Belonging to Lust

Chapter 20: School Chant

The next few days at school, the bullying had increased to a whole different level. What started as just a group of her haters talking crap behind her back, became random girls Zaiyia didn’t even know calling her ‘whore’, ‘slut’, and ‘skank’ beneath their breath every time they passed her in the hall. It got to the point where Zaiyia was forced to wear ear plug all day to ignore them, except when class was in session of course, or else she’d have to confront the entire female student body and beat all their behinds up.

Zaiyia didn’t bother eating lunch in the cafeteria anymore after several tables of girls began to toss their food at her. She came close to throwing her chocolate milk on one of them when the image of Heath by the portable campfire popped up in her mind. She knew then that if she laid one finger on any of those young girls, Heath would kick her out of his house for sure. Gritting her teeth, Zaiyia ditched her lunch tray and walked away to clean the food off of her clothes. From that moment forward, Zaiyia spent her lunches in empty classrooms that she found.

Rumors were later started that she gave rim jobs to only the oldest staff members of the school, that she was littered with all kinds of STDs, that she was seen eating feces left over from walked dogs at the local parks at night, and that she got knocked up several times by her biological father who she was still in a relationship with, and just a whole bunch of outlandish crazy things that dumb high schoolers would come up with. Zaiyia tried to ignore all of these rumors and the endless glances in the hallway. It was difficult to keep her mind off of all the drama circulating about her when she wasn’t thinking about Heath. All these terrible things that were being said about her had become an everyday occurrence and so she was forced to think about him literally all day outside of class, which wasn’t at all a nuisance to her. She loved thinking about him, with or without clothes on, it didn’t really matter much to her.

There was only one time during those few weeks that thinking about Heath DID NOT work. A couple of girls had convinced a young scrawny guy to go up to Zaiyia and call her a whore right in her face. The guy was reluctant to do it, but they persuaded him that Zaiyia loved to be called a whore and would totally give him a blowjob if he did it. That changed his mind entirely. Walking up to her in the hallway with a look of confidence, the boy stopped her in her tracks and made the mistake in opening his mouth and saying something stupid. “Good morning, whore.”

Immature students that heard him stopped walking past them to let out a loud “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

At that moment, thinking about Heath wasn’t working like it usually did. She didn’t feel like smiling at the memory of his smiles, and nor did she think about rain water dripping over his abs during a rain storm. No, all Zaiyia could think about was popping the guy in the eye, but she didn’t want to come off like that was exactly what she was going to do right away. Instead, she wanted to trick him by appearing nonchalant so that she’d catch him by surprise.

The smile left the guys face as he waited for some kind of response from her. “Did you not hear what I said? I called you a wh-“

Zaiyia’s fist shot out and came straight for his eye. The guy tried to jump back to avoid the hit but he was too slow to miss it. She was definitely going to hit him right in the eye, at least that’s what he thought. But she didn’t because she just wanted him to think that she would. Instead, her fist stopped a few inches from his eye, making him fall back onto the ground in fear. Lowering her fist back to her side, Zaiyia glared down at him with a murderous intent in her eyes. “You best learn to watch that slick mouth of yours, or I’ll rip your damn tongue out right through your dick hole.”

After that confrontation, the young lad never confronted Zaiyia ever again, much to her hater’s dismay. They were forced to try new attempts to scare her and chose two new girls that were eager to teach Zaiyia a lesson for messing with Alice’s heart. They had both stalked Zaiyia for two days in hopes that she would step into the girl’s restroom so that they could play out their plan. Once Zaiyia was in a stall doing her business, the hating duo rambunctiously burst into the bathroom.

“Hey tramp, what you doing in there huh? Wiping you’re STDs all over the toilet seat so you can infect all the other girls out of jealousy for them too?” The one with a side pony tail shouted at the occupied stall with a smug smile on her face before gesturing to her friend to follow her example.

“Yeah you slut, if you knew what was good for you you’d keep your behind in there or else we’d both jump your ugly ass!” The one with a bob hollered between her cupped hands.

The two young ladies walked around the bathroom shouting empty threats to Zaiyia, who was waiting for her bladder to empty so that she could test their honesty. In the back of Zaiyia’s mind, she wished she was taking a shit because she was so stressed out by these idiot little girls at this point, the only way she knew would help calm herself down was to see them covered in her own feces…as disgusting as that was to admit. Once her bladder was empty, Zaiyia focused on wiping herself and pulling her bottoms back on, ignoring the loud shouts and the random fists hitting her bathroom stall door. There was only two options a person could pick in a situation like this. You either stay in your stall until they leave, or you go out there and beat some asses.

The girls were told that Zaiyia would be too afraid to attack them by their aggressive approach, and that they must continue to threaten and scare her until they could hear her crying behind the door. They listened closely for the sound of muffled sobs, but never heard it. What they did hear was the lock on the bathroom stall slide back. Their shouting’s drowned out fast, as they shared an uncertain look because she had unlocked her stall door. Before they could question whether to ditch their mission or not, Zaiyia came lunging out of the bathroom stall for them. The girls let out a scream and ran for the restroom door.

“You sluts get your asses back here! Come on, don’t keep a bitch waiting, put your damn hands on me like you weak asses threatened you would. You said you’d fuck me up, well here I am. Fucking try me, I want you to. Where are you bad asses trying to go huh? Where you going?! Are you trying to leave? Shit, the party hasn’t even started yet.” Zaiyia yelled as she came at them with the intent of only scaring them by making them think she was going to kill them with her bare hands.

The girls screamed as they fought to open the bathroom door, and once they did they didn’t look back as they ran down the hall crying. Zaiyia let out a frustrated sigh, wishing that she had beaten their asses instead, but knowing that Heath wouldn’t be happy about that if he ever found out. She already pissed him off when she accidently came at his little sister with a kitchen knife when she had thought that she was an intruder intent on robbing them. She wasn’t about to upset him again. Walking back into the bathroom, Zaiyia headed over to sink to wash her hands before she would head to class, mumbling under her breath in the mirror. “Stupid punk ass bitches.”

After school, Zaiyia took her time walking out of the school building. Passing by the nurse’s office, she was blessed with a quick glance at the same two girls that were threatening to beat her up in the bathroom. They were laid up on the small beds, trembling with fear. Zaiyia raised an eyebrow at their traumatized state but kept moving along to her bus. As she walked down the steps she heard her name being called from afar. Stopping to take a look around for the owner of the voice, Zaiyia caught sight of Heath’s little sister Anneliese waving at her from the school’s parking lot. Sending a wave of her own, Zaiyia hurried on over, but not quick enough to avoid her group of haters from seeing her. One of them was feeling particularly brave today and shouted out the word “Whore” behind her back. The others soon followed and it became a school chant.

Zaiyia’s steps slowed a bit, but she kept on walking, hoping that Anneliese didn’t hear a choir of students calling her a whore behind her back. Sadly, it was clear on Anneliese’s face that she did indeed hear them call her a whore, and she didn’t look too happy about it. Zaiyia didn’t stay around for a conversation about it, and instead slipped into the passenger side of her car, prompting Anneliese to get in too.

“Hey Anneliese, what brings you to come visit me?” Zaiyia asked her, in hopes that she could avoid talking about what had just happened only seconds ago.

Anneliese wasn’t going to take the bait that easily. “Well, I’d thought we’d do our shopping now for decorating the guest house. Zaiyia, why were those girls calling you a whore?”

Zaiyia looked away from her to instead glare at her group of haters watching her from across the school lawn. “Don’t worry about it, Anneliese. I can handle it on my own.”

“Are you sure? Because it looked and sounded pretty bad. I think Heath should be aware of this happening to you, he’ll know how to handle this kind of situation. I mean, he could talk to the principal about them for you. Their behavior is completely inappropriate, and someone needs to punish them for it or else they’re gonna keep on acting like a bunch of stupid bitches.” Anneliese decided, reaching for her phone to call her older brother.

“NO NO PLEASE DON’T!” Zaiyia desperately pleaded before calming herself down so as not to cause Aneliese anymore further worry. “I’m sorry for shouting. Just look…you can’t tell Heath about this. I’m not supposed to be bringing this kind of trouble into his home, he told me so. Please, Anneliese I’ve been handling this stupid stuff for a while now just fine like a mature adult would, I’d imagine. I can talk to the principal about this on my own and handle my own business. Don’t worry about me, I don’t need any help from Heath.”

“Are you sure?” Anneliese asked unsurely, not feeling all that comfortable with keeping this from her brother.

“Yes, now promise me you won’t tell him.” Zaiyia urged, hoping that she could trust her not to say a word.

Anneliese nodded. “Uh, yeah, sure. I promise I won’t tell Heath.”

Zaiyia closed her eyes in relief and leaned her head back against the seat. “Thank you.”

Trusting her to know what she’s doing, Anneliese brushed the subject off. “No problem, not lets go spend some money shopping, shall we?”
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