Belonging to Lust

Chapter 186: The Hopper's Dinner

Later on in the day, the couple were jolted awake from their slumber by the shrill ringing of the campgrounds landline phone on Heath’s bedside table. Letting out a groan that was a his male version of whine, Heath lifted his head to discover that sometime in the night he must have opened Zaiyia’s robe in his sleep to cup one of her breasts in his hand and used the one closest to his face to nuzzle it into like a pillow. Lazily smiling to himself, Heath rolled over to grab the phone as Zaiyia slowly gradually came to. “Yeah yeah yeah, what the hell do you want?”

“Jesus, Heath. Is that anyway to answer a phone call from your dear baby sister?” Anneliese asked with a disapproving tone, and one hand on her hip as she stood on the deck outside her camping lodge next to his.

Holy shit! It was his sister!

Hurtled from the last of his lingering lethargy and returning back to the present, Heath sat himself up in bed causing the sheets to slip down and pool in his lap. “Anneliese? Why the hell are you calling me on the phone and waking me up at this ungodly hour?”

“Ungodly hour? That trip must have worn you down worse than I thought.” Anneliese replied with amusement in her voice. “We’ve been knocking on your door for hours, and calling your cell phone like crazy to tell you that dinner is ready. So get your asses over here!”

“Alright, alright. We’ll be over there soon.” Heath yawned, rubbing a hand over his weary face as Zaiyia shifted next to him on the bed.

“How come none of you picked up? We rang both you and Zaiyia.” Anneliese inquired, watching as her kids that just joined her outside ran around her in dizzying circles.

Heath made the mistake of glancing down at the young naked body next to him and getting a full view of her perky breasts on display. As quick as lightning, he found his body wanting hers all over again after having already drained both of their desires earlier that day. “Uh, she’s probably asleep too. We didn’t really sleep well last night. There was a noisy dog barking through the night in the cul-de-sac.”

Anneliese frowned with sympathy, watching her children race back into the lodge one after the other. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds to me good food is what you need to help remedy that, so hurry on up and get here before the kids devour everything and leave you nothing but scraps.”

“I’m up right now. We’ll be there in a few minutes, I promise.” Heath vowed before hanging up the phone and setting it back on its receiver. Glancing back down at his lover, he whispered tenderly. “Zai, baby.”

Moaning softly, Zaiyai turned her head in his direction and inquired groggily with her eyes closed. “Mmm, what?”

“We have to get up. Dinner is ready at my sister’s lodge.” Heath told her as he sank back under the sheets with her to crawl on top of her. With one hand, he fully swept open her robe the rest of the way to reveal her lower naked half.

“Too tired to get up.” Zaiyia whined softly, feeling him over her but not mentally processing what he was up to. She was too damn tired to be a functioning human being right now. It was too much work after recent extracurricular activities with Heath.

“Are you too tired to get wet?” Heath asked while using his knees to spread her slender satiny legs open to accommodate his large frame between them.

“Too tired to get wet?” Zaiyia echoed, perplexed by his meaning as she laid there with her brows slightly furrowed, her eyes still shut. Fluttering them open to get a better understanding, she realized he was on top of her, hovering with his green eyes taking her in.

“I’m gonna need you to get wet for me really quick, baby.” Heath instructed her, lowering his face down to her breasts.

Zayia parted her lips to ask him how on earth he expected her to get wet when she was physically parazlyed with exhaustion. His mouth latching onto her nipple made her swallow her words and turned an impossible task into reality in a matter of seconds of feasting. Arching her back with a moan, Zaiyia granted him full domination over her.
Heath knocked on his sister’s door with Zaiyia at his side. They’d finally arrive to dinner and they were practically dead on their feet after their sex filled marathon. Despite the fact they were hanging by the thinnest of threads, they didn’t regret a single moment they’d spent together since starting this family trip with the Hoppers.

Sweeping the front door open with a beaming face, Colin’s grin faltered at the appearance of the two standing on his front porch. Concern, he stated the obvious. “Christ, you two look dead on your feet!”

“That’s cause we are.” Zaiyia affirmed with a cordial smile that took a lot more energy to do than she’d expected it to.

“Well, come on in! Some food and company might help wake you two right on up.” Colin proposed, stepping aside to invite them in, his hand holding the door open.

Zaiyia stepped into the lodge with Heath behind her and was hit by the delicious aroma of a hot home-cooked meal. A lazy smile came to her face as she walked in. The three little children came racing over from the living room and waved hello to her before cutting past her to hound their Uncle. Glancing over her shoulder, Zaiyia was surprised to see that Heath had found the energy to lift the kids off their feet and carry them further into the house to entertain their energetic minds. She could never.

Appearing from the kitchen in a red plaid apron, Anneliese set a huge bowl of salad down on the center of the dining table, and greeted her brother and Zaiyia. With a dramatic sweep of her hand to the fresh greenery, she announced to the household. “Okay everyone, take a seat at the table and get some greens in you!”

Starving, everyone instantly convened at the dining table to take their seats. The kids wanted to sit by their Uncle but he was determined to have Zaiyia at his side for dinner and so the kids began to fight one another. Colin set them straight by telling them their mother will sit by her brother and that’s the end of it. Pouting, the kids sat across from their Uncle, trying to brainstorm a counterattack that’ll get them their way. Heath foresaw this and so he spoke to them from across the table to keep them distracted. “So kids, what did you three do today while I was sleeping like a grizzly bear?”

Vivienne’s eyes lit up, her hands curled around her fork that only managed to pick up one slither of lettuce. “Ooo, we went splash, Unker!”

“She means swimming.” Florence clarified for her, gathering up some lettuce on her fork.

“Oh yeah?” Heath continued the conversation. It seems to have done the trick for the kids who completely forgot being upset within seconds. “Anything else?”

“Dad took us on a boat! That was my favorite part.” Jasiah shared with a grin.

Hearing her phone go off in her pocket, Zaiyia dropped everything to silence the jingled notification so it wouldn’t disrupt the Hopper's dinner. Peering under the table at the number calling, she recognized it to be Alan. Frowning to herself, she wondered why the hell the boy was calling her right now. Whatever the reason may be, she wasn’t about to answer, that’s all she knew. Now wasn’t the time.

Glancing her way, Heath noticed she was staring at her phone under the table instead of eating her salad. Since the kids were now talking with their parents, he nudged her gently with his arm and whispered. “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” Zaiyia told him hastily, not fathoming why she felt the need to lie to him about Alan. Well, now that she thought about it, it was probably a good idea that she lied. Heath absolutely despised Alan and who knows how he’d react if he found out he was hitting up her phone right now. She didn’t want him copping an attitude with her for the rest of night and ruining what had turned out to be a passionate and sex-filled day that she’d never forget. “Just one of the girls checking up on me is all.”

Heath nodded in acceptance to her lie, not seeing it for what it really was due to his lingering exhaustion. Navigating his fork to impale some more salad, he went back to his dinner none the wiser.