacking her supple behind with a stinging palm that made her gasp aloud, a content Heath spurred her to give into it. “Do it then! And you better make it good. I wanna hear you loud and clear!”

Zaiyia honestly didn’t think she could mentally break down how to when her mind was warping into mush. Trying to get a fixed brace on the slippery counter with her palms, Zaiyia hurtled her backside against Heath’s hips, her brown eyes beginning to roll into the back of her head as her moans became more high-pitched before morphing into a shriek of his name as she burst. “HEATH! OH GOD, HEATH!”

Pulverizing harder into Zaiyia, Heath revels in the sound of her shriek becoming a series of screams with every unyielding strike of his hips. With only one leg to keep her up, it soon dwindled into jelly from her dynamic orgasm and threatened to crumple under her dead weight. Heath was there to rescue her by looping an arm around her waist, and hoisting her body up off of her feet and against his bare chest, all with him still inside her. In her ear, he growled. “Not good enough, Halifax.” Carrying her into his large open shower, he slowly pulled himself out of her as he lowered her onto her hands and knees. Straightening himself up, he ordered her. “Stay there.”

Nodding in accordance, a trembling Zaiyia raised her head to glimpse a naked Heath turn the shower on and set the temperature to a comfortable degree. She appreciated that he had set her far enough away from the spray of the shower head to protect her braids from the water. With a smile stuck on her face, Heath returned to her to lower himself onto his knees behind her. She expected him to enter her and so had closed her eyes in anticipation for their fusing again. Instead, he leaned forward to swathed both arms around her middle and pulled her up and onto his lap. “Heath…”

“Put me back in.” Heath ordered her huskily without further explanation.

Reaching between them from behind, she found his slick throbbing erection and led him back towards her entrance again while he kept a solid hold on her to prevent her from teetering off him. Once there, she felt his hips rise up against her, advancing his cock back inside her body again. Arching her back, Zaiyia moaned out his name as her hands reached out to grip onto the outside of his thighs. “Heath!”

Now in a cowgirl sort of position, Heath shuddered as he tried to get a hold of himself again to begin. “Spread your legs.”

Zaiyia silently obeyed, dividing her slender legs as wide as she could to gladden him.

Sliding a hand down her stomach to her gaping sex, Heath’s fingers sought her clitoris out and upon locating it began to caress it mildly with the pressure of a butterfly’s wing.

Letting out a whorish moan, Zaiyia’s body immediately reciprocated his powerful teasing by grinding her hips in circles on his cock that still implanted deeply within her. She heard him groan in frailty at her counter attack, but continued to stimulate her clit with the rough pad of his fingertips until he once again had her spasming from another electrifying orgasm that overran her entire body. She was kind of embarrassed that it hadn’t taken too long on his part, but that was a fleeting worry that was replaced with the need to be dominated. Panting breathlessly with her body laxed against his, Zaiyia begged him desperately. “Please, Heath, just fuck me already. I need you to fuck me badly.”

Complying with her plea, Heath finally began to move his hips again. With his hands on her hips, he guided her up and down his cock in return. The poor feeble girl did her best to assist him as much as she could with what little strength she had in her before her third orgasm had her convulsing on his lap all over again, screaming his name to the ceiling. “HEATH! FUCK!”

Zaiyia would’ve slumped forward had it not been for Heath catching her again in time with both arms enclosed protectively around her torso. But after this third orgasm, she was unable to partake in driving him to his own orgasm. She just didn’t have the strength within her to do anything but sleep.

Heath knew this and so jerked his hips into her instead to keep the rhythm going she had lost. It didn’t take long for his moans to become louder, a sign of his impending climax. He was so attuned to his own pleasure he hadn’t seen the signs that Zaiyia was about to orgasm a fourth time.

And neither did Zaiyia. The mere sound of him rupturing to his own release was so incredibly sexy to her that her body detonated without warning. They rode their orgasm at the same time, screaming each other’s name into the air as they dissolved simultaneously. Unlike Heath, Zaiyia became dead weight. She was literally unable to get herself up onto her feet, and so she laid there on the floor of the shower, gasping for air.

“Here, baby. I got you.” Heath told her right after he caught his own breath and recovered. Reaching down, he helped to set her back on her wobbly feet, but only for a second before she was leaning weakly into him for support. Understanding she couldn’t stand up on her own, Heath chuckled at her and wrapped an arm around her to keep her against his side. Leading her towards the showerhead, he tenderly washed her first, taking great care where her swollen delicate sex was concerned. She quivered here and there, but otherwise let him touch her in whatever capacity he wanted to.

Once she was washed, Heath turned the shower off and led her out to wrap her in a towel robe. Because she still couldn't stand, he carried her like a princess to his bed where he tucked her in. Leaving her to sleep, Heath returned to take a shower and then came back to pass out naked next to her on the bed.