Belonging to Lust

Chapter 218: This

On Saturday morning, a nude Zaiyia was softly awoken from her deep cozy slumber by the mattress dipping on her side of the bed. Whining softly at being disturbed from the perfect sleep that only comes around every once in a while, she opened her eyes to the gray tones that were typical to the color story of Heath’s bedroom. Lazily turning her head to the left, she spotted the very man himself seated on her side of the bed, watching her through green smoldering eyes taking in the form of her nudity through the thin bed sheet molding to her curves.

Heath was also freshly washed from the shower and dressed like he was about to go somewhere. This made Zaiyia pout up at him in puzzlement even when he smirked right back at her. “What’s up?”

Reaching a hand out to her, Heath let it slide over her chest over the warm sheet, diving past her breasts and further down her stomach to stall at her hip. My god, Zaiyia was a beauty unlike anything he’s ever seen. Her mother was also beautiful but not at this extreme level. He was lucky to have her like this and cherished that luck every minute he was with her. “I’m headed out to help a friend. He needs an extra pair of hands to fix up his house he’s renovating while his wife is outta town for the next two weeks.”

“Oh…okay.” Zaiyia whispered in defeat with a deeper pout she couldn’t hide due to her disappointment. She’d been hoping they’d have a lazy weekend all to themselves to make love, eat and sleep. But of course something had to come up! Something told her though it had to be sudden or else she’d have known about this beforehand. Heath always let her know what was going on as soon as he was able to.

“Don’t worry. I should be back soon. I’ll let you know when I know though.” Heath tenderly assured her, giving her hip a squeeze before trailing his hand back up to cup her face. He didn’t like seeing her upset even if it’s only a smidgen. He preferred her happy, laughing and smiling…at least when she wasn’t under him. When she was under him he preferred another more intimate side of her.

“Alright, I guess I’ll be here chilling while you’re gone.” Zaiyia sighed with a shrug, not looking forward to being alone by herself. Then again, she can always find some chore to fill the time until he came back.

“You better be.” Heath told her with a smile. When it was time to say his goodbyes and make his exit, he didn’t move a muscle. He simply sat there staring down at her, the silence stretching between them.

As Zaiyia stared back up at him, she wondered what he was thinking in a moment like this when there was a long pause lengthening between them. Tilting her head a little, she softly asked him. “What are you thinking about, Sullivan?”

“This.” Heath answered before abruptly pulling the sheets down, exposing her bare torso to his view with a wicked grin. Hit with the morning chill, Zaiyia instantly shivered, her dark chocolate nipples tightening up in response despite being under the burning rays of Heath’s lustful stare. Unwilling to tear his gaze from her breasts, he teasingly asked her. “Mmm, cold?”

“Yes!” Zaiyia whined in complaint at first before she saw the molten heat in his green eyes. Loving how effortless it was on her part to bring him to his knees with arousal, she decided to lower herself full onto her back and stretch her arms out so he can get the whole view instead of rolling over to teasingly conceal her nudity from him.

“Let me help.” Heath proposed before lowering his mouth to her breasts without her consent. Drawing her left nipple deep into his hot mouth, he heard her gasp aloud as she arched her back off the mattress. Her sudden movement only pushed more of her breast into his mouth, reaping a pleasing growl from him. His green eyes slid shut as he suckled on her, rolling her nipple with his tongue while his other hand appeared to possessively cup over the other breast.

Plunging her fingers into Heath’s super short hair, Zaiyia held him to her chest. She wasn't about to give him a chance to quit pumping her veins full of euphoria. Throwing her head back on her pillows with her eyes closed, she wantonly moaned his name, hoping it would entice him to join her back in bed instead of leaving it. In hopes of luring him in further to her aching sex, she spread her legs with a needy whine and began to grind her hips into…well, the air. Since he wasn't between her legs she couldn’t exactly grind into his pelvis so she had to work with what she got to seduce him. “Please, Heath…please!”

Weak to all Zaiyia’s seduction, and her currently horny, sexually-needy state, Heath was set to grant all her wishes. Internally wrestling himself back from her breasts, he ripped aside the rest of the sheet off of the lower half of her body. “Oh, Jesus Christ!”

Heath didn’t have time to be taking in all her naked beauty. He was expected in an hour to aid in the construction of a kitchen as a surprise present to his friend’s wife when she got back from her Girl’s Trip. Taking his time wasn’t an option right now…and he honestly loathed it. As much as he enjoyed having sex with Zaiyia, he preferred to take his time touching all the right places first before he entered her. But this morning wasn’t one of those times. Barely allowing himself a minute in visually taking in her nudity in all its complete glory, Heath soon got to work. Grabbing a hold of her right upper arm, and her right leg, he tried to speedily flip her over onto her stomach. He was thankful when she got the hint and worked with him, not against him.

Knowing what was about to happen next and that they were only on borrowed time right now, Zaiyia reached out with both hands to grab what was designated to be the pillow she would use. Swiftly, she shoved the plush material against her face to stifle the screams, cries and moans to come. As she gripped onto his pillow for dear life, her ears honed in on the sound of Heath undoing his fly to unsheath his massive cock amid the sound of his heavy breathing. Then he was on the move, the mattress dipping with the weight of his body as he crawled behind her.

“Give me that sweet ass, baby.” Heath instructed her through a husky voice that always sent Zaiyia ripping her clothes off as fast as possible to have him. She loved it when he spoke that way, and he knew it, that’s why he took advantage of its power whenever he felt the need to. Today would be one of those days due to their limited window.

Not needing him to ask her twice, Zaiyia’s temporarily relinquished his pillow to brace her palms down onto the mattress before she desperately raised her hips and launched her bare behind up in the air. As her hands reached out for his pillow again to smother her cries in, she begged him. “Please, fuck me, Heath.”

But he didn’t, instead Heath once again found himself taking his time. He placed his large hands on each buttock and squeezed the supple flesh. He earned a desperate moan from her for that. It compelled him to do it a few more times, kneading the flesh before he finally parted them to look at her sex and what he found there had his mouth salivating. “Fucking hell, baby, you’re so wet for me, aren’t you? Any longer and I’d have had you dripping down your thighs and all over my sheets.”

Zaiyia hadn’t realized how out of hand her body had gotten until he parted her cheeks. The cool air over the warmth deep within made her cognizant that she has indeed gotten incredibly wet. But that wasn’t new. She always got this wet for him. Yet and still, she found her cheeks burning with embarrassment that he was seeing the proof of it. Her mouth opened and closed for something to say when a scream was wrenched from her soul as Heath entered her in one single, solid thrust. She barely muffled herself, her ears delighting in the sound of his resounding groan. Turning her head so she wouldn't literally asphyxiate herself on his pillow with all her heavy panting.

Heath’s large hands grasp onto Zaiyia’s hips and tighten their hold as he plunges himself in and out of her body. The sound of skin slapping against skin along with labored breath and moans was all that could be heard in his bedroom. He kept his heavy green eyes open and on the hourglass backside of Zaiya’s body as he pounded into her, her braids spilling all around her head and back. “Goddamnit, Zai, you feel so fucking good around me. And to see how beautiful you look bent over like this for me, I swear to God there is nothing else in this world that can compare.”

“H-Heath!” Zaiyia cried out his name in warning, feeling her orgasm coming to devour her as she clutched tighter to his pillow in preparation.

Slapping a hand across her left cheek, Heath earned himself a high-pitch moan from Zaiyia in response. Seeing she likes it, he continued to smack her on her behind and didn’t stop until she tightened like a vise around his cock and came all over him with a scream. A minute later, he too was caught into the snare of his release. He shouted out her own name as he ground his hips against her behind with long deep strokes until his orgasm had faded back into nothing and the sensitivity had set in. Tenderly pulling his cock out of her, Heath released his hold on Zaiyia’s hips, allowing her to collapse onto the bed as he fell onto his side of the bed. They laid like this for a while before he had to get up to clean himself off in the bathroom before he left. He returned a few minutes later with a wet hand towel to clean Zaiyia, and he did so lovingly and thoroughly. When he was done, he kissed down her spine. “I’ll be back.”

Zaiyia could only manage a nod as he got up and left. When she was sure he was completely out of earshot, she whispered into the room before falling asleep. “I love you…”