Belonging to Lust

Chapter 26: Attack

The next two weeks of school, pretty much went the same as usual. The rumors kept circulating amongst the adolescent ears in the halls, and the name calling continued beneath every female student’s breath. No one attempted to even physically harm her or threaten her…until one particular day during gym class when her haters finally decided to get their hands dirty. They had been planning a new way at getting Zaiyia to fear them, and Alice’s wrath once and for all. Finally, they would have her cowering in submission at their feet.

It was right after lunch at the beginning of Zaiyia’s 5th period gym class, when she had just finished changing into her athletic attire and was tying the laces on her gym sneakers. Her mind was on guessing which extracurricular activity was scheduled for that day as she double knotted her sneaker. Her mind would have eventually drifted off to the naughty images and dirty fantasies of Heath like they always did, had she not picked up on the sudden silence in the locker room. Locker rooms were never this quiet unless the gym teacher had stepped in to rush the lingering lazy students to finish up and get out to the gymnasium. Looking around to her left and right, Zaiyia saw absolutely no one in sight. The students that were usually taking their time getting ready weren’t hanging around and chatting amongst each other. There wasn’t anyone around, not a single soul.

Suddenly, getting a terrible feeling in her gut that something bad was about to happen, Zaiyia slowly inched off the bench to look around her for any possible trouble that could come for her in four different directions. She slowly circled in place, her head whipping this direction and that as she clenched her fists in preparation for an assault. Her eyes instantly stopped scanning her surroundings when they saw a long baseball bat leaning against one of the lockers nearby. She stared at it for a while, unsure if grabbing ahold of it and using it for self-defense would be a good idea. If it was any other school, yes, but here, she wasn’t sure. Her haters had never tried attacking her before this, they would only try to intimidate her and fail quite miserably at it every time. Would they dare to go any farther than harsh words in the name of their beloved friend Alice?

Lurching forward, Zaiyia grabbed ahold of the bat and immediately jumped back to her spot. She figured it’d be best not to underestimate the group of idiots, just in case they plan on delivering more this time around that a few measly words. Besides, having a weapon in her possession made her feel a whole lot safer than nothing, and so she decided to head to the nearest exit instead of waiting around for a probable attack to begin. Taking a deep breath, Zaiyia cautiously moved towards the exit that lead into one of the school hallways. She expected if an attack were to happen, she’d be able to hear because of how inexperienced the last two girls sent to scare her were, but this time she found she was dead wrong. Zaiyia never saw it coming, or heard it coming as she received a painful jab in her lower back that pushed her forward right into a locker. Zaiyia let out a cry of pain, but didn’t release her grip on her bat.

“Oh my god….I-I did it! You guys, I took her do-“

Zaiyia didn’t give the girl the satisfaction to finished her cocky speech to her other friends, and immediately whipped the bat around in her hand and took a swung at her. She listened to the loud ‘clunk’ that came from her bat connecting to the young girl’s red tresses. The girl let out a short scream as she flew to the ground, clutching her head in pain. Zaiyia stared down at her rolling around like a wounded pig before recognizing her as one of the girls that she had chased out of the bathroom a while ago.

“BELLA!” Her other familiar friend, Grace, screamed from Zaiyia’s left before she ran straight towards her with a racket, vengeance in her eyes.

Zaiyia quickly lifted up the knob of the bat and shot it right against her nose, instantly causing her nose to bleed as she quickly ducked out of the way of the swinging racket. Grace fell to her knees after she dropped her weapon and clutched onto her nose to stop the rushing flow of blood. She let out an obnoxious squeal at the pain and the blood on her designer clothes before she started crying. “OH MY GOD! My nose! I think she just broke my nose!”

Before Zaiyia could detect her next attacker, two had already crept up behind her and swung their hockey sticks against the back of her knees, causing her to immediately buckle under the force. Zaiyia fell onto her stomach with a surprised cry before flipping herself over just in time for Sarah to toss her hockey stick to the ground to try to wrap her hands around Zaiyia’s throat instead. “YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE TO ALICE!”

Zaiyia’s eyes widen in horror before one of her hands shot out and made contact with the Sarah’s nose with the heel of her hand. Sarah screamed as she fell back and hit her head against one of the lower lockers, her nose also bleeding. Hannah glared down at Zaiyia before she lifted her hockey stick over her head with the intention of beating Zaiyia down with it. “HOW DARE YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY BEST FRIEND?”

“Fuck you, you mindless fucking idiot!” Shooting her foot out, Zaiyia hit her right in her knee cap so that she would fall forward and onto the floor. Hannah cried out as she came crashing down to the floor, and before she could blink, her head was getting bombarded with several punches before she could completely flip herself onto her back. Her arms came up to try and protect her face from Zaiyia’s hits but it wasn’t enough. Her face was throbbing and bloody by the time the blows finally stopped. Zaiyia had unfortunately been interrupted by a bat being lodged under her chin and then her entire body being pulled back against a girl with a masculine voice. “Choke on this, slut!”

Zaiyia struggled against the bat as it closed up her windpipe, internally surprised that these girls were really put this much effort in to try and kill her over a stupid boy that she wasn’t even interested in in the first place!

Luckily before the bat had completely descended, Zaiyia had managed to grab ahold of both ends of the bat so that she wouldn’t be choked so quickly by her attacker. She tried to focus all of her diminishing strength on trying to pull the bat away from her neck so she could get the chance to suck in even the smallest gasps of air. It was a difficult struggle, but she managed to get herself a gulp or two before another girl had stepped out from behind some lockers to join in the attack. She drug a bat along the linoleum floor to install further fear in the choking girl for added effect. Zaiyia looked up at the pale blue-eyed blonde hair girl that she was certain she hadn’t ever seen before, and because she couldn’t recall ever seeing her face, she realized that this had to be the infamous Alice that everyone and their grandmothers were trying to avenge. Alice was definitely a beautiful woman, but when she was put in the same room as Zaiyia, she looked like the plainest of Janes in comparison.

Alice looked Zaiyia over before scoffing in denial over her greater beauty. “So, you must be Alan’s whore Zaiyia, the one he left me for. Well, just look at you now, getting choked by Jane the Butch. Not so tough now, are you?”

Zaiyia glared at her as a chorus of giggles echoed throughout the gym locker. Not being able to say anything back to defend herself, she gathered as much saliva as she could, aimed right for Alice, and then spat her germs right smack dab in her attacker’s face.

Alice gasped and jumped back in disgust. “Y-YOU FUCKING SPIT ON ME!” She screamed as she used the long sleeve of her shirt to wipe off the saliva, before viciously glaring down at her prey, who merely smiled at her in victory. Tightening her grip on her bat, Alice could only see red as she brought her other hand up to grip her weapon before she took a swing at Zaiyia’s head, watching the bat connect to her temple. Her friend, Jade, let Zaiyia go and jumped back before Alice had swung to avoid getting hit herself.

Zaiyia didn’t want to give Alice the satisfaction of letting her hear her cry out in pain, but she couldn’t keep herself quiet. She knew the hit would hurt, but she didn’t expect it to hurt as much as it did when it connected to her head and pulled a scream out of her. Falling onto the floor on her side, Zaiyia didn’t bother to try and get back up again. Her vision had exploded into stars and then darken somewhat, but now she was starting to get her senses back together as well as her strength. While Alice and her friends slowly walked around Zaiyia’s quivering body, she took that opportunity to access her current situation and make up a quick attack plan before they could make their next move.

Alice had her in numbers, Zaiyia would give her that, but she could also tell that, aside from Jade the Butch, these girls didn’t have that much experience in getting into physical altercations like she did. In fact she was certain of that. It wouldn’t be surprising to her if they had popped in a couple of action films in during their sleepovers and studied every fight scene to the best of their abilities to use against her. Zaiyia could already name 10 movies off the top of her head that included this EXACT scenario.

Before another attack could come into play, the locker room’s door opened to signal another intruder. Alice and her friends gasped in fright, and dropped their weapons as a female student that was one of the few females left in their school that wasn’t in Zaiyia’s hater club appeared around the corner. The young red head let out a gasp and literally jumped back a few feet away to take in the scene in front of her. Alice and her group of friends were standing with baseball bats scattered on the floor by their feet surrounded around a young African American student that was lying on her side in a fetal position, beaten. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had gone on in that locker room. “W-What the fuck….is going on here!?”

Alice opened and closed her mouth like a goldfish, having never suspecting of ever getting caught by anyone, and now that that was happening, she had no idea what she was supposed to do. Her friends were quickly looking between Alice and the other student they knew to be Chastity from their science class with similar looks of panic. Zaiyia was personally relieved to see the girl, but didn’t take the opportunity to thank her for walking in and to run and get a teacher for help. No, now that her mind was back to normal again, minus the painful throb in her head, and she got some of her strength back, she was ready to get her revenge on the group of currently distracted ladies.
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