Belonging to Lust

Chapter 205: It's Your Mistake

Taking his time, Heath turned himself halfway around to address Alan who dared to not only talk back to him, but ALSO refused to leave his property after he told him to. He had a long day of vigorous work and had wanted to come home to a hot delicious dinner and an even more mouthwatering Zaiyia awaiting his return. But when he parked his truck in his driveway, he came upon his girl and Alan yelling at each other on the porch like some toxic married couple. Having every steadfast intention of ending the night with him inside his own home alongside Zaiyia without having an aggravating Alan around, Heath’s glaring green eyes pierced right through Alan’s fortitude as he stared down at the weaker younger male and told him in a steely voice. “Zaiyia doesn’t have a word to say to you, boy. Now, I already told you to get lost so beat it! Don’t make me tell you twice!”

Standing in the doorway in front of Heath like a statue, Zaiyia prayed she didn’t look as turned on as she was at the sight of her giant lover putting Alan in his place. She was so mesmerized by his sexiness when he spoke with such authority that she jumped when his rough hand grabbed her shoulder in a hold that was both firm and gentle, and turned her to go back inside the house. Her body moved with unwavering obedience as his hands slid across her shoulder to curl possessively around the back of her neck, making her body shiver with anticipation for his more exceptional and thorough touching.

“But, sir!” Alan heedlessly cut in, stepping closer to the steps of the porch in a stand that once again advocated that he wasn’t gonna allow Mr. Sullivan's broad, muscular physique to petrify him from talking to Zaiyia when she was the only one close enough to Alice that could help him. The despondency he felt elevated his voice up several octaves, making it even louder. “You don’t understand!”

“I understand enough! You dumped Alice to get with my Zaiyia and ended up ruining your life in the process! My advice to you since it’s YOUR mistake is that you should MAN UP and FIX IT without my girl’s help!” Heath delivered Alan over his shoulder as he guided Zaiyia into the house and out of Alan’s reach. Turning around, he shot the boy one last warning glare before slamming the front door behind him and locking it up, all the while cursing to himself. “Ballsy piece of shit, if that asshole was a few years older I’d have knocked his ass all the way across the damned street straight through the Brownstone’s garage!”

Feeling his animosity, Zaiya sought to relieve it by placing her hands on his shirt and rubbing the back muscles rippling with fury. She forced her aroused body to settle down so she could tend to Heath right now not as a horny lover, but a woman that would soothe him in his time of need. “Hey, hey, that’s enough of that. It’s all over now. Go and cool yourself down in the shower and I'll have your dinner reheated for you when you get out.”

But Heath wasn’t done here. He spun around to face her, one long finger pointed directly in her face as his lips parted to give her a piece of his mind next for speaking with Alan in the first place.

Foreseeing that Heath was about to give her a good talking to, Zaiyia forestalled it by grabbing that hand in both of hers and lowering it back down again. “Uh uh, I don’t wanna hear it, Heath! Save it until you get back. Now, go take a shower, preferably a cold one.”

Caving into her commands because it made better sense to him, Heath grumbled back a warning. “This isn’t over.”

Zaiyia knew it wasn’t as she watched him stride down the hall in a smog of fury. Returning to the kitchen, she reheated his dinner while her mind replayed over what just happened. Alan was the definition of a desperate man, tonight’s actions proved so. The dude was willing to get his face pummel in by Heath by resisting his orders for him to leave! Zaiyia found that she was still in shock from it all when she didn't even notice Heath’s arrival because she was so lost in her own thoughts while sitting at the kitchen table.

Heath had been watching her closely too from where he leaned in the doorway with a moody frown on his face. “Why was that little prick on my property, Zaiyia?”

Jerked from her thoughts, Zaiyia straightened up in her chair and looked up at a very riled Heath before telling him in a low calm voice. “Oh, uhh…he just wanted to talk to me about Alice, that’s all.”

“You didn't invite him over here?” Heath inquired, arching a brow as he crossed his powerful arms over his equally massive chest.

Making a face of horror at what Heath might be insinuating, Zaiyia told him. “Hell-to-the-fuck-no!”

Drifting from the doorway, Heath took his seat at the head of the table, but instead of eating his reheated dinner, he sat back in his chair to study her. He could tell by the nervousness mounting in Zaiyia’s eyes that she was getting uncomfortable with not knowing what was going through his mind right now. Not needing to keep her in the dark about it, he decided to convey it to her. “I don’t wanna see that moron around here ever again, or you and I are gonna have problems. Do you understand?”

Instantly becoming pissed that Heath was pulling the ‘fatherly guardian’ tone on her again, Zaiyia silently gave him a nod because she didn’t trust herself to speak without voicing an attitude back. Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t going to settle for a docile nod.

Shaking his head in rejection, Heath goaded her for more. He needed to hear the words come out of her mouth, no nodding would placate him. “No, I wanna hear you say it.”

Exhaling loudly in irritation to keep from openly rolling her eyes at him, Zaiyia grumbled out. “I get it!”

“Good.” Heath responded before picking up his fork and starting on his dinner. Zaiyia did the same, and the two ate silently, brooding privately as they abstained from glancing at each other. Once finished, Zaiyia compiled their dishes, still appearing just as angry as before they ate. Rising from his chair, Heath spoke up for the first time as Zaiyia washed the dishes. “Did you get your homework done yet?”

“Yeah.” Zaiyia answered moodily, keeping her back to him as she meticulously cleaned the dishes of food. Sure, they had a dishwasher to do the job perfectly, but she liked to be sure. Plus, it gave an excuse to ignore him. She hated when he acted like her dad, like literally despised it! It set her off every time like a nuclear bomb. She understood he had to act that way in front of other people but when they were alone…there was no reason for it other than to push her buttons.

Nowhere close to how heated Zaiyia was, Heath walked up behind her to reach over her shoulders and shut the sink off. The slump in her shoulders told him he was only making the situation a thousand times worse, but he didn’t care. He wanted her. His body was practically craving for her. Leaning down so his mouth is close to her ear, Heath whispered huskily, letting her know what he wanted and what his mind was on now. “Do them tomorrow. Turn around and face me.”

Complying with his request, Zaiyia reluctantly turned around and crossed her arms over her chest. She kept her eyes down, denying him their chocolate beauty as she glared down at his lower stomach…where rows of hard delicious abs resided. Dinner sated her stomach, but not her aching loins.

“Why are you mad, baby?” Heath asked her calmly, fighting back a smile at how cute and sexy she was when she was mad. He wanted to nuzzle and kiss her cheeks, and rip her clothes off all at the same time.

“Cause you mad at me for that fool coming over!” Zaiyia half-lied to him.

“Zai, I’m not mad at you.” Heath assured his beautiful Zaiyia, his smile finally coming through.

“Then why were you talking to me like that earlier?” Zaiyia demanded to know, raising her brown eyes.

“Baby.” Heath whispered as he framed her delicate face between his large hands. “I HATE that kid.”

Zaiyia snorted in amusement at his confession before sharing her own. “Yeah, I feel you there.”

Chuckling down at her, Heath told her warmly. “That actually makes me feel a whole lot better.”

The two laughed together before Zaiyia leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his middle, snuggling in tightly as she pressed her cheek against his chest. She smiled when his powerful arms came around her too, and he rested his own cheek on the top of her head. “Did you want me to talk to Alan about not coming back over here again?”

Releasing Zaiyia, Heath gave her a nod as he stared down at his petite beauty queen. “But you better not be alone when you do it. I don’t trust that idiot to not know his own mouth from his dick.”

“Oh, I won't be alone with him.” Zaiyia promised him. “I’ll have my friends there for backup.”

“You better.” Heath reiterated before taking her hand and wordlessly leading her down the hall to his bedroom. Tonight had almost been ruined, sending them both into angry moods. But now Heath wanted to correct that by tasting every inch of Zaiyia before he sent them both hurtling into powerful orgasms.