Belonging to Lust

Chapter 23: Dancing

Heath, Zaiyia and Anneliese spent the rest of their Friday decorating the downstairs. They were just about done after what felt like hours of perfecting their crafts before his little sister decided that they needed a break from their chore. While the other two gratefully plopped into the nearest chair to relax their slightly aching feet, Anneliese scurried over to the radio because one of her favorite songs from back in the past had just started playing, reminding her of all the fun parties she had snuck out to go to when Heath was sleeping or working late. Turning the volume up, she reminisced on the good old days, while starting to dance around the place. She didn’t care that she wasn’t alone in the safety of her home where she could dance privately without judgement, she was feeling pretty awesome at the moment and felt like dancing away. Heath turned his head to see his little sister dancing in the kitchen area by the radio. His eyes widened in disbelief at first before he let out an embarrassed groan and covered his face again. Zaiyia had caught his discomfort and had followed his gaze to see Anneliese dancing without a care not to far away. She instantly smiled and raised her fists to cheer her on. “Whooo! You go girl! Shake it!”

Her fists were grabbed by Heath and pushed back down onto her lap. “Hey hey, what are you doing? Don’t encourage her to act like that!”

Seeing her brother’s dramatic reaction to her having some fun, Anneliese stopped dancing and placed her hands on her hips. “Oh come on, Heath. Stop being so tedious and have some damn fun for once!”

Heath rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Yeah, yeah we all know I’m a boring old man.”

Anneliese turned her focus to Zaiyia instead since she was more supportive than her brother, and reached her hands out to her. “Come dance with me, Zaiyia. Let’s show this big idiot how to relax and have a good time.”

Zaiyia placed her hands in Anneliese, and ignoring Heath’s disapproving looks, she stood up and followed her to the kitchen where they began to dance together. Anneliese jumped around in place, while Zaiyia took to a more modern dance and swayed her hips to the beat. Her long braids moved from side to side, bouncing off her hips and twirling about. Heath watched in embarrassment at first because he was cringing at his sister’s move, but it soon changed when his eyes shifted to Zaiyia dancing. He went from cringing at Anneliese to leaning forward his seat with admiration in his eyes for Zaiyia. He liked the way she looked so innocently and yet danced so erotically at the same time. The combination intrigued him and held his full attention until Anneliese decided to call out his name.

“Come on, Heath! Come dance with us!” Anneliese encouraged with the wave of her hands.

Heath laughed her offer off and shook his head. “Hell no.”

Anneliese stopped dancing to pout and then made grabby hands at him. “Pretty please? I never ask you for anything, Heath. The least you could do is give me this. Come ON!!!”

Heath let out an annoyed overdramatic sigh. “Jesus Christ woman, fine!”

Anneliese was shocked that he gave in so easily before she could start threatening him. Before she could cheer at her easy victory, she was swept up in her older brother’s arms in a dance. They hadn’t danced together since she was little and of course at her wedding. It was a past time thing they use to do because she loved music when she was younger and had wanted to learn how to dance like their parents use to do when their song would come over the radio. After she mastered the simple steps, she kept doing it with every song that came on the radio, and would force Heath to be her partner all the time. The siblings danced together around the room, prompting Zaiyia to take a seat on the couch and watch them with. Heath looked so regal and strong with his more graceful and petite sister in his arms. They were a talented duo, and were a thrill to watch together. After a few songs had passed, Anneliese broke away to take a break. She plopped onto the nearest couch, laughing at the silly memories that she had once shared with her older brother. Heath was bent over trying to get control of his own laughter from the fun they just had. Once he got himself collected, he glanced over at Zaiyia to see her trying to hold back her own giggles that bubbled up because of the two siblings. Since his sister looked tuckered out, he decided to step over to Zaiyia with his hand outstretched towards her in invitation to dance with him.

Zaiyia looked between his eyes and his outstretched hand with uncertainty. “What?”

Heath rolled his eyes at her before grabbing ahold of one of her hand and pulling up against him. He lead one of her hands up onto his shoulder, and the other in his, threading his fingers in between her delicate ones. Zaiyia had no idea how to dance the way Heath and Anneliese were dancing so gracefully across the floor just a moment ago, and it clearly showed on her face. Heath gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll lead, you just follow. It’s easy, trust me.”

Zaiyia nodded and tried her best to keep up with him. She found out he was right in the end when only after a few minutes she was following his step like a professional. Dancing with him was something she could definitely get used to. The lack of space between them was almost too much of a temptation for her, not to mention the feeling of his muscle moved beneath her fingers and the possessive way he held her hand in his weren’t helping her situation all that much either. She had to keep reminding herself that his little sister was there in the room with them, or else she’d end up throwing herself at him to steal a kiss. After their song ended, Heath reluctantly loosened his hold on both her waist and hand to put some space between them. He stuffed his hands in his back pocket, and flashed her a prideful smile. “You’re a fast learner, Zaiyia.”

She bit her lip and lowered her eyes to the floor. “Thank you. You’re a good teacher, too.”

“Oh he is. He taught me how to dance too, and was my partner during the father daughter dance on my wedding day.” Anneliese shared with her, recalling the touching memory.

Zaiyia gushed. “Aw, that’s so sweet of you to do for your baby sister.”

Heath shrugged it off. “Not really, it’s not like our dad was going to show up anytime soon.”

Anneliese shot him a glare. “It was just as good as the real thing, Heath. Besides you raised me too, so it works that way too.”

The front door suddenly opened to reveal a sobered Maverick stepping in. “What’s up, yalls? What are you three up to out here?”

Heath crossed his arms over his powerful chest. “Take a wild guess.”

Maverick stopped in his tracks at the same time his eyes widened in horror. “Oh no, please don’t tell me she’s redecorating again!”

Heath gave him a painful nod.

Maverick let out a groan. “Jesus, I feel bad for you two.”

Anneliese turned her glare from her older brother to her twin. “You mean three.”

Maverick was confused at first, and decided to recount everyone in the room. “Three as in…you?”

Anneliese shook her head and stood up from her chair. “Nope, three as in YOU.”

Maverick’s jaw dropped. “What!? Why me?”

“Because you had to show up and open your big mouth. Now pick up some paint and join the rest of them, it’s time to get started, everybody!” Anneliese announced, getting back into commander mode.

Everyone but Zaiyia let out a complaint. In seconds they were back to trying to complete the last bit of their project before time ran out. They managed to get it completed past midnight, which was way past the time everyone expected to stop for the day. Maverick was exhausted and had been complaining during the majority of the project, but was now celebrating that it was all over. Heath joined him in his celebration while the girls watched and giggled at their cheering. Anneliese checked her dainty wrist watch. “Well, considering on how late it is, I think I might stay the night, if you don’t mind having me of course big brother.”

Maverick nodded in agreement. “I have to second that.”

Heath looked between the two and let out a sigh. “Fine you two can stay, but I want Colin being informed about this little arrangement okay? The last thing we need is to give that poor man a panic attack because his wife hasn’t called.”

Anneliese’s nodded in agreement. “Affirmative, Mr. Sullivan.”

“Where are you two going to sleep?” Zaiyia asked them, feeling a yawn coming on.

Maverick started backing up towards the front door. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sleeping in the house tonight.” Heath glared in his direction, but Maverick ignored it and left the guest house.

“Oh we can have a sleepover in your room!” Anneliese squealed in excitement.

Heath shook his head at her. “I’ll take the downstairs, since the paint fumes are gone now and I won’t find myself getting high and getting the munchies in the middle of the night.”
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