Belonging to Lust

Chapter 230: This Reunion was Armageddon!

Zaiyia got through the rest of her school day perfectly fine. She kept both Alan and Alice out of the forefront of her mind to concentrate on her education until the bells signaling lunchtime rang. Packing up her supplies, she followed the stream of students to the colossal cafeteria and after grabbing a lunch tray, she made her way to the table usually occupied by the McCoy sisters, Chastity, and herself. Her four friends were already there, huddled close over their lunch trays gossiping in whispers with eyes wide with surprise and delightful smiles on their faces. Much like the rest of the school, the topic of Alan and Alice was on everyone’s lips! Her friends would be no different there. At this point, this famous matter of discussion was bigger than any Presidential election in history has ever been or will be! Not only were the students yammering about it, but the even Teachers and the Janitors in the Teacher’s lounge! Grown adults who should be too mature to amuse such childish drama were sponging every piece of detail up as if it was straight from the juiciest reality show to ever hit the TV screens before.

Zaiyia already had a smile on her face as she closed the distance to the table and greeted them quite cheerfully. “Afternoon, my favorite people! What you gossiping Queens whispering about over here behind my back?”

“Like you don’t know!” Chastity replied, nudging her shoulder against Zaiyia as soon as she sat down beside her. Leaning against her, she demanded answers in a low whisper as if the whole cafeteria was listening in on their exchange and not having theirs at their own tables on what occurred this morning between Alice and Alan. “Now tell us! What on earth is going on with Alan and Alice? And don’t try to lie and say you don’t know a thing, cause WE all know YOU know something!”

“Of course, the bitch knows something!” Monnique inserted, cutting in to have Chasity’s back. With a deviant grin, she prompted Zaiyia to leak everything she knew to them. “So what’s up, Zai? Spill the tea while it’s still piping hot and stop keeping us waiting.”

Zaiyia rolled her eyes at her friends as she smiled. They were being so damn nosy!

But then again, if the roles were reversed she wouldn’t be any less relentless.

Shrugging her shoulders in submission, Zaiyia filled them in with what she’d been up to as of late. “Alright, alright! The jig is up I see! What you guys may or may not know is that I’ve been helping Alan and Alice get back together behind the scenes.”

Frowning in displeasure as everyone else gasped in surprise, Aishah questioned Zaiyia. “Now why the fuck do you wanna waste your time doing that for?”

“I’m pretty damn sure everyone at this table is well aware that Alan is a bum, right?” Assata had to ask, glancing around her with her brow perfectly arched. “It ain’t just me?”

“You’re damn fucking right Alan is a bum. THAT has never changed and likely won’t ever!” Zaiyia verified Assata’s premise with a point of her finger. “BUT…I’m doing this for Alice too. I agreed that I would.”

“BITCH!” Monnique gasped, before using her boot to lightly kick at Zaiyia’s leg from underneath the table for holding back such juicy gossip from them. “What you mean by that!?”

Zaiyia couldn’t bite back the smile on her face even if she wanted to. “What I mean is that Alice is still in love with Alan and wants to get back together!”

“Seriously?!” Assata groaned, dropping her face in her hands. She shook her head in dismay at the toxic couple that were full of unnecessary drama. Just when she was beginning to think Alice was on the right track, the girl flung herself off the side of a mountain without a parachute to keep her from dying!

“Fuck me.” Aishah groaned next, covering half of her face in mutual disappointment with a palm. All she could prophesize of this reunion was Armageddon! If Alan could break Alice’s heart over one pretty new girl in school then who’s to say he won’t do it again with the next new pretty face that comes around!?

“OH MY GOD!” Chastity exclaimed before covering her mouth with both hands, her eyes zooming from one girl to the other. Her mind stalled, unsure of what to make of this new emergence. Was it good that Alice wanted to get back into a relationship with a long-time boyfriend who dumped her like an old candy wrapper for someone he didn’t even know, or was it red flags galore?

“Woooooow…should’ve seen this one coming, I guess.” Monnique drawled, nodding her head along with the news that was still sinking in. She wasn’t mad at all that Alice was still being a dummy over Alan nor was she pitying the girl. If this was what she wanted then fine. When that fool breaks her heart again she’ll have no one to blame but herself. It was a tough lesson for some people to comprehend until they endured it enough times to drive themselves over the edge. Everyone at their table did what they could to help Alice see that, but clearly, their words were wasted.

Suddenly, something this morning dawned on Chasity, compelling her to wave her hands around to silence the rest of the their reactions. “Hold on, wait a minute! Wait a minute!”

“Girl, what?” Monnique asked Chasity with a frown, eyeing her up and down for sharply cutting everyone off so she could take the fictional microphone for herself. What could be so important she had to take the whole stage for herself?

Pointing a finger directly at Zaiyia, Chastity’s eyes dubiously narrowed as she asked her scheming friend a brilliant question. “If Alice REALLY wanted to get back together with Alan…then why didn’t she accept his heartfelt apology this morning and jump into his awaiting arms when she had the chance? They could’ve been back together again long before first class even started!”

“Oh damn.” Aishah nodded, now siding with Chasity. Everyone in school witnessed Alan walking up to Alice to apologize to her for hurting her. “She got a good point there, Zai!”

“Hell yeah, she does!” Assata seconded, looking to Zaiyia for answers. “Why ain’t they get together?”

“Hell if I know!” Zaiyia told them with a shrug. She could understand why her answer didn’t make any sense to them. If she didn’t know what she knew, she would’ve pondered the same thing.

“What do you mean, ‘hell if I know’? How do you NOT know?” Assata demanded to know, waving a hand at Zaiyia. “You were there, weren’t you? You talked to Alice this morning, didn’t you?”

“I already told them you went off to check up on Alice in the bathroom.” Monnique confessed, throwing her hands up. Some would call her a snitch for it, but the people she blabbed to were her sisters, so to her, it didn’t count if it was family. “My bad. I forgot to mention that.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Zaiyia replied back with a brief glare before refocusing on Monnique’s older sisters. “And yeah, I did go after Alice to get the details and check up on her in the bathroom.”

“And?” Chastity interrupted, her eyes wide with anticipation as she clutched onto her hamburger like it was the only thing keeping her seated. “What did she say?”

“She said a LOT!” Zaiyia recalled, unsure if she should try and summarize things up in a nice pretty package or just hurl it at them all like a tsunami. “Like a LOT a LOT!”

“Fuck.” Assata mumbled to herself, glancing away impatiently. “A bitch got all day but I ain’t wanna give this ALL my damn day...”

“Condense the shit then!” Aishah proposed, waving her hands about to prompt Zaiyia to wrap all of it up. She too didn’t want to spend all day hearing this drama…juicy as it was. After a while, the whole thing tired her out to hear and she wasn’t about to skip the rest of school to go take a nap in her bed at home. Her parents would likely ground her for it and confiscate the car.

“Fear. It’s fear of the unknown that was holding her back this morning.” Zaiyia tried to sum up. “Think about it, you get with a dude and fall in love after YEARS of being together. Then one day he sees a fucking fabulous, absolutely ravishing, sexy ass hel-”

“Yes, you!” Monnique hastily interjcted with an eyeroll. “We get it, Zai.”

Shooting a short glare at Monnique for interrupting her, Zaiyia proceeded on. “Anyway, he sees the new girl and dumps you like a sack of shit for her without ever having said two words to this chick. And then one day out of the blue the fucker comes back with an apology for what he’s done and wants to get back together. Would you trust that motherfucker to not do it again?”

“Nope, but we about to find out from the source herself.” Assata notified the table, her eyes staring over Chasity and Zaiyia’s shoulders. She nodded in that same direction. “Look who’s coming this way.”